Best Bike Helmets 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Schwinn2. GoMax Aero3. TeamObsidian

Picking the best bike helmet from the sea of options available in the market is as important as choosing the right bike. Of course, there is a lot to consider before making your choice. However, you want your final choice to fit well into your style, budget, and the way you ride.

Helmets have become so popular today that you will find tons of brands springing up almost daily. The availability of all these brands has made the process of finding the best bike helmet for your need even more difficult.

All helmets are designed to meet some basic safety standards before being released into the market.


This article is dedicated to discussing everything worth knowing about the different types of bike helmets available in the market. We will also be talking about the few things to look out for when searching for the best bike helmet to buy.

Finally, the article contains a detailed review of fifteen of the best bike helmets in the market, with their features, pros, and cons clearly stated. Before going on, let’s talk briefly about the different types of bike helmets available in the market.

Types Of Bike Helmets

Like you’ve probably already guessed, there are a variety of helmets available in today’s market. Some of the most popular among them include:

1. Road Helmets

From the name, you can already tell that this is a type of helmet built to be used on the road. This type of helmet is usually built to be light and compact with enough attention paid to aerodynamics. Note that lighter helmets are mostly more expensive.

2. Kask Road Helmets

The Kask Road is specially designed to be used on trails with mountain bikes. By design, they come with more coverage area on the rear and on the sides. This is basically because of the probability of hitting your head. This type of helmet mostly comes with a visor, to protect the eyes and face area.

3. Full Face Helmets

These helmets resemble motorcycle lids. They are specially made for a particular spectrum of mountain bikers. They offer far more protection than the regular bike helmets; hence, their use by downhill riders. It protects the face along with the head. They are, however, known to mostly sacrifice weight, comfort, aerodynamics, and ventilation for total safety.

4. TT Helmets

Otherwise known as the Time Trial helmet, this type of gear is popular among road cyclists. Its main objective is to provide excellent aerodynamics, even when the rider gets into aggressive positions on the bike. Hence, its nickname as the best commuter bike helmet.

There are a few other types of helmets in the market, but we will limit our coverage to these few because most popular bike helmets fall under them. Having talked a lot about types, let’s now dive into a proper review of some of the best bike helmets in the market this year. Please note that each helmet in this list has been subjected to severe scrutiny. Hence, you can be assured that you are buying the best bike helmet for your needs.

Top 15 Best Bike Helmets 2021

1. Schwinn Trasher Microshell Bicycle Helmet

Schwinn Trasher Microshell best bike HelmetIt’s not so hard to see why the Schwinn Trasher is ranked high among the best bike helmets in today’s market. Its design combines well with a good level of durability to make it one of the most sort-after helmets. The Schwinn Trasher is designed to provide an astonishing level of safety; hence, its use for nearly everything.

It comes with a visor, which is a fantastic addition, considering that it helps to keep away elements like rain, snow, and dust from your view. There’s also a provision for detaching the visor, in case you don’t fancy taking your ride in it.

Apart from the inclusion of a visor, there are other features that make this the best bike helmet anybody can own. The design of the helmet makes it great for fitting different ranges of head sizes.

A knob that’s quite easy to use is included at the back for changing the sizes of the helmet to match your head circumference. This feature means that the helmet can be used by both adults and young children alike.

One of the most significant winning points of the Schwinn Trasher is its ability to provide enough value for money compared to most others. Yes, a few other helmets may offer more in terms of safety, but at a much higher price than this one.

While taking a look at customer reviews, we were amazed at how much protection the helmet can bring during a severe accident. It could be what turns a potentially serious head injury to just a couple of scratches.

The comfort level of the helmet is also worth commending. The designers were particularly careful to make sure it fits well around the head, without wiggling around like most other helmets. This helmet was created to offer far more than you will expect.


  • Provides incredible value for money.
  • Additional attention paid to comfort.
  • Designed with 21 vents for better airflow during hot weather.


  • You will find that not enough attention is paid to looks.


