Best Bikes For Women 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1.Sixthreezero Evryjourney2. Sixthreezero3. Schwinn Discover
Sixthreezero Women’s Evryjourney BicycleSixthreezero Around The BlockSchwinn Discover

The best bikes for women are not pink, with a lot of frilly details on them. The details are much more nuanced and ergonomically guided than appearances can show. At first glance, it may seem like an exaggeration to have different bike models for men and women. If we look closer, however, we realize that women’s and men’s bodies are quite different anatomically.

If you ever tried on clothes from the other gender, you probably realized that they did not fit completely, that they were maybe too baggy in some areas, and the proportion was wrong in others. That is the reason brands make the best women’s bicycles that are designed to fit comfortably and perfectly.

Women are just as interested in cycling as men, and if you are looking for the next perfect bike for you – you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the best choices in road bikes, mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, and much more. The specifications for bicycles are much longer than for other sport’s gears, but don’t let this discourage you will to cycle. Read on and find the best match for you.


How To Choose The Best Bicycles For Women – Top 5 Factors To Look For

Like other purchases, there is a way to find the best product that checks all the boxes for you. To make it super simple, we compiled some of the most important factors that everyone should be aware of before buying a bicycle.

1) Parts

Even though companies make the bikes they sell, they do not always make the components of these bikes too. That’s why you want to check and see where the parts of your bike come from. Shimano is one of the most famous gear makers and one that you should look for when buying a bike. While handlebars are simpler, a faulty gear system can put the entire bike and your safety at risk.

2) Size

As we mentioned in the point above, women’s bodies are (usually) smaller than men’s. Learn how to measure yourself for a bike’s fit and use that information wisely. It is also not only the frame size that matters, but there are also many details that some companies introduce to the models that can be very beneficial to women— for example, shorter crank bars.

Crank bars are the parts that link the pedal to the moving part to which they are attached. That, combined with seat position and handlebar height, help align you on an upright position that is much more comfortable and pain-free.

3) Comfort Level

That is pretty straightforward. But, the most crucial point is how comfortable do you feel on the bike? Can you reach the floor easily? Is the seat soft? Is the handlebar within reach? Can you pedal with minimal effort? If you feel uncomfortable on a bike right after you mount it, chances are it’s just going to get worse. You want a bike that has thought of all these details and invested in making your ride a comfortable ride.

4) Type of Bike

What is the purpose of the bike you are getting? Do you want to exercise or commute to work? There are several different types of bikes, but these are the main ones:

a) Commuter bikes

Commuter bikes are designed to be used in urban areas to go to and from work or class. They have medium-thick tires, they are light and responsive, and they are sturdy. They should take some strain since they have to go through potholes, sidewalks, stop signs, and more. They are very useful and very responsive.

b) Road bikes

Road bikes are designed to work well on pavement. They are lightweight, usually made with aluminum frames and very thin tires. They are made to go fast, to cut through the air, and to be used on races and exercise.

c) Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes are sturdy and strong. They are heavier bikes that endure rough terrain, mud, grass, dirt, etc. They have thick tires and straight handlebars. They can be made of steel and are very durable.

d) Cruiser bikes

Cruiser bikes are bikes to use when you want to go for a leisure ride.they are incredibly comfortable, with wide seats, high handlebars, and medium tires. They are great for a long and relaxed ride on the beach, the road, on the pavement, and sidewalks.

e) Hybrid bikes

Hybrid bikes are a mix between road bikes and adventure bikes. They perform well on paved surfaces and can easily be used to ride to work. But they also can endure slightly rough terrains and be used on dirt roads and grass.

5) Budget

Yes, you can find a perfect bike for you, with all the dream features, super light, and with the best parts – but that is no use if you can’t afford it. Realistically set your budget early on your research, and that will prevent headaches and make the whole process a lot easier.

With all that in mind, it is time for the most fun part, shopping! Don’t worry, though, we made a detailed guide for you to browse and look through, and we are sure you will find your next bike here.

Top 20 Best Bikes For Women 2021

1. Sixthreezero Women’s Evryjourney Bicycle

Sixthreezero Best bikes for women

It is evident from a first look that this is a textbook women’s bike. The low top tube and curved handlebar make it a perfect companion for all types of rides. The upright cycling style is comfortable and convenient, and the light aluminum frame makes this a very compact and easy-to-carry bike.

This is a hybrid bike, meaning you can use it to commute, cruise, or take it on small road rides. It is not a racing bike, and it comes with seven Shimano gears that help you achieve different speeds and go through obstacles safely. The saddle is dual-spring and wide, and several users are very pleased with how comfy it is. The tires have Kenda quality, and the gears shift so smoothly you will have a great time using them.

