Best Commuter Bikes 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Schwinn2. 6KU Urban3. Schwinn Hinge

There are many ways to get across the city and go to work or run errands, but few have so many positive points as those done by bike. A study published in 2012 found that individuals who had a long commute were less likely to be physically active and more likely to have unhealthy waist sizes.

Driving to work is associated with high blood pressure, increased stress and anger and health diseases. All that can be easily avoided with the use of the best commuter bike instead of traveling by cars, trains or buses.

People who cycle to work are reported to be healthier as it reduces the risk of having heart disease. They are also more appreciative at work and happier in their relationships.

If you are looking for the best commuter bicycle, we know you are aware of all that – but it is always good to be reassured you are making the right choice. You may think that only people who live in small towns can make use of these advantages, but that is not true.



If you live in a city, some bikes are designed especially for you. A commuter bike is very special – it needs to be resistant to endure the sidewalks, different asphalts and potholes; light so you can carry it upstairs or up a flight of stairs; and agile so you can get places efficiently and not covered in sweat from the effort.

How To Choose The Best Commuter Bikes – Top 4 Factors To Look For

So what exactly is the difference between a commuter bike and a road bike, for example? Well, the answer has a lot to do with the design of the bike. Commuter bikes will usually display wider saddles that are way more comfortable than skinny seats meant for racing. The riding position is usually upright – high seat and high handlebars – to allow for maximum road visibility.

The grips also offer more support for the wrists, and that adds to the overall more comfortable feel that commuter bikes have. So let’s see how to evaluate the different road bikes and see which is the best commuter bike for you.

1) Material

A bicycle is a significant investment, so when looking at the material, we need to keep two things in mind: durability and lightness. You want your bike to last for at least a couple of years, so cheap materials and parts will not do. Most commuter bikes are made of aluminum or steel, and those contribute to lightness. Also, check for the type of gears and tires the bike has gears that are not constructed with good material will rust and jam. Tires should be broad and have a good grip. Otherwise, they can skip and puncture constantly.

2) Level Of Comfort

If you are commuting, you are probably using your bicycle every single day. Because of that, you want your bike to be as comfortable as possible. If you continuously arrive at work with a sore bottom or hurt legs, chances are you will give up on cycling pretty quickly. Look for wide and soft saddles, high handlebars and good pedals with a grip.

It can happen that you purchased the best commuter bike you found and still feel very uncomfortable on the bike. If that is the case, chances are you have the wrong size for your body. The length of your legs and your height matter a lot on a bicycle purchase, and most brands have a chart with all those measurements on their website. Keep that in mind when shopping.

3) Portability

A commuter bike prioritizes carrying just as much as pedaling. If you live in a flat and store your bike inside, or if you work in a building with nowhere to attach the bike outside – you will have to carry the bicycle up some flights of stairs. That means you want something wholly portable and light.

If you get a foldable bike, you will have a bicycle that is very small when folded; you can then take it to your flat, on the bus or the train. You can also put it easily in the trunk of a car if you get a ride from a friend or decide to uber home. It is convenient. If you opt for an unfoldable bike, you want something light so you can easily unmount, put it on your shoulders and carry on.

4) Gears

There are many numbers of gears to choose from, but the biggest difference lays on multiple geared bikes and single-geared bikes. Multiple gears allow you to change speed while riding, which is super helpful if you go up and down hills and need more or less power to do so. It is also suitable for people who like to change acceleration a lot during a ride, for example on traffic jams, turns, etc.

Single gear bikes do not have this system. The only speed is the one you set by pedaling. This does require a lot more effort, but it also takes away the worry about gear shifting; a process that is sometimes difficult to get used to. If you live in a flat city, it is worth the consideration.

Now that we covered these critical points, you are ready to browse through some bike brands and models and find the best commuter bike for your specific needs.

Top 18 Best Commuter Bikes 2021

1. Schwinn Loop Folding Bicycle

Schwinn Loop Best commuter bikeSchwinn is a top brand when it comes to bicycles. It has a wide array of all types of bikes: road bikes, mountain bikes and some of the best commuter bikes you can find. Have you ever worried that your bike would be stolen if left outside? Your job does not have anywhere around to attach your bike to? Then this model is perfect for you. After riding, dismount the bike, fold it in half and bring it with you inside. Genius!

