Best Bike Computers 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Garmin Edge 5202. Strada3. Velo 7

Choosing the best bike computer is essential for cyclists to collect ride data. We live in a technology age, and we must move with it – even while cycling. Nowadays, cyclists use bike computers to measure the time and area they have cycled as well as their acceleration.

These gears range from simple, to more extensive models that have identical features. The extensive devices have additional features that can monitor the cyclist’s heartbeat, tempo, and much more.



What Is A Bike Computer?

We can define a bike computer as an instrument that provides the cyclist with data about his/her ride while cycling. The best bike computer should, therefore, be capable of meeting the data requirements of a cyclist.

Types Of Bike Computer

Bike computers vary according to technology and features, from analog to digital. Most manufacturers have caught up with technology, developing best bike computers with connectivity. Some have the best cycling GPS, and some don’t , and every cyclist has a choice regarding what he/she wants on a bike computer.

There are three types of bike computers; those without navigation, with navigation, and those with advanced training functions. Every cyclist has their priorities and can fit in any of the above.

Devices without navigation helps you know where you cycled and how you rode. This gadget can help you store GPS data which you can upload it to Strava or any other app. Devices with Navigation, on the other hand, suits cyclists who wish to review particular data and would like to explore as well. Lastly, those with advanced training functions have additional great features. This gadget suits cyclists who want to explore more.

1) Analog Bike Computers

An analog bike computer can be viewed as an old as compared to digital, but that is likely not the case. What makes them inaccessible is that they are bulky, a bit expensive and don’t function effectively as digital bike computers. However, Omata is different from the rest as it uses modern GPS technology.

2) Basic Wired and Wireless Bike Computers

When we compare wired and wireless bike computers with its counterpart analog ones, they are known and used by most of the cyclists across the globe. They have different features that differ according to manufacturers and price tag. They have speed, average speed, maximum speed, odometer, distance, and time as some of the basic features. However, there those that have advanced features too.

Wired bike computers are those that are connected by wires to the unit sensors while wireless doesn’t have wiring at all. Both wired and wireless bike computers are tiny and portable; hence, they maintain the bike’s physical appearance. They are so far amongst the best bike computers.

3) GPS (with ANT ) Enabled Bike Computers

GPS enabled bike computers are wireless gadgets that use satellites to track the position of a cyclist. It is also designed to calculate speed, distance, and time while cycling. They include features like recording your route; can collect data from cadence, heart rate, and power. This is important because the cyclist can upload the information to a ride-logging service and evaluate his/her performance.

4) Smartphone

Cyclists can transform the smartphone into the best bike computer and use it to track cycling data. A smartphone is the best choice because almost everyone uses it and you can use fitness apps like Strava, which can be used free of charge.

The disadvantage of using a smartphone is that it is cumbersome to fit it on your bike. It will demand you to install a bike mount that is dustproof and water-resistant. Another major drawback is that it has a short battery lifespan and is not ergonomic.

Choosing the best cycling computer goes a long way from establishing your needs to the cost. This isn’t an easy task but requires commitment and time. Below are the ten most amazing and the best Bike Computer available in the market;

Top 20 Best Bike Computers 2021

1. Garmin Edge 520 Bike Computer

Garmin Edge 520 Best Bike ComputerThe Garmin Edge 520 is designed to integrate the Shimano Di2 electronic shifters and has the ANT sensors. The ANT helps display and control data. The bike computer is incorporated with Strava live segments, FTP testing, recommended recovery time as well as a VO2 Max calculation. These features work perfectly for competitive sports riders.

Another notable feature of the Garmin Edge 520 that makes it the best bike computer, is that it allows Bluetooth connectivity to any smartphone. This bike features the training impact that displays your previous body preparation impact while cycling.


  • Has cutting edge cycling elements that provide the rider with cycling information.
  • Features the estimating VO2
  • Has the race indicator, which forecasts the end of your competitive race.
  • Has recuperation exhortation that assesses the preparation of your forthcoming ride.
  • Recuperation update (10 minutes of inactivity) shows the rider the previous recuperation.


  • Not compatible with Bluetooth frills, no Wi-Fi frills or turn-by-turn route.
  • Lacks Wi-Fi, as well as a touchscreen display that can help the cyclist adjust or customize the interface.


2. Cat Eye – Strada Wireless Bike Computer

Cat Eye – Strada Wireless Bike Computer
CatEye is the best bike computer because it the most popular manufactured by the CatEye company. It comprises of eight functions and twelve features, which makes it a simple and effective gadget. It is wireless, as it goes by the name and is designed to track a cyclist’s current, average and maximum speed plus the time taken as well the maximum distance. It comes with neat and easy to fit a universal bracket that holds the gadget firmly on the bike as you cruise.