The color combination is impressive. Cream, mint, navy are just some of the options, and you can also combine them with black, white, or brown seats. There is a pace to attach a basket both on the front and rear sides, and the sizing chart is clear and ample. Be sure to check it to make a great buy regardless if you are 4 feet tall or 6 feet tall.

As all bikes sold online, it does need assembly on arrival. Some users had problems with the instructions and found them to be not clear. For a bike that is not budget-priced, you want the manual to be as direct as possible – but luckily, you can find many online videos that can help you with that. Overall, this is a perfect bike if you are a small woman and want to do long commutes, cruise around the neighborhood, or ride on different terrains – like the beach or on the grass. It is highly recommended.


  • Curved handlebars and low tube
  • Shimano gears that are easy to use
  • Several color combinations
  • Fits all different heights and sizes


  • The manual is not clear

2. Sixthreezero Around The Block

Sixthreezero Around The Block

Sixthreezero is a USA based company, and they are focused on building cruiser bikes. They have become so prominent in this niche that they are the first name to come up when cruiser bikes come to mind. They have a range of bikes for all tastes and budgets, and their signature look is the cool, retro-style their bikes have. If you want to take the advantages of this brand but do not want to spend the cash necessary to buy the EVRjourney – the Around the Block is perfect for you.

The main difference between these bikes is that the EVRjourney is a hybrid bike while the Around the Block is a convicted cruiser bicycle. ARBL has thicker tires that, while are not as suited to going fast as EVR are, make the ride much more comfortable and stable. Its frame is also bigger, the seat has two springs for extra shock absorption, and the saddle is high-density support foam.

As with all Sixthreezero models, you can choose between many gear numbers, sizes, and colors. The bike comes half-assembled, and, although the tools necessary to finish the set up are provided, they are not of top quality and can make the process quite bothersome. The handlebars and seat are highly adjustable; you can tilt them while assembling to get the perfect fit for you.

This is a well-loved bike, especially from people who have been away from cycling for many years. Users with injuries also reported feeling extra comfortable on this bike. Regardless of that, this is a fantastic bike to get if you want a convenient, women’s bike for less than 300 dollars. From all the Sixthreezero products, this is one with high quality and value for money.


  • Versatile – choose color, gears, and size
  • Quality brand
  • Very stylish
  • Very comfortable


  • The tools that come with the bike are not top quality

3. Schwinn Discover

Schwinn Discover

Some brands have earned the right to be acknowledged quickly by their name, and Schwinn is one of them. They have been on the bike industry for more than a century, and have earned their place among cyclists’ hearts. This model, their Discover Women’s bike, has everything you want on a bicycle. Low top tubes for an easy mounting, small, 16 inches frame, narrow handlebars and padded saddled. Schwinn is well known for its quality – and the Discover does not disappoint in that aspect.

This is a very customizable bike, with places on the frame to attach multiple items such as handlebar mirrors, tool kits, basket, tail light, and more. Small framed women are very comfortable on this bike – the aluminum frame is a perfect weight and configuration for the female body. This bike has an extra-strong suspension fork that assures you have a comfortable ride even on rough terrain. It also has quality brakes that make you safe on the road.

When riding for long periods, your body can get strained and suffer injuries. This bike makes sure you stand on a healthy riding position that protects your neck and back. This is a perfect mix of an urban bike and an adventure bike – it performs well on roads and medium rough terrain. It is not fitted for big mountain rides, though, so you want to be careful with that.

The assembly of this bike, while not rocket science, it is still too complicated for many users. The manual is not clear, the parts are not well marked, and the process is frustrating if you never did it before. If you have a friend that is an experienced cyclist or if you are one yourself, you will get there in the end. If you are not, however, it may be worth the extra dollars to have it assembled by a bike shop. It is still cheaper in the end than other bikes of the same quality range.


  • Reliable, traditional brand
  • Highly customizable
  • Great features for women
  • Good price


  • The set up is not easy

4. Firmstrong Urban Lady

Firmstrong Urban Lady

The Firmstrong is a women’s bike that comes 80% assembled and fits women from 5 to 6 feet tall. It is not a racer or mountain bike, but it is well suited for a casual ride over long distances, and it is safe and straightforward. It comes with three gears, and that is what makes this an uncomplicated bicycle for all your laid-back needs. You can change speeds to accommodate the quiet city environment and neighborhood touring, and you can go long distances on smooth terrain.
This bike is not suited for more energetic needs though, like exercising or busy roads, since you would need more gears for that. The brand does have an option to upgrade to a seven or twenty-one gear option, so you always have the opportunity to do that. You can also choose between 13 colors, like purple, yellow, mint, and pink – they have colors for all tastes and styles. The seat has two springs to make it more shock absorbent, and the tires are thick and steady.

