AMAZING NEWS>>>  UltraFast Chains were on 6 top ten pro finishers' bikes at the 2014 Ironman World Championships in Kona!  Congrats to Sebastian Kienle (1st), Frederik VanLierde (8th), Bart Aernouts (9th), Rachel Joyce (3rd), Gina Crawford (8th), and Liz Blatchford (10th).

UltraFast Chain Optimization has moved to a new web site.  Same fast UltraFast chains, but with a new & improved web site!


 Friction-Facts.com is the place to purchase product test reports and data. Ultrafastoptimization.com is the place to purchase UltraFast Chains. 

 The ultrafast chain business is growing and the new UFO web site is easier to navigate and less crowded than when the two business units were previously combined into one website.   We’ve also added a Pay-Pal One-Click buy button on ultrafastoptimization.com.  Now it’s faster and easier than ever to pick up an Ultrafast Chain.


The Friction Facts Crew