One fantastic feature about the CatEye Strada Wireless that makes it the best bicycle odometer is that it stops counting immediately when you stop. It has a user-friendly interface with auto start-stop and power-save modes, as well as dual-tire size memory. In case you happen to change your battery, the programmable odometer allows you to program your mileage back into the PC. The programmable odometer will enable you to set your mileage back in case you change the battery.


  • It features the ClickTec interface that allows the cyclist to toggle among eight modes
  • Has the pace arrow that shows your riding speed
  • It has an auto-start and stop as well as power-save modes and dual tire-size memory.
  • Comprises of the dual tire size that allows the rider to use the same bike computer for a separate bike.
  • Simple and easy to install


  • It has no backlight.
  • It is small and has tiny numbers that sometimes become difficult to read.


3. Cat Eye – Velo 7 Bike Computer

Cat Eye – Velo 7 Bike ComputerAnother fantastic brand by the CatEye Company is Velo 7. It is the best bicycle speedometer as it has a large display that makes it easy for cyclists to read while cruising. It has the auto start and stop feature that improves the lifespan of the battery.

Furthermore, the bike computer displays your current, maximum, and average speed. It also shows the cyclist the total distance covered, displays elapsed time, clock as well as pace arrow. It detects when you stop and automatically stops counting time and average speed.


  • It is lightweight
  • Has a long battery life of up to three years.
  • Has a larger screen display which is convenient to read while cycling.
  • The pre-programmed tire sizes make it easy to set up.
  • It has a wired speed sensor.


  • Difficult to set up
  • Not versatile.


4. SY Bicycle Speedometer and Odometer YS-606C

SY Bicycle Speedometer and Odometer YS-606CThe SY is a wireless best bicycle odometer which is waterproof and has a large LCD screen display that is not complex to read. It has the Auto Wake-up Function that senses the bicycle’s vibration and comes out of the sleep mode. This gadget is lightweight, small, and the fact of it being waterproof makes it more durable. It is convenient to be used during the day and night, thanks to the backlight.

It is designed to measure distance, speed, and time during cycling. A fantastic feature about this speedometer is that it has the backlight feature. This feature makes it convenient for the cyclist to use it during the day and night. It has the auto wake-up feature that automatically comes out of sleep mode upon sensing vibration.

This is the best bike computer that is easy to install and use. It only takes a few minutes to fix this gadget and navigate through the user-friendly interface. The touch mode on the screen display allows the rider to control the computer when he/she touches it. Besides, it has multiple sophisticated features with 22 powerful functions that handle all your riding needs.


  • It easy to install and has a user-friendly interface.
  • It is compatible with most bicycles.
  • It is lightweight
  • It is waterproof and durable.
  • Has LCD convenient for reading.


  • Not compatible with absolute electric-assist bikes
  • Not suitable for solid wheels.


5. Cat Eye – Velo 9 Bike Computer

Cat Eye – Velo 9 Bike ComputerCateye Velo is one of the best Bike computers by the Cateye Company. This is a wired entry level 9 function computer bike with a larger screen display that is straightforward while cycling. It has a simple set up because of the pre-programmed tire sizes.

The gadget is very sleek and compact that maintains the look of your bike. Also, it is designed to measure current, average, and maximum speed. It also tracks the distance, the time elapsed, and odometer of your ride.

The Cateye Company has made Velo 9 the best bike computer by the inclusion of calorie consumption as well as a carbon offset measurement. This helps you monitor your performance in terms of exercise. It also has a better battery life of 3 years.


  • It has a wired speed sensor
  • It automatically stops counting time and averaging speed when you make any stop.
  • It has a long-lasting battery
  • It blends perfectly with your bike’s aesthetics as it is sleek and compact.
  • It’s not complex to read because of the larger screen display.


  • It is not wireless
  • Has no backlight.


6. Planet Bike Protégé 9.0 Bike Computer

Planet Bike Protégé 9.0 Bike ComputerThe Protégé 9.0 is a wireless bike computer designed for training and touring. It is the best bike computer because it features 4 line displays which make it easy to read. It is simple to use and is wireless, making it easy to install. It has 4-line MacroMonitor LCDs designed to eliminate wires and buttons.

It consists of 9 functions that include speed, average speed, maximum speed, a speed comparator, ride time, clock, distance as well as temperature. It comes with 25.4-31.8 mm handlebar bracket together with an 82 cm wheel kit.


  • The magnet fits up to 4 mm bladed spokes
  • It can fit 25.0-31.8 mm handlebars
  • It is not complex to read large display fonts.
  • It is ultrasonically designed for all weather conditions.
  • Great for training and touring


  • It is not durable
  • The sensor mounting is not perfectly designed.


7. Garmin Edge 820

Garmin Edge 820The Garmin Edge 820 is the best GPS cycle computer with maps, – it is also lightweight and compact. It has a 2.3” high-resolution, capacitive touch display which responds to your wet and gloved hands. A fantastic feature that makes it the best bicycle GPS is the GroupTrack feature.