Customer service is a plus with this company, and even users that received their bikes damaged from shipping were able to reach them and receive a full replacement. The box comes with an explanation of its assembly and a list of all the tools needed. It is worth to mention that not everybody has all the instruments required and that professional setup may be demanded because of that, even with the bike arriving almost ready.

If you are looking for the best women’s bicycle for cruising, running errands, cycling in a pleasant and quiet area, and do not want to spend more than $300, look no further than the Firmstrong bike. It is light and comfortable and will last for a good few years.


  • Good for casual riders
  • Very comfortable seat
  • Good customer service
  • Good price


  • Requires too many tools for assembly

5. Sixthreezero Women’s Beach Cruiser

Sixthreezero Women’s Beach Cruiser

This Sixthreezero bike is a cruiser model, a single-speed bicycle perfect for navigating through the city, beach, or non-strenuous terrains. This is a sturdy bike that does not feel hollow or cheap; it makes you feel safe and secure while on it. The handlebars are curved and high, the seat is extra-wide with dual suspension, and the frame has a curved, low design appropriate for most women to feel comfortable.

Because this is a single-speed bike, it has way fewer cables and wires on it, so it looks clean and polished. It is also simpler to use, with no gear shifting and complicated speed changes. Single gear bikes are straightforward a great companion for cruising, and they also are suitable for a light exercise – with no gears, you are in charge of all the gear changing and power.

As with all Sixthreezeros, it has many colors to choose from. It also comes with the option to add front and rear fenders, with exact colors to match. This is the best bike for women who care about style just as much as they care about quality and want to spend their money on an all-around great bike. Design, comfort, usability, exercise – you get all this with the Beach Cruiser.

Being a great company that they are, Sixthreezero could invest in bettering their instructions. Time and time again, we see that the manual comes with complicated language and unclear pictures. They would benefit from a revamping on that material. Another point to note is that, while fenders, wheels, tires, frame, and all parts are of great quality and well built, we cannot say the same about the pedals. They feel cheap and plasticky, and many users choose to replace them. You can find inexpensive, good pedals anywhere, though, so this is not a deal-breaker.


  • Stylish colors and design
  • Simple bike to ride
  • Quality parts


  • The pedals are not very good
  • Manual is confusing, and assembly is not straightforward

6. Schwinn Loop Folding Bicycle

Schwinn Loop Folding Bicycle

Folding bicycles, by their very nature, are great women’s bikes. They are easy to carry, they are compact, and they usually have low middle bars great for mounting and dismounting. The Schwinn Loop Folding Bicycle folds down to a 29x29x19 inches size – so compact you can take it anywhere and store it with ease. When unfolded, it is suited for riders up to 6 feet. Even though it is a small bike, it is not weak – the seven Shimano gears make sure you can go up small hills and drive through heavy traffic with no issues.

There is a rear-rack already attached, and a nylon carry bag included so you can keep it. Pant guards and fenders are in place to keep your clothes from getting dirty when you carry this bicycle. Nothing is stopping you from taking it into the subway, bus or train, and bring it downstairs to work with you. The Schwinn Loop is made for the modern woman looking for a convenient and practical bike.

For the price, it is tough to get a foldable bike with these many features. This bike is easier to set up than most; it is reliable and secure. Since the seat is one of the essential components for women’s bikes, we recommend you look for another saddle while purchasing this bike. Several women found the one that comes with the bike to be hard and uncomfortable and chose to buy a second one. It is still worth to buy this bike and a nice saddle though since all the other features on this bicycle are quite impressive.

If you are looking for a bike that is convenient and affordable, keep your mind open for a foldable model. When done right, they can be your best friend and do all you need them to do. Schwinn is a reliable brand that makes good bikes, and this is a fantastic bike for the price range.


  • A foldable, compact bike
  • A low bar that makes mounting easy
  • Comes with fenders, rear rack, and bag
  • Good price


  • The saddle is not comfortable

7. Kent Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle

Kent Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle

A very affordable hybrid bike designed for recreational use, the Springdale Kent impresses with its handcrafted frame. It is a well-designed body that was made with women in mind, meaning it is very light, it has a low bar, and it is easy to mount and dismount. It already comes with front and rear fenders for protection, and it is equipped with a robust suspension fork that makes riding much more comfortable.

While this is a recreational bike, it is still a capable bike because of its twenty-one Shimano gears. The multiple speed system carries well on the road, sand, grass, hills, and many other different terrains. There is a back rack ready to receive a bag, basket, tool kit, or any other type of accessory you need. Kent chose to use linear brakes on this bike, and we think this is a good decision. Linear brakes are easy to adjust, have pads that are simple to replace, and have a lot of stopping power – a must to keep you safe on the road.

