Best Cheap Bikes 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Sixthreezero2. Schwinn Wayfarer3. Mongoose Dolomite

In the year 2015, approximately 17.4 million bicycles were sold in the United States of America. It serves as a means of transportation to an estimated one billion people ride bikes every day— for transport, sport, and recreation. For others, it is a form of exercise, as it is easy to fit into your daily routine.

You can ride to work, take a ride to get a cup of coffee, and you can also ride to visit a friend. Everyone should learn to ride a bike. It’s as easy to learn, as it is easy to ride. And the good perk is once you have learned; it’s not something you ever forget you can do. A large population of people learned to ride as kids, but it’s never too late to learn to ride one even as an adult.



Cycling is fun, and it also contributes to healthy living. I have to admit, as fun and exercising as riding a bicycle can be, finding the best cheap bicycle could be quite tricky. In a study among psychology undergraduates, 40% of the participants made at least one of these errors: failing to recognize the correct pedal location from a set of four options, failing to recognize the correct bicycle frame from a set of four options, or failing to recognize the right chain location from a set of four options.

Bicycles may seem like a familiar artifact of contemporary life — a simple device that’s easy to recognize and easy to understand. However, getting a nice bike is one thing, and getting the best cheap bicycle is another thing; that gets us to the purpose of this article.

We’ll be taking you on a quick guide on how to get the best cheap quality bicycles suitable for your use.

Factors To Consider Before Buying the Best Affordable Bikes

Now that we are done with the reasons why getting a bicycle is one of the best things you can do for your health, time to go through some of the essential features to look for when getting the best inexpensive bikes. The right bike can serve as a motivation to spend more time outdoors, get some exercise, and enjoy some fresh air.

1) Affordability

This is one of the most important things to consider when getting a bicycle. You have to put your pocket into consideration and select the most suitable bike and also put into account the features as well. But not to worry, this article will ease your decision making and help you make the best choice.

2) Size

One of the most crucial aspects to consider when buying a bike is the size of the frame. Choosing the right bike size is critical for both performance and comfort. Selecting a bike too small for your size might cramp your pedaling technique, thus making riding difficult.

And getting a bike too big for your size will lead to poor handling. Before getting a bike, you should be well informed about the crucial bike sizes measurements. You should make sure you check that out

3) Where Will You Ride?

Yes, the location it will be used in should also be put into consideration. If you are not entirely familiar with the different varieties of bikes created for different terrains, this is the time to. You wouldn’t want to ride a road bike on mountain terrain. It would be like trying to use a razor blade to cut through lumber of wood, not only will you not get the job done, you’ll also be damaging the razor blade.

The same logic applies to bikes. A Mountain bike can be used for rough terrains while a road bike can be used on smoother ground. So, you might want to get the best value bike that fits the terrain you plan on riding on.

4) Brakes

It is available in three different types. Rim brakes, the most common, can be found on many models ranging from affordable city bikes to high-end road racers — coastal hub brakes, which can be found mostly on beach cruisers. And Disc brakes, which are hydraulic or cable-activated. They are heavier but stop better, with less force, on all terrains.

5) Frame

People familiar with bikes might refer to this as the heart of the bike, amongst other vital components. It is made of metal — aluminum, which is the most commonly used, steel, which is sometimes used and titanium, which is rare. Carbon fiber can also be used, but it tends to be on more expensive models. Size ranges from riders’ height.

6) Suspension

The term suspension when it comes to bikes refers to both front and rear hydraulic shocks that smooth out bumps and jolts. The rate of suspension needed depends on the terrain you aim to use the bike for. The rougher the trail, the more suspension you’ll need.

7) Does The Bike Fit?

A lot of bike shops now offer bike fit services. They provide expert advice on if the bike fits well, and how to make it fit well in a scenario where it doesn’t. There are different parts of the bike than can be swapped to help find the best fit. The fore-after position and height of the saddle can be adjusted. The handlebar can be raised or lowered with spacers on the steerer tube.

Now that you’ve had a better understanding of some of the critical things to consider when purchasing a bicycle, you’ll want to know what the best affordable bicycles you can get are. Fortunately, we will be listing a few of the best cheap bicycles that are out there at the moment.

