Best Bike Phone Mounts 2021 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

1. Roam2. Vibrelli 3. TaoTronics

We all know that phones nowadays are much more than a tool for communicating . We use them to get our food delivered, to get around a new city, to connect with friends from all around the world and even to exercise. Nobody wants to be away from their phone for a long period of time, and cyclists are certainly not an exception.

With rides that last over an hour or errands that require that you are still connected and available, you need to find the best bike phone mount if you are going to take your cellphone with you while cycling.

There are so many things to consider when buying the best phone bike mount, but the main factor is certainly safety. There is no worse scenario than to attach your phone to your bike, set off and then have the mount bracket detach from the rail and drop your phone to the ground.

In this guide, we will walk you through different products and the positives and negatives of each one, and also help you with the factors and features of each, before you decide on the best gear.



Whether you are an avid cyclist, a casual rider or exercise-fanatic, we have the perfect phone mount for you. Keep reading and get ready to enjoy all the benefits that cycling with your phone can provide you.

Here Is Why You Should Take Your Phone While Cycling

1) Safety

The number one reason you want your phone with you at all times is so that you have access to help. So many things can happen to us outside: a flat tire, getting lost, seeing something suspicious or feeling unwell. During those times, you really need to have a means of communication at your fingertips, and having your phone right there attached to the bike body is definitely the best way to do it.

2) GPS Tracking

Sometimes, getting lost is how we find ourselves in the most amazing situations and in the most beautiful paths. Unfortunately, we usually cannot afford to look at life in this romantic way – we need to know exactly where we are going. If you are not like those people who have a good sense of direction, GPS is the best solution.

If you have a map opened on your phone and if you get lost or need to stop for a toilet break, you can just open your phone and find the next store or the way home. Really, everyone nowadays should keep their phones close by while outside.

3) Speed Tracking

If you are cycling to exercise, you would want to keep track of your miles and speed. The only way to do that is through apps on your phone that track your route and give an average on how fast you are going.

This is especially important if you are training for a competition and need to verify your progress daily – but it is also useful if you are a casual rider curious about your cycling data and accomplishments.

4) Repair Your Bike

The variety of apps we can download nowadays is impressive. From a silly app that challenges you to throw your phone in the air and asks you to calculate the height of the throw to a helpful first aid app that gives life-saving advice, it is safe to say you can find it all on your phone.

There are apps designed especially for cyclists, and some of them come with an image guide of possible problems your bike can have – and these come in handy if you break down in the middle of a path or if you have no data on your phone.

The app will walk you through the steps to fix the problem and can have you cycling back to safety in no time. With YouTube videos also featuring a range of subjects, it is likely you will find one that caters to your needs if need be.

5) Bicycle Light

Cycling with lights on is extremely important, particularly if you are riding at night time. Lack of visibility is one of the biggest dangers when it comes to accidents – especially between cars and bikes, and that can be easily avoided with a pair of front and back lights on your bike, as well as reflective clothing.

It can happen that your light doesn’t function when you are on the road and you find yourself riding in the dark and become susceptible to all kinds of accidents. In that case, a smart way to temporarily fix that is using your phone as a light.

You can use your regular phone flashlight or even download an app that works just like bike lights do, a white one for the front and a red for the back. This simple trick can save your life, as it can be very hard to spot bikes at night time. Remember that this is only a momentary solution to be used in emergencies though, as your phone light is not as strong as an actual bike light.

There are three basic types of phone mounts, and they each have their own value. Bags are more spacious while brackets are more convenient, and cases are more secure. Let’s understand that in more detail below.

Types Of Bike Phone Mount

1. Universal Frame Bags

Bags have the advantage of fitting in a larger number of phones. Sometimes the brackets only hold phones with a specific width, and because of the very nature of brackets, they are very stiff and do not allow for any leeway. Bags tend to be bigger to carry more than one item, and they are also quite flexible which helps with its universal feature.

