Best Bike Locks 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Titanker2. Kryptonite 7853. Amazer

Cycling is not the same without the proper gear; you already know that. So you’ve spent hours and hours researching the best bike to buy, and keeping aside a big part of your budget, making sure you have the best bicycle for your needs. You leave it outside to run a 5-minute errand, and when you’re back, it’s gone. What a nightmare! Luckily, it is a problem that is easily avoidable by securing your bike with the best bike lock you can get.

Over two million bicycles are stolen each year in the U.S. and Canada. Even if the numbers seem high, you should know that bike theft is usually a circumstance crime. It is more likely for the thief to mount on a bike and ride away with it than carry a saw around and take the time and attention to cut the lock.


If a robber can choose between two bikes, one with a lock and the other without it – they will pick the lockless one. With that in mind, we elaborated this comprehensive guide to show you the many different types of locks you can get. After you read it, it will be easy to select the best bike lock for you and your bicycle.

We also took into consideration the practical element in the bikes, since no one wants to carry a large, unrealistic bolt that will only weigh you down. See all the factors to look for when buying a bike lock and guarantee you’re doing the best you can to protect your property.

Types of Bicycle Locks

As with anything else, there are different types of bicycle locks you can get, based on your needs. The best locks for bicycles need to be sturdy and reliable, but they can still come in different shapes and sizes. An elementary school student has different needs than the professional racer, so let’s take a look at the three more common kinds of locks and their use.

1) Cable locks

Cable locks are, as the name says, a long cable that you wrap around your bike. They are lightweight because they are usually made of fiber material and PVC. They are keyless, meaning that you put a combination of four, or sometimes five, digits on them to lock and unlock. The main advantage of these locks is that they are easy to carry and attach to the bike when you are cycling.

They are not as sturdy as U-locks or chain locks, but they are a good visual deterrent and certainly reduce the chances of your bike being stolen. They are great for kids, low crime areas, or people who are in and out regularly and need something easy to use.

2) U-locks

U-locks are more expensive and look like a giant padlock. Because the shackle is made of metal, manufacturers can make them resistant to cutting and sawing if necessary. They are still lighter than chain locks but very effective against bolt-cutters and pliers. If they are of good quality, they are also secure against pick locking and drilling.

They are not as practical as cable locks and can be quite awkward to use because of their shape. They should come with a mountain bracket to attach to the bike when you are cycling, otherwise, it will be tough to carry them around.

3) Chain locks

Chain locks are completely made of metal and are a long link chain. They are covered with a fabric sleeve to protect your bike and use a padlock or cylinder lock to close. The good thing about chain locks is that they look so heavy and bulky, that a thief will probably think twice before trying to cut them. The heavier the chain, the more secure it is, but it also gets inconvenient to carry.

Some chain locks can weight up to 4lbs, which is awkward to transport. Setting up to unlocking them a few minutes later can be a pain, but if you leave your bike for long periods outside, they can be the best bike locks for you.

Top 5 Factors To Consider To Find The Best Bike Lock

Type of lock

As we saw above, lock bikes can come in various types that are quite different from one another. Ask yourself, why are you buying a bike lock? Who is it intended for? How expensive is your bike, and how dangerous is your zone?

If you are buying a lock for your child to bring to school and secure their bike outside, there is no need to spend over $100 on the best lock ever. It is best to get something your child can carry easily, something that is strong but easy to use. A good cable lock may be the best.

If you live in a densely populated area that sees thefts daily and need to leave your expensive road bike out for most of the day, it is best to invest in a good, sturdy U-lock with modern features to scare thieves. You can even double the security around your bicycle and connect the mainframe with a U-lock and the wheels with a thick chain lock.


There is no use in getting a thick lock that is made of a blend of metals that can be cut through easily. Look for manganese steel or twisted cable wire for the best protection, and also see if the lock has a fabric cover. Locks can undoubtedly damage your bike – they are heavy and made of metal, so dents and scratches may occur. A completely covered lock is what you want, with good fabric, PVC or plastic to cushion both the bike and the lock.


Imagine you bought an amazing bike lock, got it out the box and went excitedly on your way. When you get to your destination and tried to attach your bike to a post or fence, you realized that the lock is too short for that purpose. That can all be avoided if you think about it beforehand since all locks describe their length on their description.

A U-lock is shorter than most, but they can come with a chain to add and make it better to use. Some chain or cable locks can be as long as 6 feet! Do you need to lock just one bike and like a snug fit? Or do you want to lock three bicycles at once and need to do it quickly? On our list, you will find locks for all those needs and more.