The seat is soft and wide, and the bike looks good with an all-white frame and brown seat and handlebar grips. Assembly, though, can get you to pull up your hair in despair if you are not an experienced cyclist that has done this before. Besides, the packaging on this bike is not so good, with just one bubble wrap around all the parts. That means that a percentage of bikes arrive with small dents and scratches on them, which is not what you expect from a new bike.

This is an easy-to-ride, simple bike to get if you are a casual rider. For around $200, quality is what you can expect, and it is quite durable and well finished. If you are looking for a commuter bike and need to keep it on a budget, this is one of the best bikes for women.


  • The seat is soft and wide
  • Great gears and brakes
  • Very affordable


  • Assembly is not clear
  • The packaging is poorly done, causing small damages

8. Huffy Cruiser Bikes

Huffy Cruiser Bikes

Lavender, magenta pink, matte grey, metallic teal, and gloss sky blue. They sound like the new colors for the summer collection of a fashion clothing brand, but they are just some of the options for the Huffy Cruiser Bikes. This bike looks great and costs very little while doing it – a combination that we stand behind. If you need to convince your daughter to start cycling, just going through the cute options will get her excited.

While this is a great looking buy, we found some issues that are very hard to ignore. The frame and seat post do not offer the best riding position and can put some strain on your knees and arms. The quality of the tires is not so high, and multiple users had problems with them getting deflated quite often. The company promises that it comes 90% assembled, but judging from the pictures and information we gathered, we find that hard to believe.

That said, while this is not the best bicycle for women that are very active and serious about cycling, it can be a good option for little girls that need a simple bike to ride around the backyard. The frame is very small, and the style will appeal. It is also the right budget choice for parents that do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a bike that will be outgrown soon.


  • Multiple color choices
  • Budget price


  • The riding position is not comfortable
  • The tires are not good
  • The bike does not come 90% assembled as promised

9. Happybuy Adult Tricycle

Happybuy Adult Tricycle

Are you not really sold on the idea of getting a bike? Are you excited to get around and feel the wind on your hair but want more stability and balance? Maybe you are looking for a tricycle and don’t know it yet. The Happybuy Adult Tricycle is made of strong iron and can hold as much as 300lbs. It comes with an extra-large basket on the back so you can get a lot of shopping done and take it home easily. The handlebars are high, the tires are thick, and the saddle is soft. That, combined with the three wheels, assures you will be the most comfortable person riding on the streets at any given time.

Even though this is a tricycle, it still has gears that are easy to shift and help you change speeds and go through bumps and different terrain. Full-wrap fenders keep all the parts of the bike dry and clean, and a colorful frame adds a coolness to it. As a huge plus, differently-abled people can use this tricycle to go on bike riders and keep on with their normal activities (as long as it is advisable by a doctor). Elderly users who have balance problems also found this to be of great help.

Building this product is not as easy as it may seem. Multiple users had to find help or professional assistance to do it. The packaging was damaged more than we think is to be expected, and that may have something to do with the difficulty to set up – some parts were damaged because of it. When finished, though, this tricycle feels very sturdy, solid, and robust— all for a very fair price.

If you are a wobbly rider, if you just want to feel comfortable on the road, if you need to carry multiple things and do not want a car, if you are disabled, and your doctor recommended or if you just like the way this product looks, maybe the best bike for women is not a bike at all – but a tricycle.


  • Very sturdy
  • Iron frame
  • Good for balance
  • Good price


  • The set up is not simple
  • Damaged parts on arrival due to poor packaging

10. Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike

Sixthreezero Best bikes for women

If you are a woman who loves road cycling and is not looking for cruising or touring bikes, the Giordano may be one of the best bikes for women nowadays. Its small fit is suited for riders that are between 5 feet to 5 feet 8 tall. The compact frame and tight handlebars give this a very comfortable ride for women.

The frame is handcrafted and made of steel, a heavy material that has a lot of quality. The fork is also made of steel and has good suspension. It includes pedals, kickstand, and reflectors for a night time ride. The gears are Shimano – one of the best bike parts manufacturers there is – and it goes up to fourteen speeds. Assembly only requires a few tools and common sense; it takes about thirty minutes to do it.

Although the seat on this bike is not great, especially for women, all the other parts seem to meet the criteria. This bike is one step up from budget bikes, and a great purchase if you need a decent bicycle for exercise or race on the road. Beginners are particularly happy with this bicycle and have said this product helped them getting into cycling.

Some people are not happy with the overall quality and feel of this bike, and we can understand that. If you are an advanced cyclist with a lot of experience with bikes, this one can fall short. If you are looking for a starter bike for exercising or riding on the pavement, however, there is nothing wrong with the Giordano Libero. It is a great bike with smooth shifting that will get you on the road in no time.