Be sure to make a thorough evaluation based on the bicycles and choose the one that best suits your needs to ensure maximum comfort, your comfort matters. Here are some of the best cheap bicycles available

Top 13 Best Cheap Bikes 2021

1. Sixthreezero Around The Block Beach Cruiser Bicycle & eBike

Best Cheap bikeThe Sixthreezero around the block beach cruiser is a perfect starter bike. It is easy to ride and comes in two categories, the one designed for men, and the other designed for women. Available in up to 21-speeds, this bike is suitable for people with back pains and can be ridden on the beach, in the city, down the trail, and also along road paths.

The bike features a medium-firm seat designed for comfort. It can be primarily used for commuting and recreational purposes. A classic, curvy beach cruiser bicycle with a 17-inch durable steel frame offers optimal comfort, and it is an ideal choice for a casual ride along with the neighborhood.

It has a nice upright riding style that features a dual-spring saddle and a wide cruiser handlebar with a foam grip that gives your back and shoulder the necessary comfort required. Speed bike great for riding on flat terrains.

The Coaster braking system characterizes it. This bike also comes fitted with an efficient braking system with low maintenance, and it is also inexpensive.

The Sixthreezero Cruiser offers excellent traction in bad weather. Bikes like this, with coaster brakes, are easier to store and transport.


  • Portable
  • Comfortable cushy saddle
  • Synthetic leather grips to prevent sweaty hands
  • Affordable
  • Easy Control
  • Slick tires that provide an enjoyable ride
  • High Quality steel frame
  • 7-speed bicycle
  • Quality aluminum alloy wheels


  • Tools included with the bicycle might seem a bit difficult to use
  • Not intended for high-intensity exercise


2. Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycles

Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid BicyclesA lightweight hybrid bicycle with quite a reputation, the Schwinn Wayfarer is equipped with excellent features and high-quality components. A hybrid bike designed with speed in mind can be just the perfect fit for riding around town, commuting to and from work, or running errands. The bike has easily one of the nicest bike handles.

This is a 7-gear bike that features a steel retro city frame that allows you to use a more comfortable riding posture. The Schwinn Wayfarer aims at being more of a city bike than a mountain bike.

It is fast, lightweight, and can easily handle daily commutes, as well as the ability to cover more distance than average bicycles.

It features the 700c tires that allow for effortless acceleration. The tires seem a bit thicker than the other common or traditional 700c tires, and it provides excellent grip and also fitted with light aluminum alloy rims for faster riding.

You have nothing to worry about when it comes to riding on a wet city street- the tires’ deep tread will easily handle the wet streets. Also, it is equipped with an incredibly durable aluminum frame, designed to handle consistent use. While it isn’t designed for rough terrains, it can handle a bit of cycling along dirt paths.

The saddle is designed to prevent you from feeling every bump and rock on the road. The Schwinn Wayfarer is equipped with front, and rare alloy pull breaks. The alloy pull brakes provide an improved heat loss that reduces the risk of brake failure.

Thanks to its heat dissipation design, the tires tend to last longer due to the decrease in temperature. The brakes are protected against rust and corrosion due to the aluminum alloy material used.


  • Classic retro design
  • Easily assembled
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Durable and step-thru frame
  • High grip tires
  • Affordable
  • Front and Rear Alloy Pull brake for easy halting


  • Seven gear limit
  • No off-road riding


3. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain BikeWith the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike, you can get the better of any off-road trail easily with its fat tires. The supersized tires make it easier to climb hills. If you’ve been on the lookout for a cheap affordable mountain bike, I suggest you take a look at the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike.

Are you looking to burn more calories? Getting the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike might be a good idea. It comes as no surprise that it requires more energy to ride due to its supersized tires, thus leading to the loss of more body fat. It also offers a very swift gear changes to aid smooth ride along a rough or mountain terrain.

It’s endowed with a quality durable, long-lasting steel frame to provide stability and support. It is equipped with alloy wheels that seem a bit heavy. It uses solid size 4” tires characterized with a lenient pace that’s suitable for rough terrains such as pavement, gravel, and sand, among others.