2. GoMax Aero Adult Safety Helmet

GoMax Aero Adult best bicycle helmetThere are only very few helmets in the class of this one. During manufacture, enough importance was paid to combining safety with comfort. Like the first helmet on this list, it also impresses in offering so much for a relatively low price. Enough was done to make it strong enough to secure riders both on and off the road.

You will not be wrong to call it the best cycling helmet. After all, it has everything to keep your head protected from extreme injuries that may occur during bad accidents.

The shell of the GoMax Aero is made from polycarbonate material, so you can easily be assured of durability.
The helmet looks really cool on the head. Beyond its look, however, a lot of buyers prefer it for its cool feel on the head. The cool feeling is because of the presence of 22 air vents to allow free flow of air in and out of the helmet.

The helmet also comes with a detachable visor that’s included for protecting the face and eyes from the sun and other dangerous elements.

During this research, we also found that the GoMax Aero is one of the few helmets in the market that are adjustable. So, it will be easy for you to fit it into your head.

We couldn’t do much more than to include it in this list, because a lot of buyers are convinced that it is one of the best cycling helmets in the market. We are also confident that almost every cycler with a taste for beautiful things will fall in love with it at first sight.


  • Unique design that includes an LED light for easy identification while cycling at night.
  • Enough attention paid to comfort.
  • Innovative and ergonomic design


  • The rear LED light doesn’t last long.


3. TeamObsidian Cycling Bike Helmet

TeamObsidian Cycling Bike HelmetAt first sight, you can easily tell that this is one of the best bike helmets you can get in the market. Its ability to combine safety with enough other cutting edge features is the reason why it is so popular.

The company behind the production of this helmet utilizes the in-mold advanced technology to design one of the safest helmets in the market. There are a lot more other features that are worth talking about. For instance, its advanced adjacent system allows for easy adjustment of the helmet to fit the size of the head.

Like most other helmets on this list, this one comes with 22 high airflow vents to allow for proper ventilation, even when the weather is hottest. The helmet is also designed in an oval shape which makes it fit more easily than the traditional round models.

Let’s talk a bit about outer design. You will fall in love with the Obsidian Airflow helmet easily because, from the first look, it says, “come and get me.” It combines its sleek design with a featherlight weight. It also has a removable visor, in case you want to switch from road to mountain biking.
The presence of an easily adjustable strap also makes the helmet incredibly easy to fit.


  • Make of quality materials
  • Ideal for long rides
  • Lightweight option.


  • Thinner padding than are found in other models.


4. Giro Hex Helmet

Giro Hex HelmetThe Giro Hex helmet easily ranks well as the best cheap bike helmet you can get in its category. It is cheap, but that does not take away the fact that it offers a lot in terms of protection compared to other typical road helmets.

There’s so much about the external features of this helmet that makes it one of the most talked-about today. It comes with a great dial system that helps for adjusting the tension of the helmet on your head. Beyond that, the dial also helps for tipping the helmet backward or forward, depending on how it needs to look at a particular time.

This one is specially targeted at trial riders. The visor is also designed to be detachable, although detaching may not happen as quickly as in the others that we’ve already mentioned here.

Well, let’s talk about a few other features that will interest you in this helmet. It has an in-mold construction, which makes it soft and comfortable to the head. This is actually one of the selling points of the model, so you will find it in most of their adverts.
Another standout feature is the presence of a wind tunnel ventilation system, which helps for free flow of air in and out of the helmet.

While looking at the numerous reviews online, we found out that customers are happy about how secure the helmet makes them feel. It may not be the best in terms of looks, but it offers other features to cover up for that lapse.


  • Impressive adjustment system
  • Feels secure


  • The upper rear of the shell would look better with slightly more padding.


5. JBN Adult Cycling Bike Helmet

JBN Adult Cycling Bike HelmetWith years of experience in the production of top-quality sports gear, you can tell that JBM International is a company to watch out for in this industry. The quality that the company is known for is evident in this helmet. The JBN Adult Cycling Bike Helmet is designed for all adults, irrespective of gender. There’s already a lot of hype surrounding the product. We found that there are good reasons for the hype, after all.