This keeps you on the right track with your fellow riders. You can also customize your training pages to suit your style of riding. This bike has advanced performance as well as power analysis.

It has advanced performance monitoring features like VO2 max, Strava live segments, and recovery advisor. Others include performance condition, FTP, and superior cycling dynamics2. Edge 820 is the best cycling computer with cadence and heart rate. It is compatible with ANT sensors and ANT power meters that keep you in tab with total power.


  • It is built-in high-resolution base maps
  • Has the ANT accessory support
    Has auto lap
  • It is lightweight
  • Has a battery life of up to 15 hours
  • Full customization of training pages


  • It is a bit expensive
  • It is a bit complex to use.


8. SY Bicycle Speedometer and Odometer 368C-B

SY Bicycle Speedometer and Odometer 368C-BThe SY Bicycle Speedometer and Odometer 368C-B is one of the best bike computers with a more prominent bright LCD. It helps riders to easily read ride data displayed. It features an Auto Wake-up Function that is automatically activated by the vibration of your bike.

Another fantastic feature is that the SY bike has the day and night backlight that automatically turn on upon pressing any button. It essentially gives the rider an easy read of the data on the screen.

This small size, lightweight, wireless and waterproof gadget is easy to install and use. It has only two buttons on the interface, making it easy to navigate through options. It can be integrated into most bikes like the mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bicycles, and others.


  • It can be used on most bicycles.
  • It is easy to install and use.
  • It is wireless and waterproof, making it more convenient to use.
  • It is small and lightweight. Therefore, it can be fitted on your bike without changing its aesthetics.
  • It is reasonable in price


  • It may not be fitted to certain electric-assist bicycles.
  • Lacks ANT sensor


9. Garmin Edge 1030 Bike Computer

Garmin Edge 1030 Bike ComputerGarmin Edge 1030 bike computer is the best Garmin for cycling as it comes with an array of great features than other Garmin products. It has a big display size that is ideal when you are navigating and mapping. The Cycle Map feature has the turn-by-turn navigation feature. It also has the updated navigation alerts that warn the rider of any forthcoming sharp bends.

It is easy to assemble this gadget, as the manual has clear guidelines. Sensors like the rhythm, speed, and pulse screen can be aligned to their positions by the instructions provided. It has an array of great features, including mapping and navigation.

Besides, the rider-to-rider feature allows the rider to keep in tab with the rest of the cyclists. The gadget can be integrated with your PC, smartphone, and can be linked through Wi-Fi, ANT , Bluetooth, and sports apps. Garmin Edge 1030 bike computer provides newly updated Strava Live segments that add a new entertaining ride experience.

It is a multi-use gadget that allows you to use the touch screen to navigate through options. Push catches will enable you to switch it on and off or start a course or stop the clock as well. The interface is interactive as it displays options as you keep on swiping through.


  • It has a long battery life.
  • It is simple to install and use
  • It has an attractive and user-friendly interface.
  • Excellent value for your money
  • Allows connectivity via ANT and Bluetooth Smart.


  • The route planning is a bit complex
  • Has an outdated design.


10. Cat Eye – Padrone

Cat Eye – PadroneThe Cateye Padrone is a wireless Bluetooth best bike computer with a massive screen for easy reading in all conditions. It gives the rider quiet time to cruise through all kinds of terrain without straining to gauze over a small screen. It has the free CAT EYE Biking Mobile app that can be downloaded on your smartphone.

You can link the gadget with your smartphone and utilize the Mirror mode of the Padrone Smart’s screen. It makes it convenient to text, call, and receives email alerts from your phone while your mobile is safe elsewhere.

CAT EYE Padrone Bike is designed to display current, maximum and average speed of your ride. It includes mirror mode that can be integrated with your phone to use as a GPS. It also displays average rate, total distance covered your trip distance, time included, and clock.

Comes with FlexTight Bracket which allows you to mount, adjust, and navigate through the screen with ease. This amazing bike computer easily integrates with your mobile phone to make and receive calls on the gadgets screen, text and receive mail alerts as well.


  • Has a large screen display for easy reading.
  • It is easy to assemble and use.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Uses the CR2032 X1 computer battery
  • Has background lighting


  • It has no GPS
  • Has limited color options


11. Raniaco Bike Computer

Raniaco Bike ComputerThe Ranaico brand is a waterproof wireless bicycle computer that comes along with LED backlight displays. It also comes with an odometer and speedometer. When you compare it with some other computers, it may have the best bicycle odometer for measuring distance when riding.

It is one of the best bike computers available for accurately measuring racing speeds and general riding performance. It is high-performing, provides precise monitoring, and is rated among the best bike computer brands available. The computer weighs less than 5 ounces; is compact, lightweight, and measures riding time.

It also counts calories as you ride, to help you track your physical fitness levels. It is user-friendly, convenient, durable and trendy. It comes with wireless capability and is waterproof for riding in wet conditions. The product also works well with several bike models including standard racers, folding and mountain bicycles.