If you need to use your phone while riding, it is important to look for a bag with a sensitive film that allows for the touch screen to still work through the bag. These kind of mounts are heavier and bulkier, but they are safe and reliable – it is very unlikely a zipper will open all the way and your phone will fall on the ground.

If you are looking for a sleek and slim model, maybe bags are not for you. But if you need a place to hold your phone, bike pump, wallet and other possessions – a bag is a good choice. They are usually connected to the bike with a velcro system and are very strong. Bags also protect your phone from rain and splashes, so this is an important point to consider as well.

2. Universal Brackets

Most brackets are compatible with a large number of phones. That means that you can use your regular case, plus the bracket for extra protection and ease. The phone is not totally enclosed inside the bracket, but the bracket does hold the phone in place. They are more convenient than bags and definitely lighter.

The materials vary – from plastic, silicone and even metal. They usually attach to the bike with a rubber grip system that has a varied number of contact points – the more the better. If you are choosing to use your phone with the case on the bracket, it is crucial to measure the width of both of them and not only the phone when comparing it with the product specifications.

3. Case Mounts

Case mounts are made specifically for phone models. They work as a regular phone case that is attached to a block that goes on the bike. Since the case is made for each phone model, this is a very secure type of mount. It is not, however, very convenient, since you need to take your phone out of your normal case and put it in the bike case every time you want to use it.

There are many different aspects you should take into consideration when looking for the best bike phone mount. Some are obvious, like what type of phone do you have and the size. Others are less known, like the type of road you usually ride on and how that can affect the fit of the mount on your phone. Let’s take a look at the most important factors to consider while purchasing a phone mount.

Best Bicycle Phone Mounts- Top 6 Factors To Look For

1. Compatibility

Different phones have different sizes, different shapes and layout. It is clear that you need to buy a phone mount that will fit your phone perfectly and attach it to the bike with ease. Your phone needs to be snug enough,that it does not swing inside the case but still has enough space to be put in and taken out without damaging the screen. They also need to be able to attach nicely to the type of bike you have.

Most phone mounts have a universal fit, and can be used with an array of different phones. If you are getting one that says is universal, it is still advisable to check for your particular brand and model among the specified list of phones. Some will only fit certain phone models, and they will usually fit these ones better because of that.

Whatever you choose to get, always analyse if you have the right one for your needs, or if you are not changing phones anytime soon. It is also important to take the word “universal” with a grain of salt on the ads, since manufacturers may not include newer models while making it.

2. Security

The last thing you should be worried about while cycling, is if your phone will fall to the ground. The attachment should be reliable and have a strong grip mechanism, that is both easy to use and secure to stay on.

As soon as you get your mount, the first thing to do is to attach it to your bike and check if its grip is good enough. If you mountain ride or cycles through a road with many potholes or obstacles, knowing that the fit is perfect is especially crucial.

3. Type Of Road

The type of road you ride on is also another thing to consider. Some phone mounts seem completely fine on pavements and smooth surfaces, but as soon as the bike goes on a more bumpy road they start to show problems and can become a real danger.

4. Weather

Do you live somewhere where the rain is constant? Or do you really just cycle in the rain a few times a year? If you do tend to get wet while cycling, the best bike phone mount for you has to come with rubber hands and waterproof material to keep your phone safe and dry. The hands must have a good grip to stay in place without slipping and maintaining the same position all along the ride.

5. Screen Visibility

If the whole point of cycling is to have access to your phone and the other benefits that this brings, it can be quite annoying to buy a phone mount and realize that it covers over a good part of your screen.

Some mounts cover an inch or more of the edge of the screen and cut your vision to battery percentage, time, speed or any other important information you need to have. Ideally, it is better to get a phone mount that comes with excellent screen visibility, and a wide transparent cover of good quality.

6. Headphone Jack And Charging Port Accessibility

It can happen that your phone fits inside the phone mount, but the headphone jack is not on the same side of the hole on the mount. What a nightmare! Always check if the bicycle phone mount has the holes on the right sides, to allow for access to all holes on your phone – that way you can connect everything you need without having to take your phone in and out of it.

