Best Cycling Shoes 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Fizik R52. Shimano SH-RP2W3. Venzo

Cycling shoes may sound like an excessive purchase for many people. After all, nothing is stopping you from wearing trainers when you’re riding your bicycle. If you end up getting a pair of the best cycling shoes, though, the difference will be so significant we guarantee you will never go back.

Cycling is not the most comfortable sport there is. Stay on a bike for long enough, and you are likely to get sore glutes, stiff legs and a tense back. It is all worth it for the fantastic muscle exercise and health benefits, though, and it is one of the least impact workouts there is, making it safe and effective. But why not try to make it as comfortable as possible? That is possible with gears like best shoes for cycling.



In this guide, we will provide all the information you need about cycling shoes, including why to buy them, the difference between models, and a fully comprehensive list of the best cycling shoes available today in the market.

Best Cycling Shoes: How to Choose one?

1) Material

Material is of extreme importance when buying the best cycling shoes. The top part should be breathable and easy to clean; the soles should be made of sturdy material. Also, the hooks have to be secure and reliable. You do not want to get shoes that will break on the first ride, both for your money but also for safety.

When walking, if you fall down the chances of you getting injured are slim. If you are going up a hill or on a busy road though, and your shoes come undone, you can suffer significant harm.

2) The Rigidity Of The Soles

The whole point of cycling shoes is to allow for maximum power transfer when you ride. Soft and flexible soles waste a ton of energy by bending, and that means you work harder and get fewer results. Very stiff soles will give you much more power when riding.

3) Cleats

The cleats are the connection between the shoe and the pedal. With the clipping bikes, you can pull and push the pedals more efficiently, and if the cleats are badly made, the link will not work correctly, and you can even get hurt.

40 Safety

Bike shoes should disconnect from the pedals in case of fall, so check for that. If you are falling, and the shoes continue to be linked to the bike, it can be a lot worse than it would be in the first place.

Top 20 Best Cycling Shoes 2021

1. Fizik R5 Road Cycling Shoe

Fizik best Cycling ShoeThe first product on our guide may well be the one you end up buying, that’s how good they are. The Fizik Road Shoes come with a BOA tying system that works wonders for your feet. The BOA technology works by replacing the regular knots with wires and a knob that controls how tight or loose you want your shoes to be.

It uses velcro and an enveloping arrangement that secures the shoe in place and makes you feel comfortable and protected. This way of closing it works for narrow or wide feet alike, giving a snug and tight wear. Its soles are made of carbon- very light and very stiff. Regular cyclists feel a good power retainment and a reliable performance using the Fizik shoes.

The quality of this model does not disappoint, which is valid for all Fizik products. There are gripping silicon dots on the back of the heel to avoid slipping at each pedal stroke – a nice added touch that surprised us. They do have cleats, so if you need the clipping mechanism designed for serious racers, this is the right pair for you.

The material is durable, and the manufacturer guarantees a two years warranty. Some users found the soles to be warm, and if you are prone to heat rashes or live in a scorching area, it is recommended to use light socks. The price is competitive and worth the investment, they were considered one of the best road cycling shoes in 2018.

Many users are particularly happy about the design of the shoes, and after looking at them, we can understand why. They look polished and sleek, with a discreet but powerful look to them. If you are a weekend cyclist that still wants a high-quality cycling shoe that will not break the bank – this is the model to get.


  • Carbon rigid soles
  • Great fit for narrow or wide feet
  • Tight and secure closure


  • Not good for hot weather


2. Shimano SH-RP2W Road Shoe

Shimano SH-RP2W Road ShoeThe Shimano is a great women’s cycling shoe. Many users have used these shoes both for cycling outside and for spin classes and gym use. These shoes are a very affordable option for those who just took up cycling and don’t want to invest in a professional pair of shoes.

The soles are fibreglass- reinforced nylon and are rigid enough that you feel a difference from regular shoes and provide high leg – pedal power transfer. The top part is made with breathable fabric, a type of fake leather, that allows for airflow and heat distribution.

If you are used to plastic sole trainers, it can be slightly tricky to adapt to the stiff soles of cycling shoes. The Shimano road shoes are on the high end of the beginner cycling shoes, so they are an excellent bridge between regular sneakers and expert models. They are great for warm summer months and have a holed exterior that serves as vents.

The closing system has a velcro strap positioned right at the end – that is designed for adaptability on the toe box. If you have wider feet, you can keep it loose, or if you have narrow feet, you can tighten it. Some users have reported that the size is different from other brands, but they do have a sizing chart that should be analysed carefully.

The cleats are easy to attach and use, and are very reliable. It is essential to notice, though, that they are not included with the shoes – so get and add them separately. They work better with Shimano’s cleats but are designed to accept any clips.