The LED backlight displays ensure safe riding during the day and night. The lights do not hamper the cable that controls the shifting or braking systems. The monitor also displays the current time as you ride. The computer is easy to install and operate. It is affordable and offers great value for money.

You can also reset your miles when needed, while still measuring overall mileage during riding. The bike has a few modes with manual settings to calculate your miles. There is also a scan mode which shows all your travel coordinates as you ride. You can also set the modes to pause if you need to take a break when riding.

The Ranaico also comes with an additional lithium battery. The speedometer is accurate and works as soon as it is set up. The sensor transmitter may last up to 700 miles and the computer battery, more than 1600 miles.


  • It is highly accurate
  • Has waterproof and wireless capabilities
  • It is affordable
  • It is highly accurate
  • It’s easy to set up and operate


  • Settings may fluctuate occasionally
  • Not be suitable for riding at high speeds.


12. Wahoo Elemnt GPS Bike Computer

Wahoo Elemnt GPS Bike ComputerThe Wahoo ELEMNT GPS bike computer is in a class of its own. It is fully integrated with a plethora of features and technological capabilities. Looking at the product, it’s easy to see why it could be considered one of the best cycling computers available. It comes with full wireless capability, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The computer can also sync with some compatible apps like Komoot, Strava, Best Bike Split, and Ride with GPS among others. These apps let the computer access road routes automatically on demand. The app provides live progress reports on where to turn and other pertinent information as you ride.

There’s a fast, easy, hassle-free set-up system, with LED displays for accurate measurements at every turn. It features a 2.7-inch display screen and quickly adapts to light changes as the day progresses. The computer also works with your smartphone to help you configure and customize your settings to suit your riding goals.

The Wahoo ELEMNT also is perhaps the best cycling computer with cadence and heart rate monitoring capabilities. It also records the shifting system, speed and distance among other elements. There are smart buttons that let you switch between activities like climbing, phone and text alerts, and workouts.

The science and technology behind this device makes it stand out as one of the best bike computer options around. Other technology includes KICKR/SNAP controls to let you simulate rides when indoors. It has one of the best cycling GPS systems that allow you to choose various riding and help you monitor your progress.

The lightweight computer weighs less than 2 pounds. It includes components like a quick-start guide, stem, aero bar mounts, 60-day Strava Premium trial, and Wahoo ELEMNT out-front features.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Fully adjustable systems
  • Accurate turn-by-turn navigation
  • Long-lasting battery power
  • Extra-large display screen


  • There’s no torque specification
  • LED backup display is not adjustable at night


13. Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS Cycling Computer

Lezyne Enhanced Super GPS Cycling ComputerThe high-tech GPS computer system includes a durable, weather-proof body, which can withstand heavy rain and other adverse weather conditions. The Lezyne bicycle computer comes with a range of convenient technologies to keep you in touch while on the road.

The system is compatible with ANT and Bluetooth, and can help you manage speed, power, cadence, heart rate and more. There is also GPS and GLONASS satellite technology for fast, accurate, high-performing data measuring and recording.

All these features and more combine to make Lezyne the best bike computer system available. There is also a pre-loaded altimeter to help measure your riding elevations. You can also sync the computer to your smartphone apps for free.

After setting up, the computer automatically links with your smartphone and also syncs with other apps like Training Peak and Strava. These apps keep you abreast of riding data without connecting to a computer.

You can receive calls, messages, and experience real-time contact with family and friends. The Lezyne is also considered the best GPS cycle computer with maps. You can plan your route with turn-by-turn navigation for a confident, safe riding experience.

The powerful system is great for tracking your progress, especially over long distances. The computer also comes with a live-tracking system, Glonass chips, as well as an accelerometer and barometer.

These systems help provide accurate data and recording capabilities for counting calories, measuring the temperature, and planning precise workouts. The computer is lightweight, weighing less than 75 grams with a wide display screen.

It is fully customizable with a wide range of features to suit your riding needs. An indicator alerts you to the amount of battery life available, and the computer can store as much as 400 hours of riding information.


  • Reliable GPS
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for long rides
  • Excellent lighting capacity
  • Lots of unique features


  • The software can malfunction at times
  • Inadequate warranty period


14. Velo Wireless Bike Computer

Velo Wireless Bike ComputerIf you’re looking for a basic, straightforward bike computer, the Velo wireless may be the best bicycle speedometer for you. It is a sleek, trendy, tech-savvy odometer and speedometer cycle computer that is easy to set up and use.

It serves to record your basic riding speed quickly and requires no wires to mount it in place. It provides accurate, reliable records of your trip distance, speeds, pace arrow, calorie count, and elapsed time. This simple device may be the best bike computer if you plan to bike to your commute, run short errands, or ride for recreation.