If you can’t afford to spend a lot on that top shelf lock, don’t fret. Our guide has locks for all budgets and requirements, so just set your cost limit and read away. There will always be a good option for your price range.


It is crucial to not only think about how to attach your lock on your bike when you park but also how to carry the lock when you are cycling. If you are road cycling for exercise and want the best bike lock for city, you can’t carry a heavy five-pound lock around. Check the weight and especially how you would carry it. Some bike locks come with a mountain bracket to attach them to the body of the bicycle while cycling, a useful solution. Others are lightweight and coil right back into position, making it fast to attach in and out.


A thin chain is easier to cut than a thicker chain, that is just common sense. Always look for the thickness of the lock you are buying; they are usually described in millimeters. Compare the thickness with other factors like weight and the area you live in and choose accordingly. A very thick metal will take longer to cut through than a thin one, so that may deter thieves.

Anti-theft policy

If you are serious about your bike, you can get a lock that comes with an anti-theft policy. That means that if your lock breaks or malfunctions, you can get up to a certain amount of money back. The more expensive the lock, the more extensive the coverage, so you can justify spending that extra dollar on more pricey models.

If your lock does offer you some insurance, check for the fine print. You usually have a certain time after the theft to apply for reimbursement and don’t want to miss that.

Now that you know some details about bike locks, you are ready to go through our extensive guide and find just the right lock for you and your bicycle.

The 20 Best Bike Locks 2021

1. Titanker Bike Lock

Titanker Best Bike LockThe Titanker Bike Lock is a budget option full of features to help you keep your bike safe. It comes with a number combination that gives you a practical keyless system. It is easy to set and remember, four numbers and you are set to start riding again. If you want, you can change the combination as many times as you need.

The cable is very long (4 feet) and can attach to gates, trees, fences, and many other structures. It has a coat of PVC that makes it more durable and resistant to scratches and dents. Another efficient, practical feature is the free mounting bracket, designed to attach to the core of the bike and carry your lock when you are cycling. That is a significant component since it means you do not have to carry a bag if you don’t want to.

It weighs only 11 ounces, making it one of the lightest models on the market. The inside of the cord is made of steel, and it is pretty secure, but some users have reported it can be cut with state of the line equipment. Advertising says that it can lock many different of gear – like lawnmowers, skateboards, toolboxes, gates and even grills, and we found that to be true.

Users like the long wire that can be attached to any stands with ease and say that this lock does the job on locking your bike and being small and light enough that is not in your way. If you live in an area with a low crime rate and need something to give you peace of mind and scare opportunity thieves, this is the lock for you.


  • Price
  • Long wire
  • Free mounting bracket


  • Can be sliced with a good cutter


2. Kryptonite Keeper 785

Kryptonite Keeper 785Seven-millimeter four-sided chains compose this high-quality lock that is completed with a hardened deadbolt. The bolt connects directly to the chain – which ensures that there is no weak link anywhere in this lock. The cylinder is designed to be drill resistant, and lockpicking proved, the material is quality steel with a nylon cover to protect from scratches and improve durability.

It is 2.7 feet long and on the heavier side, weighing 3.50 lbs. The extra weight is worth it though if you analyze the anti-theft mechanism this lock offers. It is much more secure than other brands, and it even comes with anti-theft protection you can activate online and get up to $500 back from Kryptonite in the rare case of malfunction.

The look of this lock itself is enough to scare potential thieves. It looks sturdy, secure, and hard to cut – just what you want from the best bike lock for city and countryside alike. If you need to leave your bike in a busy street, high theft area, or places with little security, you do not want a flimsy, cuttable chain.

Two keys are included in the price, and some users reported that they could be a bit tricky to use. There is a right way to insert them though, and it is explained on the package. Many have left their bikes around more sketchy areas and felt secure with this lock. Since it does not come with a mounting bracket, a tip is to wrap it around your seat post when you are not using it, or even around your waist if you have a small figure.

It is on the higher end of the price range, but the extra security and reliable brand make up for that.


  • High-quality material
  • Secure lock
  • Reliable brand


  • Price
  • Some users had problems with key fitting


3. Amazer Heavy Duty

Amazer Heavy DutyAmazer Heavy Duty is a different type of bike lock, as it is not a long chain but a big padlock. The lock itself is a 12 millimeters steel frame with an extra 3.85 millimeters PVC coating, a very thick lock that can resist cutting and breaking. There is also a dust cover protector that extends the lifetime of the product.