As expected for a bike of its caliber in size, it does possess a great stopping power, owing to the dual disk brakes. Like most bikes, it comes with a rare and front brake that has a surprising grip regardless of the terrain you’re riding on. Has a treadless headset which can be adjusted to fit riders of different height. You get to ride comfortably with the equipped comfy beach pedals.


  • Affordable
  • Solid braking system
  • Great for exercise
  • Easy gear change
  • Suitable for different terrains
  • Excellent Stability


  • Heavy
  • Noisy break
  • Advisable for taller users with a height range of 5’6 and 6.’


4. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track BikeThe 6KU Track Bike is one of the most affordable bikes available. This bicycle is designed for use by both females and males. It is a single speed, fixed gear bike. The 6KU Track Bike is lightweight, owing to its design and build, and it is suitable for commuting or recreational use.

If you’re searching for a bike to use in the city or other urban areas, then purchasing this should be considered a possibility; it could be that office bike you’ve been looking to buy. The 6KU Track Bikes, often regarded as ‘Fixie Bikes’ by some people, has earned a reputation for creating affordable bikes with top-notch qualities.

You probably already guessed from its name that it has a single gear, which gives the rider better control over the bike as a whole. The frame and fork are made of aluminum, while the saddle is made with synthetic leather in a bid to offer the best comfort possible to the rider. Features front and rear brakes that can easily be detached and properly lubricated or replaced in situations where it is damaged.

To some, physical appearance can be everything, putting into little consideration the functionality of the bike. But the 6KU Track Bike has a great physical presence and offers a good level of functionality.


  • Top-notch frame quality
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Fixed gear
  • Good control while riding
  • Easy to assemble


  • Pedals made of plastic
  • A bit narrow handlebar


5. Retrospec Harper Fixed Single-Speed Bike

Retrospec Harper Fixed Single-Speed BikeThe Retrospec Harper Bike is a single-speed bike or fixed gear bike with a solid steel frame. A few people might be seeing the brand name Retrospec for the very first time; well, they offer affordable, quality, and well-designed bicycles.

The single-speed urban bike is not complicated, lightweight, and requires less maintenance. The absence of various gears makes maintenance a lot easier: no fixing cable to fix or replace. It is well built and weighs less, making it easy to be carried around. This bike is suitable when it comes to commuting on urban and city roads. The fixed gear also signifies it is not designed for rough terrains or mountain adventures, as it can be a bit difficult going uphill.

It features a solid bike frame with a perfectly balanced gear ratio. The Sturdy steel frame makes for optimal riding comfort. It comes with an option to add a basket, should the rider decide to add a basket to the bike.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • High-tensile durable frame
  • Easy to couple
  • Less maintenance required


  • Lacks multiple gears
  • Wheels too high to rough terrains


6. Roadmaster Granite Peak Bike

Roadmaster Granite Peak BikeThe Roadmaster Granite Peak Bike is a bike designed for the urban setting. This brand is an American bicycle brand owned by the Pacific Cycle. The 26” inch city bike can handle a bit of rough terrain as well as paved roads. Its high-quality front suspension fork makes it ideal for rocky terrains and rugged trails.

It features an excellent braking system that pays attention to details. The Roadmaster Granite Peak Bike is equipped with the linear-pull brakes with a sharp halting power. The brake of the Roadmaster Granite Peak Bike owes its performance to its well-built tire treads that give it a great braking ability, allowing it to come to a stop as quickly as you press the brake regardless of the bike speed, even on wet surfaces.

They are built with a steel mountain frame that provides stability when riding to avoid a somewhat shaky ride. The Roadmaster Granite Peak Bike is an 18-speed bike equipped with twist shifters that assist in smooth maneuvering on riding trails. The broad gear system also makes its mountain biking a lot easier; it allows climbing uphill swift and a controllable descending.

The Roadmaster Granite Peak Bike is built with alloy rims, compared to the rims made with steels. The alloy rim tends to be more durable, light in weight, and much stronger. It also boasts of a well-built handlebar for better control when cycling. It has a well-padded saddle, aimed at providing the rider with comfort.