It’s affordable, reliable, and the design comprises a sturdy, durable, high-quality plastic body that holds up well in bad weather. The built-in programmable odometer has a vivid menu display screen that is easy to read when riding.

It also features automatic start and shut-off technology, one-button control capacity, and a wireless sensor. It’s a versatile computer with a trip timer, clock, odometer, speedometer, that’s suitable to use with almost any bicycle.

The set-up is easy with a FlexTight Bracket that allows you to attach, tweak, and position your computer manually. You can also set up the odometer manually to provide ongoing riding data. It gives accurate readings, and there’s no need to reset the computer if you need to replace the battery.

The CatEye technology automatically stops and restarts your riding movements. There is a range of colors available, and it also comes with a wireless sensor.


  • Works very well
  • Easy-to-read screen displays
  • Versatile and affordable
  • High-quality, durable material
  • User-friendly


  • The speedometer may fall out of sync occasionally
  • Fluctuating wireless strength at times


15. Meilan Cycling Computer M4 ANT

Meilan Cycling Computer M4 ANTThe Merlan cycling computer works quickly by accessing your smartphone wirelessly via ANT and Bluetooth connectivity. It also syncs the riding information to your bicycle computer to help you track your training goals. You can easily consider it the best garmin for cycling.

The bright, wide display screen can show up to 15 pieces of information, including riding time, cadence, speed, calories, and heart rate. It also features a white color backlight and is scratch-resistant. There is an ILM mirror for clean, clear viewing.

The screen also shows two levels of contrasting brightness for viewing in sunlight or at night. The technology also allows you to switch between the metric or standard systems. The computer works with a rechargeable USB portal and a built-in 860 mAh rechargeable battery.

It provides up to 120 hours of service that’s ideal for riding over long distances. The computer is also compatible with your heart monitor, power meter, and cadence sensor.


  • It’s easy to install
  • Large, bright display screen
  • Durable battery
  • Can switch between modes
  • Waterproof


  • May not work with certain bike models
  • Instructions may be hard to follow


16. Soon Go Bike Speedometer

Soon Go Bike SpeedometerThis bike speedometer is a wireless, water-resistant combination odometer and speedometer. It is a multi-function unit that’s ideal for cycle training and outdoor biking. The SOON GO computer can also be ideal for BMX boy’s wheels, provided the magnet sensor is mounted on the front fork.

It is setup with a fully-sealed sleek design, and a rubber ring to help ward off water. It provides accurate measurements and tracking records. There is consistent wireless access which allows you to receive timely updates as you ride.

Information like speed, distance, riding time, and averages are all available on-demand. The computer also features an auto-sleep mode which shuts off after 5 minutes of inactivity. It helps conserve the battery power, and the auto-wakeup feature kicks in when you resume riding.

When seeking the best bicycle computer, the SOON GO may be your best bet. It is easy to install, and you can program your riding coordinates for stress-free exercise or recreation. There is a wide, clean, easy-to-read display screen menu. Besides, it sports a convenient backlight which lets you read the updates when riding at night.

The computer also has a built-in maintenance alert to keep riders on top of the bike’s performance. It also accurately records average, maximum and current speed, trip distance, and traffic mileage.

The package includes an extra bicycle light, sensor, magnet, batteries, computer unit, and mount. It weighs less than 3 ounces, and it is affordable and high-functioning.


  • Easy to install
  • Multi-purpose
  • Convenient backlight
  • Water-resistant
  • Highly accurate


  • The computer tends to rattle when riding
  • Unstable zip tie attachments


17. Enkeeo Wired Bike Computer

Enkeeo Wired Bike ComputerThe Enkeeo bicycle computer is a completely wired, odometer, and speedometer unit. Its compact, yet nifty design belies its ability to deliver accuracy, legibility, and general high performance. Given its many features, it may well be the best bike computer you can find anywhere.

It operates on a rechargeable USB portal which helps conserve battery power for a longer life-span. There’s also no need to replace the battery. The computer provides up to 12 hours of backlighting for visibility in contrasting light conditions, and especially when riding at night.

The computer is easy to install, operate, and read. The sensor is water-resistant, and the speedometer automatically kicks in whenever it detects motion. The unit weighs less than 2 ounces and comes with over 2 ½ feet of wire. The package comprises a USB cable, speed magnet, computer, plastic strip, sensor and bracket, and other components.

The Enkeeo wired bike computer features two control buttons and large fonts for clear reading when riding. The screen menu is glare-free and displays the time, date, and temperature. It also shows your average, maximum and current speed, distance, riding time, and mileage.

Although the unit operates on traditional wire technology, it is accurate, and the computer helps minimize static from your radio or smartphone. The computer can also store up to 7 days riding information and can also provide comparative data on two different bicycles.