  • Compact handlebars and small frame good for women
  • It is made of steel – an excellent material
  • Good for exercising
  • Good for beginners


  • Not suited for more experienced cyclists

11. Sixthreezero Pave N’ Trail

Sixthreezero Pave N’ Trail

While the other Sixthreezero models we’ve seen so far were fantastic cruiser bikes, the Pave N’ Trail goes a little further than that. This hybrid comes with twenty-one Shimano gears great for all speed needs and changes. The Vibrazorb front suspension fork makes sure you can ride on the road and on rough and bumpy terrain, too, going as fast as 30 mph.

The tow bar is low, but is not curved, giving this bike a more fresh and sleek look and extra aerodynamic advantages. The handlebar is high and narrow, alleviating back pain and elbow pressure. The saddle is slim but very cushy; it is made of a highly compressed quality foam that makes you feel secure and comfortable. The tires are slim, great for road and pavement, but have a rugged texture that absorbs little stones and debris on tracks.

To elaborate on the Vibrazorb, we must say it is a fantastic piece of technology that will change the way you ride. There are two functions – you can choose to control and engage the fork, and that will increase shock absorption, or you can lock the fork and experience way less drag and a lot of speed. This is an excellent feature Sixthreezero chose to incorporate in the Pave N’ Trail model, making this one of the best bikes for active women who spend a lot of time on their bikes and know what they are doing.

As always, with this brand, expect great packaging and a stylish look. It does not have as many color options as other Sixthreezero models, though, and you are restringed to three of them. Upon arrival, in under thirty minutes, you will have a hybrid bike great for the road, gravel, and dirt on your hands. We are impressed by the quality of this bike and can assure it holds well on all terrains promised and lasts a long time.

If you love the cruiser bikes but now are looking for something with more “go” power, give the Pave N’ Trail a try. It looks good, it rides fast, it is comfortable, and it is reliable. Price is not like other budget Sixthreezero options, but we believe that it is worth the money.


  • Great bike for different terrains, very versatile
  • The Vibrazorb technology gives fantastic shock absorption
  • Twenty-one Shimano gears


  • Price
  • Not as many color options as other models of this brand

12. Micargi Pantera

Micargi Pantera

The best bicycles for women are not necessarily pink bikes, but who says they cannot be pink bikes too? Or purple? Or mint? If you are a fan of cute colors and want to make a statement while riding, take a look at the Micargi Pantera. This is a cruiser bike with seven gears and kickstand, pedals and fenders included. The 15.5 inches frame is made of steel and is suited for women that are between 5.1 and 6 feet tall.

The steel frame makes this a sturdy bike rather than a lightweight bike. Many people do prefer the robust feeling of steel, it makes the bike feel stable, and it lasts for a long time. Users have reported owning this bike for over three years and still being in mint condition. While this is a cruiser bike, all the gear options and steel frame makes it a more powerful and strong one, and we love it. Because of that, however, this is a massive bike that may offer some resistance when going up stairs or putting on a car rack.

While the instructions for this bike are not very clear, it comes almost assembled, so it is not so difficult in the end. If you are a novice when it comes to setting up bikes, you can always take it to a shop to have it professionally assembled. Customer service is incredibly responsive and works together with the customer to achieve results that are satisfactory for both parts. Women everywhere are happy with how comfortable and secure this bike makes them feel.

Although this is not a well-known brand such as Schwinn or Sixthreezero, we are pleasantly surprised by how well-built it is. It has quality parts like Shimano gears and the steel frame, and it makes an extra effort to cater to customers’ needs. Get this bike if you want a cruiser bike that is affordable and strong.


  • Steel frame
  • Very durable
  • Twenty-one Shimano gears
  • Great customer service


  • Instructions are poor
  • Very heavy

13. Roadmaster Mountain BikeRoadmaster Mountain Bike

The female world is not all about cruising and commuting, so it is time to take a look at the best bicycle for women who go mountain cycling. Roadmaster is a respected brand in the community with hundreds of models to cater to all different needs. This is a superb bike with quality parts and a number one choice for many.

The derailleur is composed of eighteen Shimano gears that are easy and smooth to shift. Alloy wheels, good suspension fork, and excellent brakes make this a highly responsive bike that does well on rough terrain. Many women’s bikes are made of aluminum to be light and carriable, and that is great. But what if you prefer something heavier durable and that withstands bumpy terrain and rough conditions? Roadmaster picked steel for this mountain bike, thus catering for women who have that preference. It does make the bike heavier, which many complained about, but this is a choice we have to make.

The eighteen gears allow you to ride on many different speeds and in many different situations. They are complemented by twist shifters, a mechanism that makes changing gears even easier and faster. One of the biggest issues when cycling off-road is the fact that you need to be extra responsive and able to change speeds and brake quickly on the occasion that something unexpected happens. With the Roadmaster and its many features, you are safe on that end.