  • Affordable
  • Good for off-road terrain
  • Easy to assemble
  • Solid suspension
  • Well constructed


  • The body can be easily scratched
  • Not advisable for regular commuting


7. Eurobike Bike EURXC550

Eurobike Bike EURXC550The Eurobike brand aims at the production of cheap affordable bicycles, which is excellent for commuting without having to break the bank. We will be taking a look at one of their products: The Eurobike Bike EURXC550, an affordable, high-quality road bike.

The Eurobike Bike EURXC550 comes with a durable steel frame and fork. It hosts a perfectly placed iron racing handlebar; it ensures a proper comfortable riding position to avoid back pains. It comes with a double-disk aluminum brake, 160mm in size. You’ll need a reliable brake to halt such a fast bike in its tracks; luckily, the double-disk aluminum brake will do just that, even at high speed.

It boasts an impressive 21-speed SHIMANO shifting system. You’ll agree it offers a lot of gear options, meaning it has a wide range of tracks it can ride on, ranging from road trails, mountain hikes to urban roads, and city streets.

It comes with a freewheel feature, allowing the bike to roll on while giving your leg a break. It is also capable of going the distance at a constant speed and pace.


  • Versatility
  • Easy to couple
  • The bike is quite affordable
  • High-quality shifting system
  • Offers a wide range of gears
  • Good braking system


  • Relatively heavier


8. Schwinn S29 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

The Schwinn s29 wheel suspension bike is one of the most affordable mountain bikes available to people without breaking their bank account. If you want to step up your mountain biking skill, this is the perfect bike to go out to improve and conquer the trails on.

It has a full suspension aluminum frame and SR Suntour suspension forks. These two suspensions combine to absorb shocks from the trails. This makes it possible to get protection from bumps and also be able to ride comfortably under any condition. These suspension forks also protect riders’ wrist and elbow from excess jarring and stress.

This bike also comes in two sizes. An 18-inches/medium frame suggested for riders under the height of 5’4-6’1, as well as the 20-inch/large frame for riders with a height of 5’9-6’2.

It also has a front and rear mechanical disk brake, which provides crisp stopping and steady speed control on descents and extra-wide double-wall alloy rims wrapped around 2.1-inch wide knobby mountain tires. Adding to these features is a 21-speed Shimano EZ-fire trigger shifters and front and rear Shimano derailleurs, which offer precise shifting and also a wide gear range that will let riders tackle varying terrain in the same ride.

The Schwinn s29 comes with a limited lifetime for as long as the rider owns the bike, and most parts of the bike can be upgraded and replaced.


  • Affordable
  • A full-suspension aluminum frame that absorbs shocks from the trails speed control
  • Easy gear change
  • Better grip when riding
  • Shock absorbing


  • Requires frequent maintenance


9. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

Huffy Hardtail Mountain BikeFor the ladies looking to get an excellent affordable mountain bike, this might be a great option. The Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike is characteristically designed for women; it comes in a gloss blue color. Suitable for people aged 12 and above and a minimum rider height of about 5 feet. Ideal for outdoor adventures and can also be used for commuting.

It boasts a durable steel frame, supported by Kolo 1200 suspension forks to withstand rough terrains and give you a smooth ride. It possesses an indexed SHIMANO T2-31 rear derailleur that combines with the micro-speed twisters to deliver 21-speed gear on-demand, for comfortable mountain rides, or pure speed.

It is equipped with a slight-rise handlebar that enables upright riding to minimize back and shoulder pain. Its 26” x 1.95” knobby tires make dirt bike rides smoother. Its linear-pull brakes deliver top-notch stopping action. It is coupled with a nicely padded saddle of high quality to enable durability. It contains ATB-type resin pedals that have a responsive feel to them, with comfortable Krayton grip and nice alloy rims.


  • Adjustable seat post
  • Affordable
  • Offers wide-range of gear
  • Comes partially assembled
  • Easy to put together


  • Not so soft seat


10. Retrospec Beaumont-7 Speed Men’s Urban City Commuter Bike

Retrospec Beaumont-7 Speed Men’s Urban City Commuter BikeDrawing its features from its name, this bike is ideal for riding through cities or scaling hilly neighborhoods. The Beaumont men’s bike is the go-to ride for everyday use, scaling from a stroll through the pack, a quick errand to the store, or commuting to work.