The availability of so many features to allow for customization is the first thing that caught our eyes in this product. Beyond that, however, the manufacturers of the product also pay a lot of importance to the safety of your head. Hence, it is indeed an ideal option for any adult. It also offers great value for money, so it is a total win if you pick it as your preferred option.

Let’s dive a bit more into the features.

The presence of an easy to use adjustment dial system adds to stand this product out. It means that you can adjust the helmet to fit securely on your head, irrespective of size or shape. There is also an adjustable side strap which is made to be easily adjustable according to your head need.

The helmet is also specially built with high resistance to shock upon impact. The construction of the helmet is done with PC and PVC, which are very tough materials. So, you can be assured of safety during any ride. The presence of an EPS foam lining further gives the helmet better ability to withstand shock while protecting the head.

The ventilation system is also worth our commendation. The helmet makes use of an aerodynamic ventilation system, which allows easy flow of air in and out of the helmet.


  • It is incredibly lightweight
  • Presence of easily adjustable straps.
  • Available in different colors.


  • The straps have a tendency of slipping off.


6. Zacro Lightweight Bike Helmet

Zacro Lightweight Bike HelmetIrrespective of your cycling experience, helmets are indispensable in your cycling career. You will always need helmets for the safety that they bring. Some of the few things you will always lookout for when buying a helmet are quality, comfort and effectiveness.

Of course these three things combine to determine the level of safety that you can expect from you helmet. However, you want to also ensure that while pursuing these qualities, your bank account doesn’t suffer.

While researching for the best bike helmets, we found that only a few helmets can provide these things as well as the Zacro Lightweight Bike Helmet does it. The company takes the protection of your head as its utmost priority while producing this helmet.

They however, do not completely sacrifice looks for quality. Hence, the birth of a helmet that comfortably combines quality with style.

During our research, we found that the Zacro Lightweight Bike Helmet is designed to not only protect your head during a big crash, but to also provide you with an incredible level of comfort, irrespective of how consistently you use it.

From the material used for manufacturing it, to its design, the company ensured to pay attention to comfort, so, you can be assured of complete protection without stress.

On other interesting features of the Zacro Lightweight Bike Helmet, we found that it is extremely lightweight, yet durable. Not every helmet out there can maintain a good balance between weight and sturdiness, but this one does it excellently.

Since the manufacturers are seriously concerned with sturdiness, they ensured to use top-quality PVC and PC to build the outer shell of the helmet. It is built to be immune to any severe damage, thus, users can be guaranteed of solid protection in times of hazards.

The helmet comes quite inexpensive, but that does not affect its quality in anyway. The intricate layout of the helmet with honey-comb like air vents, has combined with its solid structure to make it one of the best selling helmets in today’s market.


  • Very comfortable for the head
  • Relatively affordable
  • Solid build
  • Long manufacturer’s warranty


  • Doesn’t come with any reflector.


7. Retrospec CM-1 Bike Helmet

Retrospec CM-1 Bike HelmetMost cyclists will not be surprised by the inclusion of a product from Retrospec in this list. The company combines its years of experience into making one of the best bike helmets for adults. There’s so much to talk about in this helmet, and it has been generating hundreds of comments in the cycling world. For this review, let’s take you through some of its most outstanding features.

The 14 vents design of the helmet makes it a great piece for temperature regulation. So, bikers can use it, irrespective of how hot the weather condition has gotten, and still rest assured of convenience. Beyond the extra attention paid to free flow of ventilation, another reason for the popularity of this helmet is the presence of an unyielding ABS shell exterior.

This exterior combines well with a shock-absorbent EPS interior for a safe, sturdy, and comfortable piece of helmet.