Even though this is a foldable bike, it is still big enough to accommodate riders up to six feet tall. There are protections on the front and rear that protect your work clothes from getting dirty or scratched, and a rack is included so you can take a water bottle, phone, or anything else you need. The total size when folded is 29x29x19, a compact arrangement that can be carried by anyone.

It comes with seven gears- a good number to go up light hills and ride around the city, a lifetime warranty and a kickstand. This is a genuine bargain for less than $300 and a perfect companion for everyday city cyclists. Whoever buys this bike only needs to open the box, cut the ties and unfold the bike – it is that easy. One thing to notice is that there is no mechanism to keep the bike in place while folded, and some have resolved to use velcro to tie the parts. The saddle is also not the most comfortable and can get tough after hours of use – so if you appreciate soft seats, it is better to buy a new one with the bike.

All in all, Schwinn does not disappoint with this folding bike. The aluminium and steel frame is light and durable, and the brakes work well. Get this bike if you want something practical to ride around the city and does not want to break the bank for it.


  • Reliable brand
  • Practical folding mechanism
  • Fits short and tall users
  • Good price


  • The seat is uncomfortable
  • Folding mechanism can be a little awkward to stay closed


2. 6KU Urban Track Bike

6KU Urban Track BikeIf feature-packed or mechanism oriented bikes are not your style, you may be looking for a simple yet reliable bike. In that case, 6KU is an excellent choice.

It is made of lightweight aluminium alloy, making it possible to carry this bicycle when needed, and it has a smooth, satisfying feel to touch. The tires are Kenda and are very thin and robust, perfect for all the obstacles city cycling offers.

Matching the simple design of this bike, the gear comes with a flip flop hub mechanism, that allows you to choose between single-speed or fixed gear. That said, the wheels on single speed bikes continue to turn when you stop cycling – letting you cruise around or go down a hill with no effort.

With fixed gears, you get the opposite effect – the wheels stop turning the moment you stop pedalling. That means more work and effort, but also more control over the bike since you can stop it without even using the brakes. There is a lot of debate among cyclists about which type is best – so the flip flop hub comes to put those to rest and give you the best of both worlds.

This cool bike comes in many different colours, like the matte black and tennis ball yellow. It looks and feels like a much more expensive bike than it is, the handlebars have a good grip and assembly is simple.

The pedals don’t feel as high-quality as the rest of the bike, and the paint can scratch easier than it should, but overall this is a fantastic bike for the price point. Get this model if you do not like fussy bikes with a lot of features and want a simple but good bicycle for a fair price.


  • Flip flop hub mechanism
  • Has a variety of colours
  • Extremely light
  • Great tires


  • Cheap pedals
  • Paint can scratch too easily


3. Schwinn Hinge Folding Bike

Schwinn Hinge Folding BikeEasy to fold, easy to carry, easy to ride and easy to store- this is the motto of the Schwinn Hinge Folding Bike. The frame is made of durable steel, and the wheels are aluminium – the material is of high quality as with all Schwinn bikes.

The main difference between the Loop Folding and the Hinge Folding is that the former has seven gears while the ladder is a single-geared bike. The best bicycle for commuting is based solely on preference; some swear by the versatility of the multiple gears, while others do not let go of the usability of the single-gear ones.

With no gears, you do not have to worry about shifting and entirely enjoy your ride. Those bikes also tend to have less connecting parts, so maintenance is lower and easier.

The Hinge comes with a bright yellow bag to put your bike in and fenders to keep your clothes clean. It rides smoothly and comfortably, and many users have appreciated the folding device as easy to use after you learn the ins and outs of it.

A bike that is designed to be carried around should be very light, but that is not the case for this one. If you are willing to put in quite a bit of effort and exercise to lift it, it is worth it.

Otherwise, be prepared to suffer a bit. Another drawback is that the bag that comes with it is actually quite tight and does not fit the bike properly. Get this bike if you want a foldable single gear bicycle for a budget price.


  • Good brand
  • Reliable materials
  • Budget price


  • Too heavy
  • The bag is too small for the bike


4. Zizzo Via Euro Mini

Zizzo Via Euro MiniAnother great folding bike, the Zizzo, is made of Shimano parts that guarantee quality and durability. The aluminium frame is very light, and the gears are steel and rust-resistant. A good aspect of this bicycle is that it is highly adjustable.

The post can be adapted for different heights and, unlike many other commuter bikes that have fixed handlebars, the Via allows you to change their position.