It is a very practical lock; the keyless system makes it easy to open and close, and its small size (10 inches) means you can just put it in your pocket when you are not using it. The numbers dial is smooth and precise, and the whole lock is very user-friendly. For these reasons, it is especially suitable for children.

With the keyless method, it is so convenient just to pop in the lock, spin the code, and leave the bike anywhere. If you are constantly dismounting and mounting your bicycle to cycle around the city, this is a plus. The four number digits also mean that a robber would have to try ten thousand different combinations to guess your code – an unlikely task.

The price is very competitive, but it is also not the cheapest lock around. With the security of your bicycle at stake, you don’t want to save pennies and get an inferior quality lock. The Amazer Heavy Duty lock is reliable, practical, and easy to use. One inconvenience is to find a place to attach your bike to since it is not a long chain lock.


  • Competitive price
  • Good for children
  • Easy to carry


  • Not so long, can be tricky to connect to places


4. Bike U Lock with Cable – Via Velo

Bike U Lock with Cable - Via VeloBike U Lock is a cable plus lock style lock. That means that you have the long, 5 feet, steel cable that then connects to the U shaped padlock and closes the whole system. Like the Titanker, it comes with a mountain bracket so you can store it right there on the bike when you are cycling.

The most significant selling point for this Via Velo model is security. The lock is pick resistant, and the lock cylinder is immune to pulling and drilling. The steel and rubber cable is 14mm thick and prevents cutting, and the crossbar has a double bolt mechanism to prevent jacking. The key is an intricate design hard to copy and guarantees no one can get a key to your lock.

The best lock for bicycles has to have coating protection too since everyday use can easily damage a lock. The Via Velo delivers on this point and assures a durable, scratch-free lock. It is long enough that you can attach it to posts and fences with ease.

Several users have reported having their bikes almost stolen, but were saved by this lock. If you set the u-bolt through the frame and back wheel and the cable through the front wheel, it will be tough to get to your bike. So hard indeed, that a potential thief will look for the next available bicycle instead of your one. Because the key mechanism is so unique, some cyclists had problems with jamming, so it is advisable to be careful with that.


  • Very sturdy
  • Different features for safety
  • Durable


  • The key can jam sometimes


5. Schwinn Carabiner

Schwinn CarabinerAs we mentioned before, most bike thieves are opportunity-driven. Many times, the robber is not a professional one but a regular person that saw a convenient moment and took a chance. If you use your bike to go to school, another student or a passerby may take your bike and ride away.

If that is the case, the Schwinn Carabiner will suit your needs. It will secure your bike in place and make it harder to take. It is a very budget-friendly option that most people can afford. It also lightweight, can be attached directly on the bike when you are not using, and the bike has a light to help you see in the dark.

Its long cable is convenient to attach to places, and it is thick and convincing. User in high-risk areas had problems with the cable being easy to cut, but if you need a cheap lock to give to your child or live in a safe area, do give this lock a try. i


  • Budget price
  • Lightweight and practical


  • Not suitable for high-end bikes and dangerous areas


6. Bell Catalyst Bike U-Lock

Bell Catalyst Bike U-LockBell catalyst Bike is another U-lock model like the Via Velo one. Packed with multiple features, it is one of the best bike locks for those with high-security needs. The steel shackle is made of double steel and is 9.25mm thick. The cable is also built with steel and is 4 feet long, perfect for rolling multiple times around the bike.

Dust cover and mountain bracket are included in the purchase, and the key is lit for your convenience. The manufacturer also guarantees a free replacement program if you lose your key, which we all know can happen to anyone.

It is essential to notice that the Bell Catalyst can come at many different models and prices, so check the page carefully for your preferred option. They range from the 200 to the 550, and the higher the number, the greater the protection. The models are 200, 300, 400, 450, and 550.

Models 300 and up entitle you to participate in the anti-theft program and get $500 or $1000 back for theft, pertaining to the model. The cheaper version does not include anti-theft program and mountain bracket, as well as the lightened key. In any case, The Bell Catalyst is a good brand that took the time to develop several options for all budgets and needs.


  • Different options that fit different needs
  • Thick and sturdy


  • No mountain bracket for the lower version
  • Some people reported jamming keys


7. Yohoolyo Disc Lock

Yohoolyo Disc LockThe YOHOOLYO Disc Lock is padlock style but is much more modern than your regular padlock. It is completely made of anti-rust metal, and there is an alarm sound to alert you of any attempted stealing. It comes with two keys and one Allen key for assembling.