While reviewing the Retrospec CM-1 Bike Helmet, we found that it also comes with a very useful google clip that helps keep your eyewear comfortably attached, irrespective of your cycling routine. It is not exactly the best looking helmet out there, but it offers a lot in functionality to cover for that lapse.


  • Safety certification
  • Good attention to comfort
  • Proper ventilation


  • A bit lacking in looks.


8. Mokfire Adult Helmet

Mokfire Adult HelmetBeing a big gun in the health and safety industry means that the MOCKFIRE International company have to constantly be among the best as far as safety equipment are concerned. It is very easy to see it has again thrown so much effort into manufacture of the MOKFIRE Adult Helmet.

Irrespective of your level of experience, this is one helmet that you can comfortably use without any complicated usage procedures. Protecting yourself just got better and finer with this Mockfire helmet on review.

There are so many incredible features that make it a standout and we will try to name as much as possible here. First, it comes with an impressive sun visor technology that does a lot to protect your eyes from the sun and any other element during any ride.

Secondly, the helmet has a lot put in place for safety and durability. It comes equipped with the CPSC and CE safety standards, so safety should not even be a cause for alarm. Additionally, its specialized ventilation mechanism helps to keep you cool at several different speeds. There is also a detachable tea light that’s added for identification during midnight rides.

At a weight of just 230 teams, you can tell that the weight is not a single issue during any usage. In fact, you will barely remember that you are wearing anything. It is also designed in an incredibly easy to use format, so understanding the different mechanisms in it is quite easy and straightforward.

There is also an adjustable strap that is added to help you adjust the helmet to fit your head, as well as hold it right from falling off.


  • Safety guaranteed
  • Made of top-quality materials
  • Highly comfortable
  • Incredibly lightweight.


  • Might seem a little overpriced to some buyers.


9. Basecamp Specialized Bike Helmet

Basecamp Specialized Bike HelmetThe Basecamp Specialized Bike Helmet ranks high as one of the safest helmets on this list. Its popularity is mainly because of the level of safety it comes with. It is also durable and it offers an amazing level of functionality. Here, let’s discuss some of its most obvious features.

This helmet is certified to meet the CPSC safety standard. It is made of tough PVC and PC, while its interior is made of EPS foam, so you can be guaranteed of high level of shock resistance. The presence of an LED backlight is so something to talk about. Obviously, the company behind its production are paying enough attention to the safety of the rider during the day and at night.

We also found the presence of a detachable brim visor interesting. The sun visor if specially designed to increase style. Beyond the looks, however, it is also well built to provide enough shade for the biker.

Hence, you can enjoy cycling, irrespective of weather conditions. One amazing thing about the visor is that it can be taken off at any time. So, you don’t have to be stuck with it at all times.

The Basecamp Specialized Bike Helmet also comes equipped with an easy to use dial system, as well as flexible side straps. These features add to help make the helmet adjustable. Hence, it can fit into all heads. It is also built to have up to 22 integrated airflow vents that allow proper air circulation at all times.

From the first sight of it, you can already tell why it is ranked as one of the best bicycle helmets in the market. It combines look with functionality so seamlessly.


  • Adjustable to fit different head sizes
  • Free airflow


  • Relatively high priced.


10. Victgoal Bike Helmet

Victgoal Bike HelmetUpon unwrapping the package, you can already tell that it has more than enough to stand it out. It has a unique look that easily gives it out as the best bike helmet. Let’s take a more in-depth look into what we are dealing with…

The style of the helmet is quite unique, offering an attractive, modern design that every rider will easily fall in love with. We found that it is produced in 10 different colors. It is obvious that the company wants you to get safety in your preferred color. However, it is often advised that you get them in bright colors for safety sake.

One of the most impressive features of this helmet is the lightness of its weight. During this review, we found that the lightweight is mainly because of its innovative design.

The retention system used in the helmet is quite a popular one that features an occipital stabilizer to allow for easy adjustment. The inclusion of a solid dial adjuster in the system means that it can be adjusted to fit any head

In order to give it the sturdy look it now has, the manufacturers used high-density expandable polystyrene for the production of its polycarbonate shell. The interior of the helmet, on the other hand, has a polyester lining enveloping foam padding for better comfort on the head.