  • Provides accurate measurements
  • Long-lasting data storage
  • Affordable
  • Legible, glare-free screen display
  • No need to replace the battery


  • The wire may be flimsy at times
  • The wheel sensor may be faulty


18. Cat Eye – Strada Slim Wireless

Cat Eye - Strada Slim WirelessThe CAT EYE Strada is a compact, attractive, more streamlined version of the original model. The design is thinner and lighter, with close to 25 percent more display capability. The larger screen is complete with customizable options to display or conceal your data when necessary.

It shows elapsed time, two variable distances, average, maximum and current speed, trip distance, clock, and pace arrow. You can also save your miles by setting the odometer manually. There’s no need to reset the unit if you have to change the battery.

It also calculates as you go along, and if you need to stop, it resumes automatically and continues to record your data. The computer can also work with two bicycles with the same tire dimensions. Other features include auto start and stop, Flexlight bracket, and a ClickTec button. The battery is durable and can last for up to 1 year.

The CatEye weighs less than 14 grams, and the sensor works between the wheel and the front fork of the bike. The computer is easy to install, has a great mounting bracket, a sleeker, larger head unit, and a thinner sensor.

The sensor conveniently hides inside the bike fork after mounting for a clean, easy fit. It works very well, and there’s easy access to the data when needed. You can easily keep track of the service with the touch of a button.


  • Excellent upgrade to the original model
  • Large, easy-to-read displays
  • Convenient, easy set-up
  • Highly functional
  • Long-lasting battery power


  • May be incompatible with some bike models
  • Wireless connectivity may fluctuate at times


19. Lezyne Micro Color GPS Bike Computer

Lezyne Micro Color GPS Bike ComputerThe technology and design of the Lezyne Micro color GPS bike computer are ably supported by years of reliable GPS capability. It is perhaps one of the best bicycle GPS units available. The computer boasts Glonass connectivity, a built-in accelerator, and barometer, and is also compatible with ANT .

The screen is small but features full-color display symbols to recognize different data points easily. It accurately measures cadence, heart rate, distance, speed, date, and time with various color symbols for easy reading.

The GPS network connects swiftly and seamlessly integrates with your smartphone. It transmits via Bluetooth, which enables the accelerator and barometer to send clear signals, especially when passing through blind spots.

The unit is lightweight, weighing less than 30 grams, and has an odometer and a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. The Lezyne can easily classify as the best bike computer because of its many features and high-functioning GPS system.

You can also view the grade of the road surface as you ride and also keep track of the temperature. The battery can work for up to 10 hours before recharging.


  • It is easy to install
  • High-tech GPS system
  • Lots of features
  • Color-coded display screen
  • Long-lasting battery power


  • The screen may be dim sometimes
  • There’s no mapping function


20. Igpsport GPS Bike Computer

Igpsport GPS Bike ComputerThe computer works with iGSPORT app to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The reliable GPS records cadence, altitude, various speed comparisons, total distance, heart rate, time, mileage, and a host of other data. It can also display the road grade and atmospheric temperature.

The wireless model also supports ANT . The package comes with a small USB cable, regular bike mount, and computer. It weighs less than 6 ounces, but provides up to 40 hours of durable battery life. There is a wide, bright display screen which adjusts easily to contrasting light conditions for easy, anti-glare visibility.

The waterproof unit is compact and features real-time displays as you ride. It provides up to 200 hours of memory storage, which you can easily retrieve by uploading to sites like Strava. You can then review all your statistics in one convenient location.

The design is solid and durable, and the computer is affordable and user-friendly. It is easy to set up and operate. The battery charges very quickly, and the screen shows everything at a glance. While riding, you can view the battery and GPS statuses, lap number, hill gradient, and much more. The quality design, range of information, and affordability help make the IGSPORT a contender for the best bike computer in its class.


  • It is user-friendly and highly-functional
  • Competitive price
  • Large, legible display screen
  • Extended battery life
  • A reliable, accurate GPS capability


  • It does not track your route
  • The ANT receiver may disconnect sometimes


How To Calibrate A Bike Computer

Calibration is an important step that a cyclist should first complete immediately after he purchases a bike computer. This is to make it read the data correctly when cycling. Two crucial measures have to be considered before calibrating. Either you can use the nominal size of your bike’s tires or measure its diameter.

The Tire Size Method

The tire size of your bike is found on the side of the tire. This method works well for standard bike tires with conventional bike computers. Depending on the calibration requirements, the bike computers are categorized into six groups;

  • Circumference in inches
  • Circumference in inches multiplied by 2.727
  • Circumference in centimeters
  • Circumference in millimeters divided by 1.609344
  • Radius in millimeters
  • Circumference in millimeters

The Roll-Out Test Method

This method is based on getting the exact circumference measurement of the tire of your bike. The best size is obtained when the bike is inflated with the correct pressure. The cyclist should also sit on the same bike when he/she is doing the roll-out test.

The next step is to put a mark on the ground using an appropriate marking tool. Roll the tire in the forward direction to complete rotation and put another stamp again. The distance between the two scores on the ground gives you the exact circumference of your bike’s tire, taking into consideration the tire pressure and tread.