The first thing we notice about this disk lock is that it comes with an alarm sound. That adds extra protection that other bike locks do not have. The sound can reach 110 dB, and the motion sensor is weatherproof, rust-resistant, and endures breaking attempts. It may seem hard to set up, but it works just like any other padlock system; turn the key to release the lock and activate the alarm.

The intelligent system gives a small warning when someone tries to move it. Five seconds later, a blaring sound will go off, and any potential thieves will be far away. The delay means that you have enough time to unlock your bike without worrying about the siren noise, and the smart design makes sure no one can take the batteries off and then cut the lock.

It has long handles that fit most bicycles and even motorbikes, and it reminds you if you ever start riding with it. Not only does this lock have a sound alarm system, but is solid protection on itself, with a thick and resistant metal knob. The fact that it is so durable and works so well makes this one of the best bicycle locks available in the market and a great purchase. Some customers have reported that the alarm works a little too well, and can be set off by the weather or the owner.


  • Loud alarm system
  • Durable metal
  • Great quality for the price


  • The alarm can be too sensitive


8. Sportneer Bike Lock

Sportneer Bike LockA step up from the four-digit keyless locks, this bike lock comes with five digits that allow for one hundred thousand combinations – making it impossible to crack. An extra thick manganese steel cable that is tough to cut through and a protective zinc-plated coating complete the full picture of the cable like bicycle lock from Sportneer.

For those who need an extra-large cable to attach to their surroundings, the Sportneer lock is 3.2 feet long. It has a cloth sleeve that prevents not only scratching but also sawing, and conserve your purchase against dust and rain. Even though it is long and thick, it only weighs 1.48 pounds, a good weight for a quality lock, very convenient to carry.

The combination display is clear, and the numbers are big, so it is suitable for all ages. It is one of the most convenient bolts and the best bike lock for many users, simply because it combines the sturdiness of heavy-duty locks and the practicality of smaller options. If you cycle with your partner or friends, the long cable means that you can lock more than one bicycle at once, making it for an even more economical purchase.

Setting up the initial combination or changing to a new one can be a bit more complicated than it is with other models. Another great thing about this lock is that the sleeve that covers the whole chain not only protects the cable from the weather but also your bike from scratches and marks. Get this lock if you are looking for a versatile and effective lock for a fair price. All locks can be cut if someone has the means and time to do it, so be aware of your surroundings.


  • Versatile
  • Five digits lock
  • Long cable


  • The combination is not so simple to set up
  • Can be cut through with enough time and supplies


9. Aduro Sport Bike Lock

Aduro Sport Bike LockIf you are anything like me, chances are you have lost a key or two in your life. That means that the keyless system makes for the best bike lock for you, and the Aduro Sport Bike Lock is another choice to consider. It comes at two sizes and prices, the “small” is four feet long, and the big is six feet long.

Inside the cable, there is a braided wire that can endure high tension pulls. It is covered with PVC material that protects the wire and the bike from tears and dents. The lock is a four-digit, rotating mechanism that you can reset at any time. Aduro backs up any purchase and guarantees a 100% no-hassle warranty. Any problems and it will replace it or give you a full refund. At less than $20, there is no reason not to try this lock out.

The complementary mountain bracket attaches itself easily to the bike body and goes on and off with the use of a button. Even though this is a long lock, it coils itself back into a compact size when you put it into the holder. Among budget cable locks, the Aduro Sport Bike Lock stands out for its quality and practicality.

Since both of the options are long enough, you can comfortably lock two or more bikes with it. That means that if you go cycling with your family, you only need to bring one lock and you are done. Some users have reported having trouble with the number keys, and they may not be as smooth as others.

It is important to note that a sturdy bolt-cutter will cut through almost any material. If your bike is in a very dangerous zone and a thief has enough time to work, they will be able to cut through the wire. That is true to many bike locks though, and if you always leave your bike in a busy street or live in a medium secure zone, this lock will be enough to discourage robbers and to keep your bicycle in place.


  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Keyless feature
  • Very long


  • The numbers can be sticky
  • Sturdy bolt-cutters would cut through it


10. Kryptonite New York LS

Kryptonite New York LSAnother Kryptonite lock enters our list, and it is no coincidence. One of the top-rated brands on the market, Kryptonite does make some of the best bicycle locks nowadays. With only 10mm in diameter, this padlock kind lock can seem flimsy and frail, but judging it like that would be a mistake. This is a top of the line lock with a $4000 anti-theft program.