Now that we covered some of the common aspects relating to this useful tool, let’s take a look at some of the best phone mount for bicycle available on the market today.

Top 10 Best Bike Phone Mounts 2021

1. Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

Roam Universal Premium Best Bike Phone MountThe Roam phone mount for motorcycles and bicycles is special because of its versatility. It has the capability to fit almost all phone types, sizes and styles. This is an excellent feature that truly helps this mount stand out from the crowd. If you are unsure as to whether your phone will fit this mount, then there is also a handy sizing guide available to investigate further.

The unique design of this mounts clamp is called the Co-Pilot. It has been specially engineered to have the largest handlebar clamp on the market and to fit a wide range of sizes. This particular mount is also highly adjustable when fitting on many different types of handlebar – from a motorbike to bikes. The mount grips to the bars using two distinct points of contact. These grips are made from a premium hard plastic grip with silicone netting. This netting is better than rubber, because it is much more strong and durable and can stretch up to 4 times its own length. This design secures each corner of your device tightly to the mount.

As with all well-made products, this one comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you ever run into a problem with this mount, you can simply and easily return it for a full refund or replacement. This unit is easy to mount and does hold securely to the bars on your motorcycle, but it is not all good news. When using this mount for city riding, the mount performs well.

However, issues arise when it is used on trail rides or ground that is not flat. The swivel mechanism is a little too loose and the mount rotates when on bumpy ground. The spring inside the machine has even been known to break easily on rough ground. An additional issue is that the rubber banding holding the phone slips in heavy rain, meaning this model is best suited for dry terrains mostly. Finally, when your phone is placed in the mount, because of the position of the grips, it does obscure some parts of the screen and the portholes.


  • A versatile grip that works with many phone models
  • Works with most handlebar sizes


  • Not best suited for bumpy ground
  • Not ideal in wet weather because of slippage


2. Vibrelli Phone Mount

Vibrelli Phone MountThis Vibrelli phone mount is also fully universal and will fit all smartphones devices up to 3.7 inches wide and will attach to most motorbike and bicycle handlebars between 0.9 and 1.3 inches. A particularly special feature of this mount design is an extra strong and extra secure adjustable clamp with a silicone band grip. It provides a firm attachment to keep your phone in place and even fits larger size phones. It has a highly flexible design that can rotate and adjust the device to any position with a unique ball and socket design.

A great advantage of this mount design is that it allows for full-screen access and viewing when in the mount and on the bike. The total screen buttons and microphone jacks are available to use without having to remove your device. A real time saver and a nice convenience.

The package comes with three silicone bands of differing colours. This means that two can be used at once to fasten and secure your phone to the mount for extra levels of safety. It also helps if you lose or break one band, to have a backup. A final plus for this mount is its super easy installation. It takes no more than two minutes to fit on your bike and be ready to go. Very convenient.

There have been some issues mounting the plus-size phones of recent years such as the iPhone 6 plus and the galaxy s8 plus. The mount is not quite big enough to fit these models well. Also on phones with a curved or infinity screen can see some coverage of important buttons by the bands. These phones were obviously released after this mount was designed and manufactured.


  • Three bands provided for extra security and back up
  • Holds phone tightly in the mount so is useful for off-road and bumpy tracks


  • Does not fit new style phones so well, especially the plus-size ones
  • Some hoes with special screen such as infinity screens will see some button coverage at the corners


3. TaoTronics Phone Mount

TaoTronics Phone MountTaoTronics have manufactured a very unique design with this device mount. It has a cradle clamp design with no-slip rubber grips, which is meant to protect your device from any damage when riding. The mount has a one-button release mechanism that allows for quick and simple adjustment or detachment of your devices. It is also easy to install and remove at will. This can be done by hand in a matter of minutes.

This mount is compatible for most devices up to 3.94 inches in width, and its excellent holder allows you to keep your hands free for riding safely. It has a 360-degree rotatable viewing angle so micro-adjustments can be made on the go.