How To Select Your Best Bike Computer

A bike computer is essential for all cyclists, as it displays a full range of data the cyclist has undergone during his ride. Cycling in the digital age demands more useful riding data for the cyclist as this is becoming a trending norm. There are therefore essential things a cyclist needs to consider on how to select the best bike computer.

To begin with, as a cyclist, you need to know the kind information is essential and useful to you. Next is the amount of money you want to spend, and lastly, additional features that are useful to you.

It is mindful if the cyclist understands the type of rider he/she is. For example, some are categorized as casual riders who want to explore the speed, time, and distance covered. Additional features like the minimum and maximum speed, distance, and total odometer can work well for touring and commuter riders or if you are an enthusiast .

However, if you are biking competitively , then you need the best bike computer with additional features like the cadence, elevation gained, power output, and heart rate. It is therefore essential that you become mindful of the following when selecting your best bike computer.

Information You Require From Your Best Bike Computer

All bike computers are designed to measure separation, speed, and time which are fundamental with an ordinary odometer. There are, however, other functionalities that have been developed on modern bike computers to make them better and attractive. Some of them are beneficial to a rider as they can test your achievements in different capabilities.

Some of the gadgets are wired while others are wireless. Any data that is transmitted directly to the bike’s computer is all dependent on sensors. Sensors play a vital role, and a bike computer with extra sensors is seemingly complex, but adds quality.

The Brands That Make The Best Bike Computers

This is amongst the top elements that should be on the list to help you when selecting the right and best bike computer. We have several bike computers from different and several manufacturers. Choosing the best out the full range of manufacturers can be a bit cumbersome if you don’t have survey enough.

The idea here is choosing an exceptionally respected and trusted brand. A trusted brand will deliver high-end and high-quality bike computer for your money value. Going for cheap and inexpensive gadgets from ordinary manufacturers in return costs you more.

With trusted brands like Garmin and Wahoo Fitness, you are guaranteed quality products, for they are innovators of high-end gadgets. Polar is also another top brand. Others that manufacture less sophisticated bike computers include the famous CAT EYE, BBB and VDO.

Wahoo, Garmin, and Polar are brands desired by cyclists who need an array of features with advanced data. With the know-how of what brand offers what, it is seemingly more comfortable to select a preferred and most prominent gadget.

The Way You Customize Your Bike Computer

Some computer gadgets will demand you to ascertain some other procedures. Specific models that lack GPS usually work with a sensor connected to certain parts of your bike, particularly on the front fork. In such case, you will need to ascertain the wheel perimeter (do the calibration).

Models with GPS estimates speed by GPS, as well as a sensor on your bike’s wheel. A sensor is better as it is independent of GPS.

How To Operate The Bike Computer

The bike computer is designed to measure the time between signals generated from the sensor on the front fork. Some bike computers have additional advanced features. You can go for a bike computer that measures calories burnt. Or one of those that measure rhythms as well as the heartbeat as you ride.

Should You Choose Your Smartphone Or A Bike Computer?

Modern technology gets along in different circumstances. A mobile phone can be transformed into a usable cycling computer by downloading the Track Navigator bike route app or Google maps. The mobile phone can be attached to the handlebars with a holder.

There are, however, drawbacks of using a mobile phone as it is delicate as compared to a cycle computer. It also has a low battery span to take you through a long-distance ride. It is advisable to get an advanced bike computer that you can link together with your phone.

Most Popular Bike Computer Manufacturers

Every cyclist desires to have the best bike computer that provides accurate data and gives you quality features for your money. There are four popular manufacturers of quality bike computers and other bike accessories. They include Wahoo, CatEye, Garmin, and Sigma. The three manufacturers are known to produce high quality and affordable gadgets. Let’s have a look at each of the four.

Cateye Bike Computers

With its roots in Japan, CatEye is known as a specialist in the production of the best bike computers. They also manufacture other bicycle accessories like reflectors, lights, and many more at affordable prices. In line with bike computers, CatEye Bike Computers manufacture both wired and wireless computers.

They also are manufacturers of smart computers that can be integrated into a smartphone, and they include the popular gadget Strada, Enduro, and Velo. Amongst their top best bike computers are the Padrone and Smart . These top brands by CatEye are designed to monitor cyclist’s ride, power, calories, heart rate, altitude, navigation, and many more.

They also allow the cyclist to connect to other devices like your smartphone through the Bluetooth feature. This then lets you upload data and evaluate your performance and read through notifications.

Garmin Bike Computers

This is also amongst the top manufacturers of the best bike computers. Garmin is a tech company that focuses on the manufacturing of high-tech GPS gadgets. It also manufactures other sporting items like smartwatches as well as fitness trackers. Although their products are expensive, the cyclist is guaranteed of high-end as well as high-quality gadgets.