Remember when we said that most locks would not resist a good bolt-cutter? Well, that is not the case with the Kryptonite New York LS. The steel shackle resists not only bolt cutters but also hand tools and leverage attacks. Adding to the anti-theft program, the brand will also ship up to two new keys, worldwide, for you in case you lose them. With Kryptonite, you are not only buying a product but a whole service.

Some of the security features are the cylinder that is pick resistant, the crossbar that is anti-rotation for more protection against twisted attacks and the deadbolts that close on the two sides for increased holding power. It does weight 4.85 lbs, but with that many components, it is to be expected.

Because it is such a heavy lock, some users had problems with fastening and riding with it. A good tip is to attach it to the top tube or seat post, but it depends on how you cycle and how big your bike is. It is advisable to consider that before purchasing it. The price is on the high end of the scale, but you get what you pay for, which is a cutter resistant, secure lock for expensive bikes and high theft areas.


  • High level of security
  • Quality materials
  • Resists cutting
  • Anti-theft program


  • Very heavy
  • Price


11. Sanwo Security Bike Lock

Sanwo Security Bike LockThe Sanwo Security Bike Lock is the most fashionable lock we’ve seen around. If you want to get the best bike lock but still care about the look your bicycle has, this is the one for you. It comes in five colors: yellow, green, black, blue, and pink. Its sleek design is a perfect round, short cable.

Since it is short (2 feet), you can easily carry it around or attach to the bike when cycling. The keyless mechanism used four digits you set up yourself, and it is all-around easy and convenient to use. It is a budget option, made with steel and plastic, so do check your needs before purchasing.

Sometimes you need a lock in a high-risk area for a costly bike, but sometimes you need to lock your helmet to your bike for precaution. If you are looking for the ladder, or you need a visual deterrent more than an unbreakable lock, this is a great option for you. The item is straightforward towards its qualities, and you will get what you expect.


  • Available in many colors
  • Small and practical
  • Price


  • Not for expensive bikes or dangerous zones


12. Via Velo Bike U

Via Velo Bike UVia Velo has another U-lock that filled with features and devices. It is weatherproof, a good thing if you need to lock your bike outside where it can be on the whim of the wind, rain, and corrosion. The shackle is 16 mm thick and the cable 47 inches long, a solid choice for most types of bike, but still short for some users.

It comes with three keys and a key code that you can use to contact the manufacturer and ask for a new key if you ever lose them all. One of the keys has a LED light built-in for when you need to access your bike at nighttime. The crossbar closes on both sides of the bolt, and steel frames offer excellent security. It comes with the handy mountain bracket we already know, and you can add to the bike rack with no need for an extra bag.

The U shackle of this model is extra-long, and you can lock two bikes at once with the bolt. Different from other locks, you need the key to both lock and unlock this lock, so keep that in mind. Because this lock is so secure, it can also be quite heavy, which many find inconvenient.

Since key jamming is one of the main concerns with these models, Via Velo decided that adding to the PVC cover many brands also have, it would also include a keyhole protector that preserves it from dust and particles. That is a small feature that can make all the difference on the day to day use.


  • Long U shackle for two bikes
  • Keyhole protector
  • Led light key


  • Needs the key to lock and unlock
  • The cable is a bit short for some


13. Wordlock WLX Hex

Wordlock WLX HexHave you ever looked at all your keys and wondered which is which? With the Wordlock word and color association, you will never do this again. Each key comes with a word and color that matches the lock it comes with, and you will grab the right pair in seconds.

You can choose between blue or black, 5 or 6 feet. If you want a reliable but simple lock, and do not have time for the work that more complex U-locks require, this is the best bike lock for you. Wordlock is 8mm thick and rolls right up against your bike, so even the longer version is still compact and practical. The hexagonal look and matte finish make for a stylish lock that fits your needs.

The matching keys idea is especially interesting for those who own many different locks and cables. If you need to store multiple bikes and don’t want to keep looking for each key and trying them on, this is a great choice to buy in bulk. The price also means you will not spend a fortune buying locks for the whole family.

Since it is a simpler lock, it does not offer the high-end protection the Kryptonite does, for example. But it is also a fraction of the price, so check your needs and go for it.


  • Colour coded keys
  • Price
  • Compact


  • Does not withstand intense cutting


14. Terra Hiker Bike Chain Lock

Terra Hiker Bike Chain LockAnother five-digit lock for those who need extra security, the Terra Hiker is as feature-packed as more known brands, and it costs half the price. The lock itself conforms with international standards, and it is made from sturdy zinc alloy covered with an ABS shell that is temperature-resistant. So that means that not only the one hundred thousand possible combinations will scare thieves away, but also the heat resistant lock does not allow for burning or welding.