Sometimes, just changing the seat is not enough, and if you are stuck with fixed handlebars, it can be hard to get to the perfect riding arrangement. Alloy clamps complete this system for added security.

When it comes to foldable bikes, many users have had problems with the actual folding mechanism, saying it was too bulky or that the components don’t fit in when folded.

The Via thought about that and included folding pedals that connect nicely to the other side and make it less awkward to tuck in. The brand promises you can fold the bike in thirty seconds or less once you get a hand on it and the usual fenders are present and assure your clothes stay nice and clean.

This is one of the best city bikes when it comes to folding, because of yet another smart and unique mechanism – the magnet widgets that hold the two folded parts together.

No more unfolding while carrying it or buying extra velcro to keep the bike properly closed- you can see that the Via thought about all the details regarding this bike.

Many people enjoy using this bike on their daily commutes and even bring them easily into buses and trains. That means you can go anywhere with this bike without worrying about racks or places to attach it to it.

A downsize may be that, while the company does offer a good warranty, it requires that the bike is professionally assembled on arrival. With the assembly not being complicated at all, that can become an annoyance if you don’t want to spend that extra money or want to do it yourself.

We believe that this shouldn’t be a requirement to activate the warranty, but this is such a well-built bike with one of the best prices we’ve seen, that we still highly recommend it.


  • Quality parts
  • Magnets and folding pedals make it easy to fold
  • Adjustable seat post and handlebars
  • Price


  • You have to have it professionally assembled to activate the warranty


5. Eurobikes Bike EUrXC550

Eurobikes Bike EUrXC550This Eurobike is technically a road bike, but that does not mean it can’t be the best commuter bike for you. In some cases, the regular commuter bikes are merely not cut for the job and can come in short when you need the most.

If your job is a bit farther than average or you live in a city with too many hills and potholes – you should get the C550.

It comes with twenty-one gears, ideal for all the stopping and going you need to do on cities, the brake system us exceptional, perfect for traffic lights and dangerous situations, and the frame is light and robust, necessary for controlling it and carrying it.

The bike is guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition to your house – many buyers were impressed with the packaging and protection around the bicycle. Assemble is easy too, as the bike comes ¾ ready for use.

If you want a bike that is a little sturdier than a commuter bike and if you have where to attach it to, go for this great road bike, and you will not be disappointed.

The seats are a little uncomfortable, so you may be better off buying an extra seat and changing it. This bike has such a budget price that you can purchase another and still not break the bank.

A great thing about getting this bike is that the gear shifting and overall frame design will give you a good exercise too. So you can commute to work and skip the gym and still get your daily workout. Get this bike if you want to commute and exercise or if you live in a hilly city.


  • Twenty-one gears
  • Great braking system
  • Good price


  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Not officially a commuting bike


6. Roadmaster 26

Roadmaster 26This bike is another excellent choice if you need something sturdy for your daily commute. The frame is made of steel, and the eighteen gears help with navigation on the city environment.

One of the problems that arise with city cycling is all the obstacles you get along the way. From potholes to sidewalks, debris and different roads; all that can make for a pretty bumpy ride. The Roadmaster has a quality built-in front suspension fork that makes the journey much smoother.

Some users have had problems with the gear getting stuck and tires constantly puncturing, which can be a sign of poorly made parts. For the price point, this is a good and sturdy bike.

It does the job and if you do not want to get into serious cycling and spend a small fortune on the bike and all bike-related gear – this can be a smart choice.

The Roadmaster is straightforward to put together, reaffirming the status of a bike for beginners and casual riders.

It is also not flashy at all, and if you live in a high-theft area, that is a good point to consider since you do not want to be an easy target. Get this bike if you want an easy and cheap solution for commuting, and you are not a serious cyclist.


  • Budget price
  • Good suspension
  • Easy assembly


  • Parts are not made of high-quality


7. Golden Cycles Single Speed

Golden Cycles Single SpeedA truly versatile model, the Golden Cycles was built with the modern rider in mind. If you are a beginner cyclist or an experienced rider, you can still enjoy the benefits this bike has to offer.

The first thing you see when you start to look at this bike is the many, many colour choices. If looks are important to you, I’m sure you’ve felt constrained by the usual “black or white only” choices that even the best commuter bikes give.

Different tons of blue, orange, pink, yellow, black and white compose the options, and even a combination of colours are available. Indeed the right bike for the stylish urban commuters.

