About Friction Facts

The driving force behind Friction Facts is to provide cyclists and triathletes with quantitative data to assist with component selection.  The company was founded by a competitive athlete, designed to benefit the competitive athlete, and supports the best interest of the athlete.  More often than not, hype is the key selling point of many products in the cycling industry; an industry where millions of dollars are spent on the concept of speed and having the fastest products.  Friction Facts strives to separate the hype from the facts.

Friction Facts’ business model is similar to that of Consumer Reports-

  • Adhere to independent fair testing practices.
  • Accept no advertising or corporate contributions.
  • Accept no test product samples from manufacturers.  All tested products in the reports are purchased by Friction Facts at the same retail locations, and at the same market prices, that are available to cycling consumers.  We test the exact same products which the cyclist can buy off the shelf.
  • Fee-based reports are the primary source of revenue.

Friction Facts is based in Boulder, CO, and operated by the founder of the company, Jason Smith.  The business was incorporated in June of 2012.

10% of the revenue from report sales is donated to charitable organizations.

Friction Facts relies on customer input regarding tests, test protocols, products to be tested, and many other decisions.  If you have an idea, please send it in.