These gadgets are designed to support GPS and ANT . Amongst the top best bike computers include the Garmin Edge 520 and the Garmin Edge 820. They have an array of features like navigation; USB and Bluetooth connectivity, and ANT to mention a few.

Sigma Bike Computers

Sigma, on the other hand, has its roots from Garman and is a company known in the manufacture of electric sports gadgets. Some of the accessible equipment they manufacture include bike computers, heart rate monitors, and sports lighting.

In terms of bike computers, this company gives you a wide selection from the cheapest and simple wired gadgets, to more advanced wireless equipment. Rox GPS is their top product, which has an array of useful features. Other products include Sigma BC and Sigma Pure, which are amongst the mid-range models.

Wahoo Bike Computers

Wahoo is a new entrant from Atlanta, Georgia and it manufactures products like Wahoo Element and Element Bolt. The two bike computers are ANT compatible and other notable features like navigation and integrated workout.

How Do Bike Computers Work?

A cycle computer is a type of speedometer useful for riders to monitor their overall cycling performance. It measures a rider’s speed, distance, time, and the rate at which they work their legs.

Here’s How It Works:

You first input the wheel dimensions into the system. Next, attach a sensor onto the wheel. The computer then sends a signal every time the magnet goes pass the sensor as the wheel turns.

The computer also relies on the wheel dimension information to calculate the amount of time elapsing between each signal. It then measures total riding speed, how many calories are burnt, riding time, weight, distance, and average and minimum speed.

When searching for the best bike computer, there is a range of models available. Some models may have features which include a heart monitor, stopwatch, and wireless sensors.

You may also choose a brand with advanced capabilities like GPS, which works through smartphone connectivity. Some other models even record your altitude, ascent, and descent, and atmospheric temperatures.

How To Install A Bike Computer

1. Mount the sensor

  • Start by mounting the sensor onto the wheel fork. For disc brakes, connect the sensor on the other side of the wheel fork.
  • Turn the sensor inward, leaning toward the wheel.
  • Position the wire to the rear of the wheel fork.

If you have a hub sensor, attach it to the back or rear hub with a rubber band or twister to keep it in place.

2. Attach the monitor display

Position the display monitor onto the handlebars where you can see it best when riding. As it attaches, slide it along the bar and tweak the angle to set it in the position you desire.

3. Attach the magnet

Positioning the magnet close to the sensor ensures the accuracy of your measurements. Connect the magnet at least 5mm away from the sensor, and onto the front wheel spoke. You will not need a magnet if you are using a hub or cadence sensor.

4. Test the monitor’s accuracy

You’ll need to input the correct tire dimensions to help the computer measure the precise distance and speeds. Some tire sizes may vary, so ensure you determine whether the measurements are in inches, millimeters or centimeters.
In cases where you’re not sure, you can do a roll-out test to get the best possible wheel measurement.

To Do A Roll-out Test:

  • Ensure the tire has the maximum amount of air pressure.
  • Set the wheel to engage the valve close to the ground, or at a 90-degree angle.
  • Make your first mark where the wheel is resting on the ground.
  • Glide the wheel forward until it turns completely, with the valve returning to the starting position.
  • Make the second mark where the wheel stops.
  • Record the measurement of the distance between the two marks to get the wheel circumference.

Extra Functions Of The Bike Computer

Additional features are essential in certain circumstances. Bike computers incorporated with the heart rate feature help the cyclist to measure their heart rate. A cyclist can l go for a bike computer with additional sensors which can be attached to his/her body.

A bike computer gadget with a GPS has an added advantage for a cyclist who is touring or competing. The GPS allows you to set your destination and helps you know where you are heading.

Cruising through the darkness can be a bit tricky. You require a gadget that has a backlight so that you can read all the information on your computer’s screen with ease. This goes in hand with the use of the GPS that guides you through the correct route.

In certain circumstances, connectivity is vital. Having a gadget that can connect to a network and automatically save data of your previous ride is a plus. This helps the cyclist in freeing up space from your device for the next riding assignment.

Additionally, a cyclist will be at ease with a bike computer which is splash-proof if not water-resistant. This will not deter him with cycling in the event of rainfall or encounter with water.

Best Bike Computers: The Choice is Yours!

The best bike computer is one which has a better battery life so that you don’t experience a dead battery in the middle of your ride. It should withstand dust, water, and regular wrecks. The screen display, as well as the frames of a quality cycle computer, should withstand steady drop-offs and even vigorous shakes.

Most important are accuracy and precision. After correctly calibrating your bike’s computer, you should expect accurate data and guidance as you cruise along.

In the entire article, we have covered many things you ought to consider when selecting the best bike computer. We have also vividly outlined 15 best bike computer reviews from both top brands and common ones. We also took a swipe to affordable but high-quality ones. As a cyclist, it is tough to do away with bike computers. We hope this can help you a great deal in one way or the other.