  • Impressive build quality
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Wide variety of color options


  • Poor quality of plastic used in building the retention system.


11. Base Camp Adult Bike Helmet

Base Camp Adult Bike HelmetAgain another helmet on our list from the quality conscious company, BASE CAMP. This helmet is one of the few with looks that speaks well of its quality. The manufacturers ensured that enough is done to stand it out in terms of look. It comes with a self-conscious design there specially meant for the full protection of the head and the face.

You will be confident enough to ride through the toughest weathers, just because of how well it sits on your head. There is an attached UV protection shield which helps to shade your eyes and face from bad weather conditions, while you are on top speed.

The BASE CAMP Adult Bike Helmet uses an incredible molding technology that absorbs far more force than other regular helmets during any crash. The integral molding technology is layered under a removable padding, giving you an extra optional protection layer. It also offers additional flexibility to how the helmet lies on your head.

We also found that the BASE CAMP Adult Bike Helmet like most other helmets models from the company comes with an additional layer of micro shell that serve as cover to the ventilation holes.

Hence, creating a more aerodynamic shape that is easily removable to reveal the normal surface of the helmet. Overall, this helmet pays attention to comfort and style, and that’s why it has gained popularity among cyclists that want to maintain good style.


  • Comes with extra padding for comfort
  • Impressive ventilation system


  • A bit awkward on smaller heads.


12. Basecamp Bike Helmet

Basecamp Bike HelmetYet another entrant from this brand into our list. The presence of this product does enough to show that the brand is not a walkover in the safety industry. It has features that go further to prove its case for it. Take a look at some of them.

This Basecamp Bike Helmet is designed to look like something coming out of the future. Its has a special design that’s unique and innovative. Unlike most other helmets, the removable sun visor in this one is attached by a magnet. It is helpful for moments when you want to ride through difficult weather conditions without your sunglasses.

The manufacturers of the helmet designed this one in several beautiful colors, so that you can have something that rightly fits your style. While looking at the multiple reviews available from users of this helmet, we found that most people rank it as the best road cycling helmet because of the level of convenience it offers.

It is also easily adjustable, so you can get it to fit well. One major issue, however, is that it comes in only one side, so if your head doesn’t fit after adjustment, then that’s it or you.

The performance of the helmet is something else worth talking about. It is adequately padded with the popular EPS technology to provide additional comfort to the head. It is made durable enough to withstand a high level of shock, so you can be guaranteed of going through serious accidents.


  • Easily removable visor
  • Sleek design
  • Proper ventilation.


  • Comes in only one size.


13. Giro Register Bike Helmet

Giro Register Bike HelmetNot many bike helmets can stand up to the quality of the Register helmet from Giro. It is designed to efficiently combine sleekness, lightness, and versatility. It is built to have an internal multi-directional Impact protection system that helps in managing energy flow after a crash.

It directs the flow of energy away from your head to make you free from any potential troubles. It does all this without bringing any additional weight to the helmet.

Additionally, it has an extra EPS impact foam layer that helps to soften the blow that will be felt by the side of your head if it hits hard against something.

To add to the functionality of this amazing helmet, the manufacturers decided to make the visor detachable. Hence, it can be removed at any time you feel there is no need for it. However, it is made solid enough to shield your eyes from all the climatic elements, so you can more easily cycle through harsh weather conditions.

Its ventilation technology is also impressive and worth talking about. It offers enough airflow vents to keep it your head well ventilated as your cycle through the hottest of weathers. The only issue with this helmet is that it is slightly overweight compared to most others in its category.


  • Detachable visor that helps to keep a clear vision
  • Proper ventilation.


  • A bit weighty.