It has a hand-built, tig welded, and high tensile strength steel frame available in a step-thru style that makes it easy for any age group to be able to mount it without any difficulty. It is also suitable for any stature as well as any form of dressing, including dresses and skirts.

For absolute control and precision, the bike is equipped with front and rear alloy breaks, Shimano 7 speed drivetrain, and RevoShift grip shifters. It also helps with smoother, faster, and easier transactions. Not only will the rider be able to shift gears with precision and speed, but will also be able to retain command of the bicycle.

A simple twist of the hand while in motion will help to change gears with ease so that the rider can combat hilly and flat city streets equally well. The Kenda 700x35c tires provide a smooth and comfortable ride to take the rider anywhere. This bike also featured a steel rack at the rear end so that the rider can bring stuff as he travels from one place to another.


  • Ideal for commuting and exercise
  • Easy gear change
  • Sturdy brake
  • Affordable
  • Easy to maintain


  • Relatively heavier


11. Roadmaster 26” Inches Mountain Black Bike

Roadmaster 26 Inches Mountain Black BikeThe Roadmaster 26” Inches Mountain Black Bike is suitable for city rides, but not entirely advisable to use for daily commuting. It is the ideal bike for rough roads as well as smooth city roads. It comes with high-quality suspension for a stable grip on mountain trails, not allowing you to feel every bump along the way.
It is built with a steel frame, with high stability — an 18-speed bike equipped with twist-shifters that eases maneuvering and allows for a smooth feel while riding. The wide range of gears serves as an advantage to mountain bikers, facilitating their ascension and makes for better descending.
The Roadmaster 26” Inches Mountain Black Bike features a superb braking system. It is equipped with the linear-pull brakes and a greatly treaded tire that works together with the brake to provide an effective stopping action, regardless of the surface, be it a wet or dry surface.
It comes with a lightweight, durable, and robust alloy rim. It comes with a well-designed handlebar, giving you a proper grip while riding. The Roadmaster 26” Inches Mountain Black Bike also has a nice padded adjustable saddle that provides the comfort required.


  • Gears change easily
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for off-road and on-road rides
  • Sturdy suspension forks
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Well Constructed


  • None


12. Hyper Shocker 26″ 18-Speed Men’s Bike, Model OPP-152601

Hyper Shocker 26 18-Speed Men's Bike, Model OPP-152601The Hyper Shocker 26″ 18-Speed Men’s Bike, Model OPP-152601 provides the rider with optimal comfort without having to break the bank. It features a sturdy steel frame with an efficient suspension fork, good in absorbing bumps allowing smooth ride on gravel and trail.

The Hyper Shocker 26″ Men’s Bike has an 18-speed twist grip shifting. It offers a wide range of gears to ride with, making it suitable for mountain adventures, dirt biking, and recreational use. It is equipped with a powerful linear-pull front and rare brake that is easy to maintain.

It also comes with a deluxe padded MTB saddle with alloy quick release clamp that makes for easy adjustment of seat height to fit rider’s preference. It also comes with 26” x 2.25” knobby tires and a 26” spooked wheel; to make your mountain rides enjoyable.

The Hyper Shocker 26″ 18-Speed Men’s Bike, Model OPP-152601 is equipped with resin platform pedals and rear derailleurs for a smooth transition from one gear to another. It also houses a three-piece high-performance crank. The excellent design gives it a good physical appearance. It is suitable for on- and off-road adventures.


  • Versatility
  • Affordable
  • Good physical appearance
  • Comfortable seat
  • Effective braking system


  • None


13. Havoc Full Suspension Men’s Mountain Bike

Havoc Full Suspension Men’s Mountain BikeLooking for some outdoor fun? The Havoc full suspension men’s bike is the ideal bike for a stable, smooth, and fun ride. This type of bike is useful to men looking to explore their adventurous side. The Havoc 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike is a lightweight bike suitable for both beginners and regulars It is an affordable mountain bike

This men’s mountain bike has a lightweight aluminum frame that helps the rider to ride harder for an extended time. It also has a front and rear suspension that gives riders a smooth ride on any surface. With 21 speeds and 3-piece high-performance crank as well as a comfortable Shimano twist shifter and a Shimano rear derailleur, the rider will have no problems changing gears quickly smoothly. It also has a full suspension with fork design to help ride without difficulty.