The gear chain is made of reliable material that does not get stuck and does not rust, and you can also choose the colour to match the frame.

The steel frame is built to last, and it is light, the brakes are placed both in the front and back rear for extra safety and precise manoeuvring. You can put it together in about an hour, which may seem like a long time, but the instructions are clear and it comes with all the tools necessary.

This is a single gear bike, which means it does not give you all the speed options that you usually get with the twenty-something gear bicycles around. That can be a positive aspect; though, it depends on your riding style.

The Golden Cycles has an extra advantage among other single gear bikes, and that is the flip flop hub mechanism. This is a system that lets you quickly change between the single speed (allows you to cruise and coast since the wheels are always turning) and the fixed speed (gives you extra control since the wheels only turn when you pedal, and you can brake using only your feet).

One downside, and it can be an important one since it’s related to a positive point about this bike, is that the paint job can be scratched during the assembling.

It is advisable to use plastic tools when putting it together and to be careful around the frame with pointy objects.


  • Great selection of colours
  • Flip flop hub mechanism
  • Reliable materials


  • The paint job is not thick enough


8. 6KU Urban Road Bike

6KU Urban Road BikeThe 6KU Urban Road Bike is very similar to the other 6KU model. It is also single gear, and it comes with the great flip flop hub mechanism that lets you change between freewheel and fixed speed. You can quickly assemble it or even disassemble it if you need it in the future. The frame is made of steel, and that makes this a very durable bicycle.

The range of colours you can choose from is also quite remarkable, like mint, fuschia, banana yellow, pink and matte or gloss black. The suspension on this bike is good, and users usually enjoy a smooth ride with it.

Women with a smaller frame are particularly happy with this bike – the variety of sizes means that they can choose one that lets them touch the ground easily for support and the lightness of the frame makes it possible to carry.

If you have never assembled a bike before, it may be wise to take it to a bike shop and get it done there since some specifications make it not so straightforward.

The paint job is well done and satisfying to look at, but the seat is too uncomfortable for long rides – so do plan for an upgrade if you prefer soft seats. For this price point, many believe the 6KU to be the best commuter bike you can get, so if you enjoy cycling single gears, this is an excellent choice.


  • A wide selection of colours
  • Sizes are accurate
  • Reliable brand
  • Good price


  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Assembly is not so clear


9. Ids Home Unyousual Transformer Bike

Ids Home Unyousual Transformer BikeThe IDS is a folding bike specially made for commuting. That means that it is light and agile, easy to ride and to carry. It comes with Shimano gears and alloy frame, so it is quite durable.

It has six gears, so it is not as hard to pedal as single gear bikes but also not as complicated to ride as the twenty-gears ones. Both the seat and the handlebars are adjustable, making this a very versatile bike that can be used by people with varying heights.

There is a rack already installed on the back so you can carry items, and the folding mechanism works well – but does not come with velcro or a clip to hold the two halves together.

The tires on this bike are very resilient and do not puncture easily, the steel frame is sturdy, and the added reflectors keep you safe at night.

Some users had problems with the pedals not screwing correctly, so do be careful when assembling them.

Other than that, the setup is easy and can be done by anyone. It carries a lot of weight, so you do need to worry if you are a plus size cyclist. For the price, this is a simple and excellent bike.


  • Six Shimano gears
  • Seat and handlebars adjustable
  • Added reflectors


  • Pedals sometimes don’t screw correctly


10. Retrospect Judd Folding Bike

Retrospect Judd Folding BikeThe Retrospect Judd single speed folding bike comes in a distinctive matte eggshell colour that we adore. We love all the colours that this commuter bike comes in. This is a great looking bike with a variety of features.

It folds neatly away, so that makes it easy to carry and simple to store away when jumping on and off buses or trains. The wheels are 20” with Kenda Keen tires with smooth rounded tread and extensive and useful water dispersion grooves.

The frame is made from a nimble aluminium metal alloy that is lighter than steel or chrome frame folding bikes by quite a distance. This is a significant advantage over heavier bikes and for commuters who travel long distances to and from work.

The folding time on this bike is quick, and this speed is made possible by a folding handlebar tube, top tube and pedals. It amazingly folds to 10 inches x 30 inches by 22 inches, making easily storable.