14. Gasaciods Bike Helmet

Gasaciods Bike HelmetThis helmet does well in terms of design, comfort, and breathability to rightly join the league of best bike helmets for adults. Its entire design is done to help you have good riding experience in any terrain and in any weather condition. It makes the combination of excellent technology and material seem quite easy. Its build technology helps to reduce impact and damage during any crash.

It is also built to have a tail light that is very bright to serve as warning to oncoming road users at night. This helps for safer riding at night. Apart from the safety tail light, the back of the helmet is also equipped with a rotating internal adjuster to help easy adjustment of the helmet to fit any head size.

We also found the helmet to be equipped with 22 air vents which combined well with its special pneumatic design to effectively reduce sweat during any ride. There’s also a detachable sun visor that can be attached at any time to protect the eyes and face.

There’s a lot of other reasons why this helmet is considered one of the best bike helmets, including its ability to adjust to fit different head size. The level of comfort that it offers is another standout feature that it offers too.


  • Innovative design
  • Good ventilation system
  • Eye and face protection


  • Relatively high priced.



15. Moon Adult Helmet

Moon Adult HelmetThis helmet is made for energetic riders that are in need of a lightweight helmet that still maintains a good level of sturdiness. It offers all these at a price tag that is still comparatively moderate. It is largely considered by cycling enthusiasts as the perfect helmet for cycling on roads and on mountains because of the level of comfort it provides.

The visibility of the visor is highly commendable, considering how it lets you see through the woods, even if it is filled with bushes and trees. Notwithstanding, it still does extra to provide adequate protection from dust. It is also highly resistant to high level of impacts and shocks. More precisely, it comes with an intelligent EPS foam that spreads the load during any crash.

The helmet is designed to feature 27 air vents, all well-positioned to make any ride cooler and more comfortable.


  • Offers an incredible level of versatility.
  • Special attention paid to comfort and ergonomics
  • Proper ventilation.


  • None noticeable at the time of this review.


Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Bike Helmet

Like we’ve pointed out earlier in this article, making the right choice of helmet can involve a pretty difficult process. There are so many options available, yet, only very few of them qualify to be called the best in their category. If you desire to pick the best bike helmet for your need, here are a few important factors that are worth looking at

1. Size and Shape

You need to note that different individuals have different body structure and personality. The head and face comes differently in each individual. There are three major categories for instance, including; the long oval, intermediate oval, and round oval. Before setting out to buy a helmet, it is important to know the shape of your head and face, so that you won’t end up picking a helmet that doesn’t fit. It is also important to check the size of your head in relation to the size of your choice helmet.

If you get a helmet that puts pressure on the wrong points of your head, then you don’t want to use it for riding. Usually, the best bike helmet for you would fit perfectly in like a crown, while preventing large movements.

2. Retention

When picking your choice helmet, it is important to ensure that it can stay on your head even during the worst conditions. It is only if it does this that you can be guaranteed of its protection. It’s quite easy to check this. Simply wear the helmet and fasten its strap. Once done, try to pull it off and see if it just rolls off your head or not. If it does, then try to adjust the steps. If it still doesn’t stay, then it is not the right helmet for you.

3. Visor

You already know how important a clear vision is during any ride. For this reason, you want to pick a helmet with great visor technology, since it guarantees the protection of your eyes and face from dust and other climatic elements. Usually, you should check for clarity of the visor. If you can afford it, then you should go for an anti-scratch visor.

4. Proper Cushioning

Comfort and convenience are important factors to look out for when purchasing a helmet. The primary duty of a helmet is to protect your head from serious injury in case of fatal accidents. In order to carry out this function correctly, you must ensure that the cushioning of the helmet is good enough to absorb the force during any crash and not let the impact get to your head.

Best Bike Helmets: Stay Protected with a Sturdy Helmet!

There you have it, everything you should know about a helmet before setting out to get one. Getting the best bike helmet for your need involves a complicated process. You need to be careful about the whole process if you don’t want to make any mistakes. We’ve suggested a few products above to help make the process of picking the best bike helmet easier.