For the comfort of the rider, this fantastic bike features an authentic hyper graphics and a plush MTB seat; so, the backside will stay comfortable during long rides. Adding to the remarkable features of this bike is the aluminum frame, handlebars, and pedals, enabling this Havoc full suspension men’s mountain bike to withstand rough use.


  • Offers fun and stability
  • Durable
  • Easy gear change
  • High speed
  • Comfortable MTB seat
  • Quality suspension


  • Seat can be uncomfortable
  • Requires constant maintenance


Why You Need A Bicycle?

A survey conducted in August 2013 by YouGov showed approximately 94% of Americans could ride a bicycle, which is quite impressive considering the health benefits attached to cycling. Riding your bike regularly is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Cycling is a healthy, low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all age groups, from younger children to older adults. We’ll take a look at some of the reasons why you need it, and you should ride a bicycle. While some causes are obvious, others not so much.

  • Keeps your heart in an excellent shape

Although a few people might be yet to realize this, taking your bike for a few miles a week, about 20, can reduce your risk of coronary heart disease by 50%. You’re probably thinking 20 miles is a long-distance, it might seem that way, but spread across a week, should be an easy target to hit

  • Increased lifespan of your vehicle

Most experts will recommend you use your vehicle for the longer rides, and you take your bikes on the shorter one, and I agree with that. Reducing the constant usage of your vehicle on short trips can do your vehicle’s engine a great good. This is because usage on short trips causes inadequate lubrication of the moving components and can lead to the depletion of the crucial parts in your vehicle.

  • Exposure to Vitamin D

It’s common knowledge that our exposure to sunlight leads to an increase in our vitamin D levels. We all need a bit of sunlight from time to time. It provides a psychological benefit and, more importantly, a health benefit. Insufficient level of vitamin D has been associated with heart diseases, and cancer also poses a little threat genetically. Yeah, it seems that sunny ride might be right for you, after all, so get your bikes, pedal along and enjoy the sunshine 😉

  • Save money by pedaling a bike.

It is a great way to cut in on some of your monthly expenses. Less money spent on gas repeated car servicing, and also save money on bus rides. Looking on the bright side, you also get to avoid that awkward unwanted bus conversation that seems to be heading in no known direction. And you’ll be saving money by purchasing the best cheap bike of your choice.

  • Promotes weight loss

Taking bike rides can be an effective way of burning calories. Cycling burns between the range of 400 to 1000 calories per hour, putting into consideration the riders’ intensity and weight. Frequent cycling and consumption of a healthy diet have proved to be an effective method for weight loss.

  • Helps build muscles

Cycling does not just burn fats; it also strengthens muscles — particularly around the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves- talk about not skipping leg day. Cycling keeps your body muscles in good shape and also brings about a slightly noticeable increase in muscle size, depending on the amount of time invested.

  • Good appetite

It’s normal to have an increased appetite after physical exertions such as cycling. Thus, it might be a good excuse to sneak in a few snacks to your day while still keeping fit, a win-win scenario.

  • Keeps your lungs in good shape

You are probably wondering how does cycling and well being of your lungs relate. But a study by the Healthy Air Campaign Kings College London and Camden Council showed that the driver experienced five times higher pollution levels than the cyclist, as well as three and a half more than the walker and two and a half times more than the bus user. To cut the story short: people who ride a bike are exposed to fewer dangerous fumes than those who travel by car.

  • Boosts brain power

Exercising has continuously been linked to positive brain health. A 2013 study found that during exercise, cyclists’ blood flow in the brain rose by 28 percent, and up to 70 percent in specific areas. And also, after exercise, in some areas, blood flow remained up by 40 percent. In more straightforward language, there was an increase in blood flow to the brain, which is positive.

These are just a few of the main reasons why you should consider purchasing any of the best cheap bikes that will be listed below if you do not already have one.