Overall this a well-rounded mount, but it does have a few issues that can present themselves over time. The quick clamp can become a bit fiddly after a few uses and seems to take more than one hand to release the phone, not just one. The plastic material that the clamp is made from is not of the highest quality and can seem a little flimsy. It is a worry that after many uses this mount could break.

The lever has been known to bend after pressure being applied to it. Finally, the grips on this model do not grip tightly enough to inspire much confidence that your device won’t fall out at some point. A worry that is not welcome.


  • Fits a wide set phone with ease
  • Great 360-degree viewing angles


  • Not the highest quality of plastic.
  • Grip not tight enough for rough ground


4. Universal Bike And Motorbike Phone Mount

Universal Bike And Motorbike Phone MountThe manufacturer claims that this mount is ‘out and out’ universal. They say that this mount will fit any phone to any bike or motorbike with tubular handlebars. It comes with an adjustable grip with 360 rotational freedom, that means it is easy to secure and move the position of the phone and mount on your bike. This can happen because of the excellent rubberized ball and bracket design.

It also has a rubberized grip that is manufactured to be a great shock absorber when riding on rough ground. This is combined with silicone belt grips, which keep your device safe and secure. It holds super tight and makes it suitable for high-speed races and extreme events. It boasts full-screen access when the device is mounted and you are able to access your jacks and ports at will. The company will also provide a full refund if for any reason you are not happy with this item or replace it for you.

A negative with this model is that sometimes it can be tricky to adjust. The mount is durable and will last the distance, but it is very hard to tighten. The placement of the knob makes it difficult to position your phone correctly. Once the mount is on the handlebars, there is very little room to make it secure. It has also been known to see some movement when on bumpy ground and does need the occasional re-adjusting.


  • Setup is easy to achieve
  • 360-degree rotational freedom


  • Adjustment is not easy and takes some force
  • Becomes tight and stable but only after repositioning a few times


5. Mongoora Bike Phone Mount

Mongoora Bike Phone MountThis Mongoora bike mount is a high-quality bike mount manufactured using cutting edge technology. It is precision-designed,to perfectly fit any smartphone up to 3.7 inches in width. It has a rigid mount design that combines the best quality metal and plastic material.

It is said to be suitable for the most extreme users who like riding dangerously. The special extra protection comes from the durable and secure three silicone bands. They mount your device tight to the handlebars of most rides.

Again, this model comes with a 360 degrees swivel, that allows you to angle your device to any direction. The design of this model allows full access to the screen when riding, so you never have to have the annoyance of stopping and taking your phone off the mount to use it properly.

Mongoora provides a great lifetime warranty with this product, so you can be safe and secure in the knowledge that if you are not happy with your purchase then you can get your money back. No questions asked.

Unfortunately, this bike mount has been known to break after repeated use. This is due to its fairly cheap plastic material that is used for most of the mount. So if you ever flip our bike upside down when it needs repairs on the go, beware.

On bumpy ground, the clips holding the phone in place are not very good, so this may not be the best bike phone mount for mountain roads.

The phone will come out of mount but the rubber grips will keep it in place. A final point to be made is that the mount does not fit a phone with its case on, especially with larger phone models. This is inconvenient because most people will want to keep their case to protect their phone when riding their bike or motorbike. It would have been a good idea to incorporate this into the design.


  • 360 viewing rotation
  • Strong and durable silicone bands


  • Some parts are made from a flimsy plastic material
  • The mount does not fit phones with their cases on which is a shame


6. Metal Bike And Motorcycle Phone Mount

Metal Bike And Motorcycle Phone MountThis mount is special for a few reasons. The main one being that it is made completely from metal. This gives it a strong advantage over its rivals, that use mainly plastic in their designs. This mount works great and does its job excellently.