Adding to the list of spy worthy features are characteristics like waterproof, drill resistant, dustproof, and saw resistant. The chain is manganese steel, known for being rust-free AND cut resistant, and is also immune to wear and tear. The list goes on and on. All of that is compacted in just 1.42 pounds, very lightweight for this type of lock.

The weatherproof component of this bike lock is especially useful if you live in a place that gets cold. When temperatures drop, a lock can get stiff and freeze, and the only solution is to cut the cable yourself, what a waste of money. Not the Terra Hiker though; come hell or high water, it will stay the same. It coils around the bike when you are not using, and it is long enough to secure two bikes— overall an excellent buy for the price.

Some users have said they were unhappy with the thickness of the cable and expected a chunkier build. This lock combines heavy-duty with practicality though, so if you are looking for a decent purchase that is still easy to carry the Terra Hiker fulfills your needs. They have a free replacement policy if your lock is defective, or you can choose the full refund. Customer service seems to be quite responsive.


  • Price
  • Feature packed
  • Lightweight


  • Not as thick as other models


15. Puroma 5-Digit Combination Bike Cable Lock

Puroma 5-Digit Combination Bike Cable LockThis cable lock is another one with a five-digit system that gives virtually endless combinations. It is made of strong steel cable that resists cutting and has a PVC coating for cushioning. The lock cylinder promises safe anti-theft protection.

It is very long at 5 feet, and one of the most flexible cables on the market. Puroma came up with a self-coiling aspect that makes this big cable compact and simple to carry. There is also a free mountain bracket included for better use. A LED light attached to the end of the lock helps you lock and unlock your bicycle at night.

Even though it is a budget option, features like the self-coiling and the LED light give this cable lock an advantage against others in the same price range. Unlike other displays, the numbers on this one are big and bright, which also helps in dim light or at nighttime. Users are particularly happy with these features, and the functional appeal of this lock is perfect for students.

If you live in a highly insecure area and needs a lock that resists the most determined thieves, this is not for you. But as a budget option, this may be the best bicycle lock around.


  • Price
  • Self-coiling
  • Mountain bracket
  • LED light


  • Can be cut through with good bolt-cutters


16. Kryptonite New York Noose

Kryptonite New York NooseThe Kryptonite NY Noose chain lock is a real strong contender for best of the bunch. How can it not be with a 12mm six-sided chain links made of 3t hardened manganese! On top of this, it has a cinch loop for tight lock-ups with less chain.

On the outside comes a hard wearing protective nylon cover with hook and loop fasteners, giving a lot of mileage out of this lock. You won’t need to replace it anytime soon, that’s for sure. These features make this lock perfect for cross country rides, or just out and about in the city. Once you have used this lock a few times, it is so quick and easy to attach and detach.

All these locks though have compromised, like anything in life. A lock that is stout and sturdy enough to deter thieves is going to be heavier than one that isn’t. There is just no getting away from this. No one will attempt to break this lock because of its sheer size, but it is a massive beast. Also, you must be careful when passing this lock through the wheels or frame of a carbon bicycle as it may just cause a little damage.

The chain comes with a set of three keys, one of which has a battery-powered LED light, which is a neat idea. Unfortunately, the company did not put as much thought into the quality of the keys then they did with the chain itself. It feels a little on the cheap side and is slightly unreliable.


  • Incredibly strong
  • Long-lasting outer nylon


  • A little on the heavy side
  • Poor quality keys included


17. Lumintrail Bicycle Combination U-Lock

Lumintrail Bicycle Combination U-LockThe Lumintrail Bicycle Combination U-Lock comes with mounting bracket and an optional 4-foot braided steel security cable if needed. It has a thick 14mm hardened steel shackle that will be an excellent deterrent from any cutting, prying or jacking.

It comes fitted with a 4 number resettable combination lock, so you don’t have to worry about bringing or losing your keys anymore. If you are like me, this happens all the time. As an addition to this, you get a rubber-coated crossbar cover protects the paint and coatings of your bike frame and wheels. The carry bracket is of the quick-release variety and can be set in many positions, for ease of use.

Lumintrail is very confident in the quality of their product. So much so in fact that they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, what they call an industry-leading lifetime warranty. The materials used to make this U-lock are very sturdy and robust and setting the combination is a breeze. Once set, it works perfectly. The extra cords that it comes with it is excellent because it allows you to secure both wheels at the same time.