It should be noted that, while the brakes on this bike are very good, they need constant adjustment to continue to perform well over time. Therefore it is a good idea to always check them before leaving the house and adjusting them if necessary. The seat is also not the most comfortable for women, and many choose to purchase another, more padded one.


  • A sturdy bike made of steel
  • Eighteen Shimano gears
  • Very responsive with twist shifters


  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Brakes need constant tuning

14. Huffy Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike

Huffy Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike

While we want to talk about all the nice features this bike has, we first have to address the way it looks; it is unavoidable! This all yellow bike, named banana yellow by the maker, is as enjoyable as it sounds. While other models keep the color on the frame, Huffy Nel Lusso goes one step forward and makes everything yellow – the tires, the fenders, the rack, the pedals, every single detail is painted. While that may sound weird, you have to admit that it looks cool. It is more of a light gold than banana yellow, and we are obsessed with it.

It has all the aspects you expect on a women’s bike. The handlebars are raised, so you are in an upright position, good for your back and shoulders. You can easily reach the floor while seated on the saddle. Your legs extend forward while pedaling, making it way less tiring for them. There is also a small detail that makes a lot of difference: the seat is placed further back than other bikes, and we found that changing the center of gravity like that improves comfort for the rider.

This brand has been making bikes since 1892, and this bike has a retro style that appeals to many. It already comes with a rear rack, a basket, and a cup holder, all for less than $200. Some users had problems with parts that came damaged, so be sure to check your package correctly upon arrival. This is a simple cruising bike with only one speed, so don’t expect many speeds or fancy features. This is the best bicycle for women who want a single-gear bike that looks retro and interesting for a budget price.


  • An interesting and unique look
  • Traditional brand
  • Frame shape adequate for women
  • Good price


  • Some users had problems with missing parts

15. Roadmaster Granite Peak

Roadmaster Granite Peak

This fantastic bike is the perfect choice for women who like to go off-road and do not want to limit themselves to cruising and cycling on the pavement. Mountain cycling is an incredible way of exercise. It is challenging, it engages the whole body, it increases stamina and adrenaline, and it is a lot of fun. If you feel like you want to start on that, or if you already have experience in it, we have the right bicycle for you.

Compact handlebars, low frame with an easy mounting option, simple shifting – the Granite has all the features you can expect on a woman’s bike. Shorter riders may not be comfortable on it, though since this bike is designed for women who are between 5 feet 4 and 6 feet 2. You can choose between four colors, grey, black, purple, and white, and they all look outstanding. We cannot believe in the price of this bike, as it is tough to find good mountain bikes for less than 200 dollars.

Since this is such an affordable bike, we recommend you accompany its purchase with a gel or padded saddle, as the one that comes with it is not very comfortable. The manual is also not helpful, and it would be best to have it professionally assembled. While you are there, it is always a good idea to check the brakes and tune them – safety should invariably be our number one concern while riding a bike.


  • Narrow handlebars
  • Low frame
  • Smooth gear shifting
  • Good price


  • The seat is not comfortable
  • Manual is unclear

16. Hiland Hybrid Bike

Hiland Hybrid Bike

You know that you are facing one of the best bicycles for women when you see that the parts are sourced from the best manufacturers possible. That means Shimano gears, Shimano cassette, and Kenda tires. You can trust these names. This Hiland model has a high number of twenty-four gears – that is an impressive shifting system that allows you to go as fast as 35 mph. When road biking, you need as many gears as you can get, and the Hiland Hybrid gives you just that.

The brakes are mechanical disc-brakes, a very reliable type of brakes. Brakes and gears are the most critical pieces of a bike because they are what protect you from losing control of the bicycle. This bike arrives 85% assembled, and we found that to be very accurate. The rest of the setup is not hard, and all the tools that you need are included in the packet.

This bike works as advertised, and it is great for the price. It is not that easy to find a bike on that price range that has twenty-four gears, full aluminum frame, and fork, and is this durable. This is an excellent bike for commuting as well as light tracks, so you can use it during the week when going to work and on the weekends for fun— no need to buy two different bikes.

Hiland is trying to improve its customer service, and they are very responsive to customers’ needs. With a problem-solving attitude, they left many people satisfied after interactions and solved concerns over and over again. We genuinely believe this is an advantage point that Hiland has. More than a few users had problems with packaging and received damaged parts as a result. That is not ideal and something to watch out for.


  • Twenty-four gears
  • Full aluminum frame and fork
  • Disc-brakes
  • Great customer service


  • Parts have been damaged due to poor packaging

17. Kent Comfort Women’s Bike

Kent Comfort Women’s Bike

The Kent Comfort bike takes its name from the very comfortable saddle and well-built frame. It has the low, slanted middle bar that accompanies the best bikes for women, narrow and straight handlebars, and different sizes to cater to different women. There are seven gears, and many say that this is the perfect number of gears. Not too many that it makes it complicated to ride and not so little that makes it hard to pedal.