The claw clamp is very strong and easy to use and tighten on the go. A nice touch is that the hold-down straps are mainly held inside the unit itself and pull out only when needed. So on short trips when you don’t need to use a phone, it looks a lot better on the bike.

The construction on this mount is clearly high quality and it feels more than rugged. It uses a metal crowfoot clamp that is said to be totally unbreakable. The rubber bands that come with this design are also top-notch.

This mount will hold your phone secure even if it still has its case on. A real bonus. Also, removal of your phone from the mount is effortless. If you do not like the feel of plastic products, this can be the best bike phone mount for you.

This mount is a very good all-rounder and one of the strongest and safest mounts on the market. But nothing is perfect and it still has a few drawbacks. Firstly, even though it will cover most phones, it does have trouble with positioning the silicone straps in place around the edges because of the increased tension.

This increased pulling tension from the bands can lead to some annoying side effects, such as the clamp pressing one of your phone’s buttons.


  • Strong and sturdy metal design
  • Very tight claw clamp


  • Issues with large phones and silicone bands positions


7. Opamoo Mount

Opamoo MountThis particular mount has a very unique design that really something. Your phone can be placed in the front of the mount. Here you will find a high sensitivity TPU film window, where you can easily use your phone. It’s a fully enclosed system that protects your phone from the elements and provides all-round protection when riding.

The top tube bike bag is made of waterproof polyester. The seamless waterproof double zip design prevents any water actually getting into the bag and damaging your phone. This makes it perfect for extreme rides and crazy weather.

A sun protector on the top of the mount helps you see your phone screen on sunny days and direct sunlight. Also, reflective tape placed along the outer rim of the mount helps to keep you visible as a rider at night time.

This product is attached to your bike using three velcro straps that are easily placed into groves on the storage bag. This allows the bike bag to be easily installed and it will fit most types of bicycles. This phone mount and bike bag is made from a very classy composite carbon leather, which really feels good to the touch and looks great too.

Not only does this bike bag store, display and protect your phone, it also has a spacious compartment that can hold lots of things while you ride. It’s an excellent added bonus that takes this phone mount to the next level.

The design of this model is almost a home run. But unfortunately, a few issues hold it back a little. Firstly, in reality, the usage of the phone screen behind the plastic cover is limited. So specific movements will not be possible and this limits what apps you can adequately use with it on rides.

Secondly, the plastic cover also causes the phone to overheat like a sun trap on hot days, especially in direct sunlight. This may cause long-lasting damage to your phone if not kept in check.

Finally, because of the mount’s design, you have to have your phone on the centre bar and not the handlebars. This means that you have to look quite far away from what is in front of you while riding and for some, this can be a little too dangerous. It doesn’t feel as natural as the position of more traditional other style mounts.


  • Unique design that is both protective and waterproof
  • Well made using quality composite leather


  • The plastic cover can cause the phone to overheat in direct sunlight
  • The positioning of the case on the middle frame can feel somewhat unintuitive


8. Opamoo Waterproof Phone Mount

Opamoo Waterproof Phone MountAnother Opamoo Bag Mount, this one is similar in design, but it attaches itself in a different part of the bike and has updated features. Designed with the adventure seeker in mind, this mount has some peculiar features worth discussing.

The back pocket is made of waterproof leather and the transparent plastic is made of a sensitive material that lets you use the touch screen of your phone easily and effectively. The zipper is strong and also waterproof, so if you are cycling through wet terrains or rain, this is the type of mount you should get.

Furthermore, it is not only a phone mount, but a complete cycling kit. It fits sunglasses, flashlights, gloves, keys, bike pumps or anything else you may need to store for your ride. To assure you can visualize your phone’s screen, it comes with a sun visor to avoid glare. To make sure you can use your phone all the time, it has holes for cables and headphones.

If you are going on a long ride, this toll replaces all the other things and mounts you would have to take – like pump mounts and a bag for personal belongings.

To attach it to the body of your bike, use the three, strong velcro straps. Users with big phones were particularly satisfied with this bag, since it has enough room to hold wide phones even with their cases on.