It poses a great advantage to your health, and it can be fun.

Tips On Bike Maintenance For Beginners

If you’ve decided to purchase one of the reviewed bikes above, getting to ride it is not the only thing you should be looking forward to. You should look into the proper maintenance, as every piece of machinery acquired needs adequate maintenance, from cars to bicycles, to your blending machine, even your kitchen knives.

If you’ve successfully purchased one of the best affordable bikes listed above, then the maintenance should be the next thing you should be looking into, as it requires proper sustaining to keep the components in good shape and be as durable as you can make them.

I’ll be going through some of the maintenance processes to keep your bike in good shape, but not only your bike but to also ensure your safety. A faulty bike could be a risk to your life and your health. Below are some of the few maintenance skills.

1. Properly Inflate A Tire Or Fix A Flat

Your road bicycles need a tire check every 4-5 days, depending on the state of where it is being stored or used. It could be more frequent than that, could go for a frequent 3-day check, a mountain bikes could be checked less frequently as its tires host a high proportion of air at low pressure. You should keep your tire pressure within the range specified by the manufacturer.

The tires hold a small portion of air, under quite high pressure. The pressure contained in the tires is determined by some factors put into consideration, such as; road conditions, rider’s weight, type of tire, and the size of the tire. In the case of a flat tire, I would recommend you go through youtube videos on how to properly fix a flat tire if you plan on fixing it yourself.

2. Proper Cleaning And Lubrication Of The Bike

This should be a frequent mode of maintenance. It could be weekly, monthly, or more frequent depending on how often you ride, or the type of terrain you ride on. If you ride on a wet, dirt road, or if you frequently ride at a fast pace, you might need to consider cleaning the bicycle more often. Proper lubrication prevents wear and tear of the moving parts brought about by friction and keeps the bike in a good state with a better performance. Be cautious not to over-lubricate, and wipe excess lubricants with a rag before taking the bike for a ride.

Below are some of the necessary supplies you will need:

  • Brushes: An old toothbrush can be useful for brushing tiny spots you can’t reach
  • Clean Rags: For applying the lube, or just for overall cleaning of the bike
  • Detergent or Bike wash cleaner: This will be useful for the cleaning of your bike frame and rims.
  • Degreaser: Not turpentine or kerosene, but a proper bike-specific degreaser.
  • Water: Outside bike maintenance, this is a necessity to take on bike rides, to keep you hydrated.
  • Chain Lubricant: Appropriate lubrication of the bike chain can extend its longevity

3. Getting Rid Of Uncomfortable Saddle

Comfort matters a lot when it comes to riding. There were complaints from riders about some bikes coming with an uncomfortable saddle, making their buttocks sore. Don’t device an improper way of riding the bike because you are trying to avoid sitting on an uncomfortable seat. It could have a long-term effect on the state of the bike. Instead, look into replacing with a more comfortable and well-designed saddle for your comfort.

4. Replacing Plastic Pedals

If your bike came with a plastic pedal, you might have to consider replacing it. Plastic pedals can’t endure the long or tough rides. They tend to damage faster over time. If you are going on mountain adventures or dirt road biking, then the plastic pedals won’t be so effective, as they tend to lose their grip faster. An alloy pedal is an advisable replacement as it does not lose its grip as easy as the plastic does.

5. Performing A Check On Brake Pads

You’ll need to check from time to time the condition your brake pads are in, to ensure they’re not too worn out, and that they can still perform an effective stopping. If you notice your brake makes a weird screeching sound while you’re trying to slow it down or bring it to a stop, it could be caused by a possible wearing down, could be hazardous to your safety, and could also be damaging your wheels.

6. The Handlebar

The handlebar and cranks should also be checked to see if they are well tightened. The handlebars and cranks come to go through a lot of pressure and torque and could quickly get loose over time. So you should frequently check to ensure they are correctly tightened.

Bike Accessories That Could Prove Useful For You

Looking to make your ride more fun and safe? Some of the accessories listed below could be of great help. Some offer the option of safety, some fun, and others provide the possibility of a more comfortable ride.