The steel frame is accompanied by a dual-suspension mechanism that is made to absorb all shock and leave you with comfort only. You ride on an upright position and can adjust the seat and the handlebar stem to suit your needs better. You can lower them, make them higher, or angle them in any direction. Not only the frame is steel, but also the handlebars – which makes this a very rust-resistant bike.

The tires on this bike can use some work, as they are constantly getting deflated. This is a decent and inexpensive, yet simple, bike for a beginner so you can afford to change the tires to upgrade your ride. One excellent point of this bike is that it is light. Most budget bikes are quite heavy and very easy for women to maneuver and lift. The Kent Comfort bike can be raised to go into a car rack, be brought upstairs to your work or apartment, and get carried when you have a flat tire.

Choose between purple, lavender, rose gold, and white and feel free to customize your bike with baskets, bells, water bottle carrier, or any other accessory you may need and want. Get the Kent if you want to feel comfortable while riding, if you are a beginner and if you want a cheap bike not meant to win races.


  • Simple seven-gear system
  • Highly adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Very light and easy to carry
  • Budget price


  • The tires are not so good and get deflated easily

18. Royce Union Women’s Commuter Bike

Royce Union Women’s Commuter Bike

The saddle on this bike is one of its premium features. It is a Velo Saddle, generously padded, and with two suspension springs for extra comfort. The handlebars are covered with ergonomic grips that are molded to match the outlines of your hands and prevent numbness and pain. You get a bell and a kickstand with your purchase and can easily use them right away due to the comfy, upright position this bike puts you in.

The Shimano gears are always easy to use, but they get even easier on the Royce Union. They are very smooth and come in three speeds only, just enough to take the edge out of riding while keeping it simple and clear-cut. We love the look on this bike, with details like brown inner tubes that pop against the black tires. The frame is made of aluminum, and it is very light and very durable. A light bicycle is a responsive bicycle, and this is a bike that is very easy to maneuver.

While the bikes are available in different sizes, it is advisable to carefully analyze the chart to find the best one for you. Some users had problems with the size and noticed that it is smaller than advertised sometimes. Mounting holes are also missing, as many people like to add water bottle holders or cell phone mounting brackets to their bikes. As with many other bikes, the instructions that come with the Royce Union are not suitable and unclear, and what should be a pleasant activity turns into a frustrating hour.

All in all, there seem to be better bikes for this price range, but if you are smitten by this one, it is by no means a bad bike. With minor adjustments upon arrival, it should last for a long time and take you on many miles. After getting it, take it to be professionally assembled, add some racks, and check the tires, and you should be good to go.


  • Looks great
  • The aluminum frame is lightweight
  • Very comfortable seat and handlebars


  • Assemble is not straightforward
  • No mounting holes
  • Tires need tuning

19. Max4out Road Bike

Max4out Road Bike

This is one of the unisex bikes we talked about, and if you are a tall woman, that may be the best for you. A well-built model, the Max4out is made with aluminum and is very lightweight and rust-resistant. It has twenty-one gears that cater for all your speed needs, and a switch mechanism that lets you change between them using only your fingertips. That makes the riding much more pleasurable and stress-free.

Riders that are between 5’3’’ and 6’0’’ tall fit well on this bike. The tires are high-performance, and of quality, so you do not need to worry about excessive deflating. It arrives 85% assembled and requires some setup – like any other bike ordered online. The setup includes installing the handlebar, front wheel, and seat. As you can see, it is a straightforward process that should not take longer than twenty minutes.

The pedals that come with this bike are very wide and give an excellent grip. That is not the case with many bikes that come with poorly built pedals, so flimsy they have to be quickly replaced. This bike looks more expensive than it is, and that is usually a good sign. That is partly because of the internal routing; the cables for the gears and brakes are out of sight, and that contributes to a clean look. The brakes themselves are wonderful disc-brakes that make this a responsive and reliable bicycle.

The saddle is a quality one, but it is quite firm, so it may require getting used to. This bike comes with some stickers glued to it, and they may not please everybody. We don’t know if they peel well or if they leave residues after removing, so be careful if you do decide to take them off. Overall, we are very pleased with the Max4out and would recommend it for beginner to intermediate cyclists.


  • The aluminum frame makes this a lightweight bike
  • The pedals are wide and have a good grip
  • The bike looks way more expensive than it is


  • The saddle is very firm
  • It comes with stickers that may be hard to take off

20. Mercier Elle Sport Women’s Bike

Mercier Elle Sport Women’s Bike

Some bikes look very complicated to look at. They have cables, wires, gears, barrels in sight, and looking intimidating. If you have never ridden a bike before, or if you are coming back after a long hiatus, that is not exactly inviting. That is not the case with the Mercier Elle. This bike looks clean, it looks elegant, and it looks welcoming. You can get it in hot pink, mint green, or poppy orange, and they all look great.