The main issue with this package is the holder in which the lock rests. It is not made to the same high standard of which the lock is made. It is mediocre at best, and that’s a shame. The screws are made from a plastic material that is not up to the job. And something else we noticed was that the combination lock shows the numbers on two sides. This means that when setting the combination, someone might be able to see your code from across the street nearby— a little unnerving.


  • The extra cord is very useful to secure both front and back wheels
  • Comes with mount for easy carrying
  • Doesn’t cause scratches to frame and wheels like some heft metal locks


  • No cover for the numbers. Must set to zero while riding
  • Mount is of low quality compared to the lock itself


18. Foldylock Compact Bike Lock

Foldylock Compact Bike LockThe Foldylock is officially the world’s lightest folding lock, which deserves is something to shout about. If you struggle for whatever reason with these metal chains, then this lock could be for you. And just because it is light does not make this lock unsophisticated. It uses the leading materials available in bike lock technology to give you increased peace of mind. It is the ideal lock for all types of bikes, from kids cycles to mountain.

Also, the lock comes with hardened steel links. These steel links have been designed to be stronger and very robust therefore increasing security when your bike is locked up and left outside. Furthermore, the lock has Ulta protected rivets designed by VSR technology. This means that it will stand up against sawing and cutting. You will have ultimate peace of mind when locking your bike up outside.

The lock is super easy to use, and it is fast. Installation is simple and straightforward, and the lock is easy to operate. The tiny design means that you can carry it anywhere as it weighs in at a mere 2.2 pounds. An extra bonus is the components are made with anti-drilling capabilities. This means that the cylinder and other components are drill resistant. This will prevent thieves from stealing your hard-earned bike.

The combination of usability and security is excellent with this lock. There are more secure locks on the market, but this one hits a sweet spot.

All this comes in a super-stylish package, it feels solid and well made, and the carry case is a top draw. The metal plates could have been a little thicker for added protection, but that is my personal preference. Additionally, this lock is a bit too short of replacing a U-lock in some situations. Just something to be aware of.


  • The world’s lightest folding lock at 2.2 pounds
  • Uses drill resistant materials


  • Not suitable for some situations because if its size and reach
  • Not as protective as other thicker locks


19. Inbike 8 Joints Alloy Steel Folding Bike Lock

Inbike 8 Joints Alloy Steel Folding Bike LockThe Inbike 8 Joints Alloy Steel Folding Bike Lock anti-hydraulic with mounting bracket is a reasonable performer in its field. The compact size of its folding lock is made from stainless steel and its coated with ABS rubber paint. This efficiently stops damage to the bike when attaching the lock.

Its foldable design massively increases the lock space within a comparatively small design. It uses an advanced car rotary riveting technology reduces joints gap and stays extra tight. There is a high-quality cylinder giving good protection from drillers, pullers and pickers alike. The Inbike folding bike lock is super lightweight, flexible and extra resistant, which comes from its sturdy 5mm bars. Finally, it has an updated bracket to allow for the better carrying of the lock.

On the negative side, the lock sometimes requires readjusting since it will only fit into the slot to lock it up one way. Also, I got a few pinches from this lock when sitting up and taking off, which is something to be aware of. And finally, this lock is not suitable for thick poles or posts to attach it to. Because of its small size, this is a trade-off with the weight that you may or may not be happy to take.


  • Low profile
  • Easy to attach/ detach and is super lightweight.
  • Comes in highly visible orange


  • A little pincey when attaching it
  • It needs readjustment after attachment because of slipping.
  • Only fits slim poles and posts.


20. Master Lock 8143D

Master Lock 8143DThe Master Lock 8143D is by far the cheapest option on our list. It is best utilized for basic security and as a theft deterrent. It comes equipped with a four-digit lock for keyless convenience, and the bike lock cable itself is self-coiling and has braided steel for flexibility and strength.

On the outside comes a protective vinyl coating that prevents any of those pesky scrapes and scratches on your bike wheel and bike frame when attaching or reattaching this lock.

To reframe, this is not a secure lock for keeping your bike safe. It is too weak and too easily cut for that. It merely is best as a deterrent from theft. The combination lock is pretty sticky when setting the numbers and can get jammed sometimes. The chain is also a little short in length so that it is not suitable for certain locking situations. Get this lock if you are on a strict budget and needs something to stop casual thieves.