This bike is perfect for the rider that prioritizes convenience but is low on space. Other great features include Kranton rubber ergonomic grips for comfort in the hand and high impact folding pedals that accurately transfer power from the leg to the wheel.

There has been a little trouble with this model of bike when it comes time to fold its pedals up. It has sometimes been impossible, and this means that it becomes complicated to roll around on its wheels when folded.

It also lacks something to keep the wheels together when folded so when it is rolled, the wheels start to come apart in opposite directions. This means that this bike is better carried most places and will not be suitable for people that struggle to lift heavier objects.

We wanted to like this bike, but there are just a few too many things holding it back from being a real gem. It looks great but feels a little cheap and doesn’t work as it should in its folded position.


  • Many cool colours
  • Folds away smoothly


  • Pedals are difficult to fold away
  • Feels cheaper than it should at this price


11. SXL Expressway Urban Bike

SXL Expressway Urban BikeThe SXL Expressway Aluminium Urban single speed fixie bike is a modern take on a generational classic. It comes in a choice of grey, black or white and is very lightweight for a bike of its size and has a lovely aluminium frame and fork to keep the weight down. It comes n a choice of three sizes that cater for all people no matter if they are big or small.

The bike has an elegant and clean internal routing, two bottle cage bosses and front and rear eyelets for fenders if you so wish to add them. The important thing is that the option is there.

The bike does need full assembly when you get it, and there are no instructions on how to do it when it does arrive, but it is relatively simple to do so do not worry. The only thing that was a problem was that you need a hex key set and they do not ship one with the bike.

The bike is very cool looking and rides pretty smoothly along the flat ground at a single speed. This bike seems well designed and should last a few years before parts need replacing. The aluminium frame, in particular, is great to look at.

The brakes seem to be its weak point though, and they do not inspire confidence from repeated use. They will stop the bike but seem flimsy. If you are trying to find a mix of quality and looks – the SXL may be the best bicycle for commuting for you.

But as a commuter bike, it has to miss out on some features that would be on a mountain bike. There is no suspension, so it is not suitable for bumpy terrain.

The tires are really thin, which is fit for roads but not so much for anything that is not flat. This bike is an excellent value for its level, fashionable and does its job well, but there are better all-rounder commuter bikes out there.


  • Great looking aluminium frame looks super cool
  • Lightweight for its size


  • Brakes will need upgrading for it to shine as a complete package
  • No chance you can ride this bike on anything but flat ground


12. Ancheer Electric Bike

Ancheer Electric BikeThe Ancheer folding electric bike is a hidden gem that we have to tell you about. It is a 16-inch collapsible frame made from very high-quality material. This folding e-bike gives amazing style together with a lightweight steel frame that is built to last.

All the major parts are folding, such as the pedals. This collapsible frame means that this bike is easily stored in overheads on buses and trains if you so desire. It can be folded down and up in seconds.

The bike is aided by a 36v lithium-ion battery that means you can travel up to 15 to 30 miles on one charge. You can charge the battery on or off the Ebike at your discretion. This means that you can worry less about it being stolen when charging on the bike outdoors.

A full charge can take between 4 – 6 hours. This bike utilizes a brake and gear shift system with both front and rear brakes that adds a lot of safety when stopping. It is excellent on those flat terrains to and from work or school.

The manufacturers also provide a 1-year warranty on all parts except the frame, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you are covered for any fault. This bike also arrives almost fully assembled, so it is effortless to finish the job and be on your way in no time. If you still feel unsure, then you can get it assembled before you pick it up at a store near you.

A few minor issues of note that we found is that the battery is held on the handlebars so you will not be able to have a phone mount when riding. Also, it is quite stiff and difficult to fold down, but its super lightweight means that it is still easy to carry. Overall this bike is reliable and well built as well as being finely balanced.

Nothing needs adjustments out of the box. It does everything that you would expect from an e-bike and more. This is one of the best commuter bikes out there on the market today.


  • Removable battery for peace of mind when charging
  • Very cool looking design


  • Not possible to attach phone mount to handlebars
  • Stiff to fold down


13. Sava Road Bike

Sava Road BikeThis Sava road bike is the real cream of the crop. The first thing that hits you is its looks. This bike is beautifully designed to turn heads in the street when you ride.

The frame is a Toray T800 Carbon fibre model with the fork, handlebar, seat post and wheelset also made from the same super-light alloy. This material is so lightweight in fact that the whole bike weighs in at 8.3kg in total.