It is more expensive than other models we saw here, but for the quality it offers it is certainly worth it. Since the zipper is waterproof, it can be quite hard to close or open – so if you do not like to spend time on setup, this is something to consider.


  • Waterproof
  • Very spacious
  • Quality materials
  • Touch screen film


  • Tough zipper
  • Price


9. Gub Bicycle And Motorcycle Phone Mount

Gub Bicycle And Motorcycle Phone MountThe material is one of the standout features of this phone bracket. It is made of aluminium alloy, a light, yet very sturdy material that withstands rough conditions, weather and usage. It is adjustable and thus, compatible with most phone sizes, just adjust the width between 50 to 100 millimetres and you can fit your particular phone.

A sponge on the back protects the cellphone from scratches and dents. A 360 rotation feature lets you choose how to position your phone to avoid the sun, increase visualization etc. The new handles are also quite far back on the edges, meaning you can see the whole screen when you look at it.

For durability, few can beat the Gub Mount and many users choose this bracket for that reason. Installation is easy and straightforward, but it should be noted that you need a special kind of Allen key to do it.

They do send this tool in the package, but if you end up losing it it would be hard to find another one to make adjustments. It is a bit of an annoying feature, but not a deal-breaker.

As always, check the type of bike you have, as this bracket only works for round handlebar bikes, not tapered ones. Users of wide phones have said that this actually fits their needs perfectly, and are overall very happy with the purchase. If you do not trust plastic and wants a product that will last for years, the Gub is a great choice.


  • Great material
  • Very secure
  • Adjustable
  • Good for wide phones


  • Only works with a specific Allen key
  • Only for bikes with round handlebars


10. Ailun Motorcycle Mountain Bike Phone Mount

Ailun Motorcycle Mountain Bike Phone MountSleek and elegant, the Ailun Mountain Bike Phone Mount is specially designed for tracks and rough cycling. The soft silicone gently holds your phone and makes sure nothing is scratched or damaged.

On the back, a strap with holes in it protrudes, and you simply loop around the mount on your bike and insert the end into one of the holes, making this a very adjustable tool. It is non-slip and shock absorbent, making it one of the best mountain bike phone mount you can find.

It is compatible with most smartphones, including many Android and iPhone models; it is dirt-resistant and you can wash it with no problems. If your phone is between 4 and 6 inches, this mount will fit perfectly while providing great screen visibility.

The simple design and versatile attachments support both vertical and horizontal positions for extra practicality.

Once you attach it, the product feels very sturdy and secure. Users have reported going on intense mountain rides with this tool and having no trouble whatsoever. After you start using the Ailun, bulky plastic mount brackets feel like a thing of the past.

The phone stays highly accessible the whole time, and you can use it without taking it off the bike.

Users with wider phones found it to be too tight of a fit and a problem, because it covered the headphone jack and front camera. It is advisable to measure your phone carefully and check specifications to avoid disappointments after purchase.


  • Soft silicone holder
  • Vertical and horizontal position
  • Very secure
  • Good for mountain bikes


  • Too tight for wider phones


Best Bike Phone Mounts: The Decision is Yours!

From plastic to metal, open cases or bag-style, there are many different types of phone mounts you can get. On this list, we made sure to include a variety of designs and budget, so you can be sure to find the best bike phone mount for you.

We know that bicycles and cycling gear can get very expensive, and in order to get you the best deal possible, we kept this list complete and clear.

Whatever product you end up choosing, always note that a good fit is important to keep your cellphone safe and sound on the bike. The material used should also be noted, as some phones are more prone to scratching than others.

While budget is important, it is also important to account for durability – as a good, more expensive, product that lasts for years ends up being cheaper than a less expensive one that needs replacing constantly.

In some areas, it is against the law to talk on your phone while cycling, so check the regulations based on where you live. Even if that is the case though, you can still check maps and keep GPS on, so that should not be a problem. With all that in mind, get your phone mount ready and happy cycling!