1. The Bluetooth Bike Lock

Nobody wants to go through the heartbreak of having their bikes stolen or towed off. The Bluetooth bike lock prevents anyone that isn’t you from just simply walking away with your bicycle. The common one is the Nut lock: a braided steel super-strong waterproof Bluetooth bike lock.

It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and comes with an option to lock your bike and an option to unlock when you are within a specific range of the bike. The Bluetooth lock has a feature that rings off an alarm when someone tries to disassemble it.

2. Water Resistant Saddle Bag

This offers the freedom of taking a few supplies with you on your ride, which could range from maintenance supplies or just merely your daily needs. You don’t have to worry about the back pains that come with a heavy commuter backpack, especially when you are going mountain biking. This firm saddlebag is buckled under your saddle and can house your supplies.

3. Portable Bike Multi-tool

This accessory takes bike maintenance to the next level. It comes with a couple of maintenance tools, depending on the brand products, but some of the most common tools are screwdrivers, Torx wrenches, Allen keys, and a spanner. It could be useful for on-road use in the case of an out of place component.

4. Bike Bells

This is probably the most commonly used bike accessory out there. The primary purpose it serves is that of a bike horn, loud and effective. You will find different bike bells with different designs and compatibility, be sure to get the one that meets your requirements and needs.

5. Bike Cup Holder

If you enjoy early morning coffee, this could be an excellent accessory for you. It provides a column to put your coffee cups. With this, you could take a quick trip to the coffee shop, get your coffee, and head back home or work without your coffee spilling. Some come with an adjustable buckle and can hold a range of cups, from coffee cups to to-go cup, and others come with a fixed coffee cup frame.

6. Bike Phone Case

They come in different designs, in a bid to provide the best comfort during use, but they all perform the same task. These are not for texting and biking. Instead, it can hold your phone in place to avoid slipping out from your pocket, or when using your phone as a map guide. They tend to be sturdy to prevent your phone from falling off.

7. Pet Basket

Looking to take your pet on a quick ride to the coffee shop or to see a friend? You should consider getting a pet basket. It can be easily attached to the front of the bike. It has a comfy feel, giving your optimal pet comfort while enjoying the ride. This is one for the pet lovers, can house your cat or dog.

8. Tire Pump

The tire pump accessory ensures you do not have to worry about the situation of air loss within the tire walls. Most come with a T valve, gauge, and a puncture kit. In an event you get a flat tire in the middle of your mountain ride, you could quickly fix it and get going. They are quite easy to carry around.

9. Cycling Gloves

Cycling gloves prove useful in preventing palm blisters caused by riding for an extended time or caused by the state of the handlebar. It can also prove effective in a scenario where you want to keep your hands warm when going for the early morning ride while maintaining a full grip on the handlebar. It could also serve a variety of other purposes.

10. Bike Helmet

Arguably an essential accessory you could purchase. Bike helmets are created to serve one purpose, which is to help provide safety and protection from head injuries. It is crucial to wear a helmet correctly, so it can fully achieve its purpose. A bike helmet could save your life. Not wearing a bike helmet could soon be a crime in the United States, as laws are currently being drafted to bring to book people who ride without a helmet; this goes to show just how important a helmet is.

11. Bike Cover

If you plan on storing your bike in the garage or outside your home, to prevent it from rain, from dust or becoming rusty, you should look into getting a bike cover. This helps to keep all your bike components in good shape regardless of the weather. This is considered a maintenance gesture.

12. Bike Lighting

This offers a bit of flair to the bike, giving it a beautiful flashy look, and to also alert motorists or other cyclists of an oncoming cyclist. It is available in different designs and builds.

13. Cycling Shoes

Yes, there are shoes made specifically for cycling. They offer a better energy transfer to the pedals than regular shoes. If you are going on mountain rides with your bike, then you should get cycling shoes. They are designed with the comfort of the rider in mind.


You should not just purchase a bike off the internet or in the bike shop without adequately examining the features, pros, and cons to see if it fits your requirements and if it is made for the purpose you want to use it for.

Deciding on which bicycle to purchase can be a difficult task, but I hope this article will be a bit helpful in determining which best affordable bike to get.

Thank you for going through this article, we hope we were able to provide you with the assistance required.