This awesome bike is fitted with a set of Shimano 105 gear set with a total of 22 different speeds available.

The quality of the workmanship on these gears is very high, and they allow for you to begin and ride the bike very effectively and for as little energy as possible. The shifting between gears is very smooth and immensely long-lasting.

This bike was manufactured using a high tech wind tunnel which means the shape of it is very aerodynamic.

Added to this is fully internal cable routing that ensures the fast and clean airflow across the bike when riding. Finally, a tapered head tube adds strength and rigidness and results in much better handling as a result.

This bike arrives mostly assembled but does require some final touches to finish the job before you can take it out on its first ride.

It comes well packaged with lots of padding and filler to protect the bike, especially around the most delicate areas. The actual set up to finish this bike is relatively easy and shouldn’t take long.

The ride quality of this bike is excellent and one of the best around. It’s very smooth and precise, and you can feel the quality of manufacturing when riding. The saddle is comfortable and the handlebars well made.

As a lovely bonus, this bike comes with a saddlebag, touch phone case, rear and side reflectors and a small toolkit.

The only slight issue found is that when engaging the freewheel, it is a little bit too noisy. This is not too loud as to be a deal-breaker, but it could be better. Otherwise, this bike is a real gem and a must-have. It is highly recommended.


  • One of the best looking bikes on the market
  • The manufacturing on this bike is second to none and well done.
  • Very easy to set up and be on your way


  • The freewheel is a little loud


14. Mercer Commuter Bike

Mercer Commuter BikeThe Mercer commuter bike is an excellent package overall and comes with a raft of fun and useful features that make it a solid choice for most commuters and casual riders.

The frame is lightweight, durable, and made from aluminium metal, so carrying this bike up and downstairs will be a breeze. It has comfort padded saddle and smooth Shimano shifting gears.

It is aimed at the beginner to enthusiast-level and comes in a range of sizes that will fit most people’s needs. If you are looking for an entry-level bike and don’t have thousands to spare, then this is among the best urban bicycles to get.

The bike also has the advantage that the seat at its lowest point will be low enough for someone as short at 5” 3 to stand up straight.

An important thing to note is that if you buy this bike online that it is recommended that you take it to a nearby bike shop and get it fine-tuned by a professional. The gears are not as simple as one might expect to set entirely right and do need some attention.


  • Very versatile bike that would suit most needs for casual to commuter rides.
  • Very lightweight


  • It does need some extra tuning after arrival and a trip to the professionals to make it ready for the road


15. Swinn Adapt Folding Bike

Swinn Adapt Folding BikeThe Schwinn Adapt folding bike series is mainly aimed at people who need a bike for commuting or city riding.

It comes with a lightweight alloy frame and 20” alloy wheels all packaged in a convenient folding system. This all combines to make this bike light, easy to bring with you on public transport or carry up and down the stairs and very easy to fold and store.

It has a set of 9 gears, Shimano twist shifters and Shimano Tourney rear derailleur for super-smooth transitions between the gears. Also, it has full wrap fenders and reflective sidewalls for increased visibility at night in poor weather conditions.

This bike arrives ready to be assembled, so there is some work to be done after delivery. You get it in a thick nylon bag that protects the parts in transit for peace of mind.

All the tools needed to construct the bike are packaged in with this product as well. The company offers a lifetime warranty for this product because they believe in their design and the quality of their manufacturing process.

So for any reason, you have an issue you can send it back and get a full refund or replacement.

Some downsides that have been found are that this bike does not go particularly fast. It has a very moderate top speed and is not built for anything too rapid.

For most casual commuters this is okay, but for some, it may be a deal-breaker. The wheels are very small to help with storage and to keep its weight down, but this does mean it takes a little longer than full-size bikes to get places.


  • Easily foldable and super lightweight
  • Simple to construct after delivery and all the tools needed for the job are packaged in


  • Does not have a high top speed and takes a little longer than full-size bikes to get where you are going


16. Hiland Hybrid Bike

Hiland Hybrid BikeThe Hiland is a hybrid road bike designed to be a perfect commuter bike in urban environments. It has a lot of features that make this a great bike to ride, the stand out being a massive 24 speeds.

Like most commuter bikes in this class, it is made from an aluminium alloy frame. This is essential when looking for a good commuter bike. Its weight should be a critical factor in your choice.