  • Cheap
  • Light


  • Build quality not so good
  • Only suitable as pseudo protection
  • Can’t set your combination of numbers


How Do Thieves Cut Through The Best Bicycle Locks

Bike thieves are usually occasion thieves, as we saw. Depending on the area though, there may be a high occurrence of more professional, skillful thefts. You should know how these robbers operate so you can choose the best lock for bicycles.

Cable cutters

Cables can be cut with simple wire cutters. Unfortunately, cable cutters are cheap to buy and easy to use, so if your area is known for robberies, it is best to combine more than one lock on your bike. These cutters are also small and silent, so your bike can be gone in mere seconds. Invest in good quality bicycle locks to avoid that.


Hacksaws are simple tools that can be found in any hardware store. They are not as fast as cable cutters though and require more strength and time from the thief. Sawing through a lock is a job that takes more than a few minutes, and the thicker the lock, the longer it takes. If you get a reliable quality lock, it is unlikely that someone will go through the trouble of sawing through it if there are other bikes with easier locks to break.

Lock Picks

Lock picks are the quietest and most portable tools to carry. They demand a high level of skill, though, and a specific type of thief. Different locks need different types of lock picks, so the robber needs to recognize the kind of lock from a distance and choose the one he wants to pick or carry different instruments with him/her the whole time. The best way to avoid this is to buy pick resistant locks and park your bike on a transited area.

Bolt Cutters

Bolt cutters cut through tough materials, and unfortunately, they can be minimal and light. They do not work on every chain, so the thicker the metal the most likely it will hold against bolt cutters. Some locks are also made of a specific material that is made to avoid these kinds of cuts, so it is advisable to invest in the best bike lock if you know your region is prone to bolt cutting thefts.


More uncommon than other tools, the cordless drill only works with some locks. To avoid that, always check for a lock that is drill resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I lock my bike on the street?

1. Choose a busy place. A populated area with lots of people is always best when leaving your bike locked up. If it is covered in CCTV coverage, then even better. CCTV makes thieves nervous. They are always looking for the path of least resistance when it comes to stealing bikes. They much prefer being hidden when they steal if possible.

Also, choose a place where there are lots of other bikes locked up. It’s safety in numbers idea. It also means that the thief can not maneuver as easily as a lone bike.

2. Choose a sturdy object that can’t be moved. The old saying goes, a bike is only as safe as the object it is locked too. So make sure that when you lock up your bicycle, it is attached to an object that can be easily broken. Make sure bike or lock can’t be lifted over a gap or unscrewed from the ground. If metal railings are your regular lock up point, possible thread the lock around as moany railings as possible.

3. Don’t make it easy for the thief by giving clues. It is often best practice to lock your bike a few streets away from your chosen activity. For example, if you are going to the cinema and lock your bike up directly outside, the thief knows you will be away for at least two hours.

How Should I Lock my Bike on the Street?

1. Lock your frame. Always lock your frame to an immovable object and not the wheels. The wheels are easily removable and will give the thief a smooth ride. This might be obvious to some, but it is surprising how often I hear of a stolen bike frame, and all that is left is a wheel locked to the railings.

2. Keep your lock off the ground. If your lock is close to the ground, then it may be possible for the thief to smash the lock with a hammer and break it open. Avoid the top of things also. As the thief can lift and twist the bike for leverage to break the lock.

3. Make the lock difficult to access. Place the lock in an awkward position so that it is difficult to access with bolt cutters or hammers. If possible, position the keyhole downwards is best. This trick makes tampering more difficult.

Best Bicycle Locks: Choose the Most Secure Lock!

In conclusion, the best locks will protect your bicycle in most cases. If there are many bikes side by side and yours is the only unlocked one, it is guaranteed to be targeted by thieves. Alternatively, if you have a good looking lock with a bulky complexion, chances are the common thief will overlook your bicycle and move on to the next one.

Some locks will hold back on the most persistent of the attacks. Pick and drill resistant locks combined with thick metal chains are your best options for extra security and peace of mind in big cities. Whatever your choice is, always be mindful of where you park your bike and the surroundings of your area, avoiding deserted and sketchy places.

If you read this guide to the end, you are fully equipped with knowledge and awareness of your priorities. Choosing the best bike lock should be a breeze! Your bike will thank you.

Now that you have your lock make sure to take care of it accordingly. It is always a good idea to clean it regularly with special products, particularly in the keyhole area. Dust, sand, and sun can deteriorate some metals, so remember to read the manufacturer’s instructions about care.