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"It's a goldmine of incredible data..." -Velo News


"Thanks to Friction Facts, we now have some better data to help us make an informed decision." -Cycling News


" of our favorite places to get the most complete information regarding mechanical efficiency in our cycling components."


Every Watt Counts!  Friction Facts is 100% quantitative, 0% qualitative.  Just the facts.

Friction Facts is a third-party independent testing facility. Our goal is to provide cyclists and triathletes with the tools to maximize their top speed with proper component selection.

The formula is simple. Using the most efficient components = a faster ride = a better finish time.

Who might use Friction Facts?
Frederik Van Liedre for one. The 2013 Ironman World Champion relies on Friction Facts for realizing his marginal gains.

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Download our latest test results to find out which components will get you to the finish line the fastest See the high-precision custom equipment used to test the components The Friction Facts mission as the world's only independent bike efficiency testing lab
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