For its price band, this bike is a reasonable success. It is a beautifully functioning bike and has all the features one would need. The issue with this particular model arises when it comes to one specific aspect of the build, its breaks.

There have been a few problems with the brakes head rubbing against the wheel while riding. This creates friction and noise that is very hard to ignore.

We think this comes from the way the fork of the bike is made. It can be adjusted so that it does not do this anymore, but that will take a trip to a bike shop.

To finish on a positive note, this bike is effortless to assemble and will take less than 30 minutes to put together after delivery, and you can be test driving it in no time.

All the necessary tools are also included in the box so you do not need to buy them yourself as added extras.

Apart from that one break issue, this bike is a good value for money and should be a strong consideration when you are looking for the best commuter bike.


  • Lightweight and well priced
  • Easily assembled out of the box


  • An issue with the brake head rubbing that will need a trip to the bike shop to fix


17. Max4out Bike

Max4out BikeThe Max4out road bike is suited for both men and women a features 21 and 14-speed drivetrain, 700c wheel suspension. That’s a lot of bike for your money.

The frame is super sturdy and made from lightweight aluminium. It is manufactured with the utmost endurance geometry, which makes it very long-lasting and gives all-day riding comfort in the saddle.

This bike’s unique design has a 700c wheel and 21-speed grip shifter for a smooth transition along the road and through the gears.

You really can notice the fast adjustment time through the gears in your fingertips, allowing you to pick the correct gear for a variety of terrains rapidly.

This bike gives a premium performance and will maximize your weekly riding enjoyment. The strength of the build makes you as the rider feel safe on your commute and all in all, provides a great user experience.

The high-performance 700c tyres can overcome all challenges that the terrain might throw at you. It will be great for all rides from commutes to street races: an overall, very versatile cycle.

The assembly on this bicycle is quick and straightforward to achieve, and it arrives around 85% finished from the box with only a little needing doing after.

Total assemble time comes out at about 15 to 20 minutes maximum. It also comes with a full manual to help you on your way.

Finally, the way this bike looks is beautiful, and you would not be disappointed being seen on this gorgeous machine. You can feel the quality of design constantly.

Some people are not particularly fond of the stickers that adorn this bike, which is a minor issue, but if you like you bike with a more simple decoration then maybe look elsewhere because this bike is anything but minimal.


  • Super fast and aerodynamic
  • Great looking
  • Very well made and rides smooth


  • Some people will prefer a more understated design


18. Hiland 700C Commuter Bike

Hiland 700C Commuter BikeThe Hiland 700c road city commuter bike has all the features you would expect from a well made and modern bicycle. The frame is made from durable Hiland hi-Ten steel.

The shifters are Shimano’s own and have 14 speeds. The wheel rims are aluminium the tyres are 700c high performance with a good riding feel to them that add a touch of class to this bike.

The bike comes almost fully assembled, and all that will need finishing is the last remaining bits and pieces.

Unfortunately, this package does not include all the necessary tools to complete the job, so an extended hexagon wrench will have to be bought separately. This tool is needed to finish the handlebar installation.

Also, if you are shorter than 5’6” in height, then this bike may not be best suited to you, and it may be better to look elsewhere.

Otherwise, this is a reliable bike and does an excellent job of delivering on the features that you would expect.

Easy assembly, fun to ride, with proper gear shifting, what else can you ask for the best city bicycle? The seat is comfortable, and the ride smooth. It feels like this bike will be long-lasting and go the distance.


  • Well made and durable build
  • Easy to assemble in minutes


  • Need to purchase a specialist tool separately to finish the assembly


Best Commuter Bikes: Make your Daily Commute Hassle Free!

The best bicycle for city riding may differ from person to person. Worries like health problems, pollution and stress, have made bike sales increase notably, and with that, new models and new brands have also made their way into the market.

Technology is always changing, and companies come up with modern solutions and state-of-the-art new parts that they incorporate into their bikes, so models are continually being updated and reviewed, and completely new bicycles are being created daily.

All that can make shopping for a bike a very overwhelming experience. With this guide, we hope to make this ordeal a lot more enjoyable for you. Cycling is supposed to be very relaxing after all, and that should start right at the purchasing stage.

Establish your budget, analyze your needs, set your priorities and do your research; that is all you have to do to buy the best commuter bike for you.

If you read this comprehensive list, you are well equipped to make the right decision and one step closer to making your daily commute a healthy, enjoyable and safe event.