The Mercier Elle has double-walled rims, which are way better and sturdier than the single-walled ones. They protect the wheels and reduce flat tires significantly, a great assurance to have. The gears are Shimano made and come with seven speeds – good for going fast or going up a hill. The seat is a comfortable Velo saddle well-padded and with dual-string, an excellent choice for female cyclists. The seat post allows for micro-adjustments so you can achieve the best upright riding position possible.

The frame is semi-compact, and that is perfect for women with smaller frames. That means that they can have more control over the bike and maneuver it over tight spaces and turns. The gears are stem gears and can be shifted using just your fingers, so you have total control of the bike at all times. Even though the primary purpose of a bike is to take you places or get you in shape, we all know that the looks of it matter too. The Mercier Elle comes with different, unique colors that are appealing and modern.

If you are starting and want a bike that will not break the bank, the Mercier Elle is a reliable choice. The brand has been around for decades, and they use Shimano parts and quality metal. This bike is quite simple and not suited for professional racers or more serious cyclists, but there is nothing wrong with it. Some people had problems with the pedals bumping into the front wheel while riding, and that can get troubling and can be a sign of poor assembly, so watch out for that.


  • A semi-compact bike that is very responsive and easy to ride
  • It comes with double-walled rims
  • It looks simple and elegant
  • Good price


  • It is not suited for more advanced cyclists
  • The pedals sometimes touch the front wheel

Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Bikes

Some women use unisex or men’s bikes -and there is nothing wrong with that. However, it is safe to say that the majority of women have longer legs and shorter torsos than men, besides smaller hands and narrower shoulders. Instead of making adjustments to big bikes that don’t fit you, why not choose one of the fantastic women’s bikes made especially for you? We mentioned that there are ergonomic differences between women’s bicycles and men’s bicycles. Let’s see what the main ones are and how they can affect your riding style.

1) Seat Shape

Many cheaper models come with unisex saddles that fit both genders. That may be okay for short commuting rides, but it can get uncomfortable on longer, more serious tracks. When leaning forward to speed, women start to feel too much pressure on the wrong places with a seat that is too narrow.

Men’s saddles are long and narrow, while women’s ones are wider to accommodate the pelvic bones. Some have a U shape with a space in front to take the pressure completely off the pelvic area. That can mean a world of difference when it comes to long and bumpy rides.

2) Frame Structure

The main difference regarding shape comes to the top tube structure and size. The top tube is the part of the bike that connects the handlebars to the seat. In many women’s bikes, this tube is slanted down to allow for a much easier mounting and dismounting process. It also allows you to stop the bike effortlessly and put your feet down without having to dismount the bike altogether.

Another difference with the tube is that it is commonly shorter on female bikes, to accommodate the women’s shorter torso. For most of us, if the tube is too long, it makes it very hard to reach the handlebars comfortably.

3) Handlebars

The handlebar’s diameter is directly connected to the average shoulder width average of the users. Since women have narrower shoulders, it would be extremely uncomfortable to cycle on a bike with large handlebars that are hard to reach. They usually measure between 16 and 17 inches, while women’s ones are from 14 to 15 inches to accommodate slender shoulders.

Additionally, the handlebar stem is longer on men’s bikes and shorter on women’s bikes to welcome different arm’s lengths.

4) Size

Although this is not set in stone, as a rule of thumb, women are smaller than men. That means that a smaller frame will be way better in terms of fit than a big and heavy frame. To achieve the highest performance you can, you must use the gears that most fit your body type. A smaller bike for a smaller person lets them be more agile, avoid accidents, control the bike better, and maneuver it easier.


If you feel more comfortable on a men’s bike or a unisex bike, you should get one of those. After all, it is all about how you feel and what makes you ride with comfort and effectiveness. There is a reason why women’s bikes are built differently, though, and we advise you to try them on and see for yourself. When you start cycling with a bicycle that was made especially for your size, height, and body type, you understand what the whole rave is about.

Bicycles are a little bit like clothes; you need to shop around for the ones that fit you better. Everyone is different, and the best bike for you may not be the best bike for your neighbor or friend, so it is essential to know yourself and your body type to get the one that makes you feel more comfortable with it.

There are so many “best bikes for women” that it can be hard to distinguish between them. You deserve only the best quality, and many bikes do not offer that to you. The burden to pick among the hay to find the needle falls on the customer, but luckily we did all the hard work for you. Just decide on your cycling style, your needs, and your budget and go for one of the bikes listed here. We are sure you will not regret it!