  • Good for beginners
  • Very breathable
  • Specially design for women


  • Purchase does not include cleats
  • Sizing can be a bit off


3. Venzo Mountain Bike Shoes For Men

Venzo Mountain Bike Shoes For MenThis Venzo Mountain Bike shoes are a revelation when it comes to value for money shoes. Not only are they already an excellent quality budget pair of shoes, but also come with matching pedals for your bike. These pedals are Shimano’s compatible, so you get the quality of the pedals with the low price of the shoes.

The pedals are aluminum constructed, making them durable and light. The shoes have a secure fastening system and are airy, with mesh panels to keep it breathable and dry. They also have a removable fabric sock liner that adds to the comfort these shoes provide. They have a slanted heel to make it more versatile and permit walking and hiking – perfect for dismount and going up a hill if needed.

The pedals come marked with a “right” and “left” sign to help to assemble. They can be used on both sides: on one, you clip the shoes and use the clipping feature. On the other, you use it normally with any shoe you own. That makes things more comfortable if you are looking for adaptability in your daily life.

Men especially reported enjoying the Venzo shoes to keep their feet cool, having a great style with different designs available and great price for the combo. Since the pedals are hybrid and only have clipping for cleats on one side, it can take a bit of practice and skill to get it right quickly.

Some users have noticed that the shoes are more suited for those with narrow feet. If your feet do not swell a lot while riding, you should consider giving the Venzo a try.


  • Combo of pedals shoes with great price
  • Very breathable
  • Hybrid pedals


  • Better suited for narrow feet


4. Louis Garneau Multi Air Flex Bike Shoes For Women

Louis Garneau Multi Air Flex Bike Shoes For WomenThe Louis Garneau Bike shoes claim to be the most versatile and best cycling shoes you can get under $100. They are flexible for cycling and walking, and that is one of the reasons they are so popular. You can go from your house to the gym, and even cycle to work- all with the same footwear.

They are a particular favourite for spinning classes. Since these classes are high intensity, fast-paced exercise, there is no time to stop and adjust your accessories. Speed changes a lot too – you need to be able to go from slow to fast in seconds, and vice versa. Because the Louis Garneau is light and has a very snug, comfortable fit, they are ideal for these situations.

The soles are made of nylon and fibreglass; they are rigid but have heel support for walking. Their grip is also impressive, and the entire shoe is well-ventilated, the top part is made of synthetic leather and mesh material.

Some reviews recommend you consider your size and go up one for a better fit since they have a small mould. Even though they are created with spinning in mind, they are still a solid choice for road cycling, and their cleats attach quickly and safely.


  • Versatile for walking and cycling
  • Well-ventilated
  • Great price


  • Sizing is small


5. Gavin Elite Road – Men’s Shoes

Gavin Elite Road - Men’s ShoesHave you ever felt like your shoe is almost the perfect fit? Like if you adjust it one per cent more, it would fit you like a glove (or sock)? The Gavin Elite Road knows that and added a bonus, micro-adjustable little bucket to its fastening system for extra fine-tuning.

They are also a lot cheaper than competitive models and compatible with several clipless pedals. Unlike many cycling shoes, they come with cleats included, so it is an efficient purchase. Their material is a mix of mesh and faux leather, but they look carbon fibre and expensive.

When looking for the best cycling shoes, it is vital to understand that size matters a lot. Even a high-quality shoe will not work if they are not completely adapted for your feet. Too loose and they are a danger for you, they can come out of your feet and the bike, causing you to fall. Too tight and they make your toes numb and sore. Gavin Elite has an accurate size system easy to understand and to apply to your regular shoe size.

Unless you are a professional cyclist or if you wear cycling shoes twice a day, these shoes deliver what they promise for their price: a reliable and comfortable shoe with a rigid nylon fibreglass sole and cleats included.


  • Great price
  • Comfortable
  • Cleats included


  • Not for professionals


6. New Balance – Women’s Shoe

New Balance - Women’s ShoeThis New Balance’s model is specially created for indoor cycling, even though nothing is stopping you from taking these amazing shoes everywhere you go. The materials that New Balance uses are always checked for quality and durability, so you know you can trust them.

The mesh on top is made with a synthetic fabric that is very breathable and cool, helping you not to sweat. The velcro fasting is super easy to take on and off, and the soles are very stiff for maximum power transfer between your body and the bike. The innovative thing about them is that they have a midsole made of EVA- an incredible light material that helps you fell fast and agile.

They are compatible with all SPD pedals and come in many exciting colors, like the metallic gold and the solar yellow. If you need shoes that are effective for cycling but still easy to walk with- these are a perfect choice. You can walk on them even with the cleats attached. Women with wider feet had some problems with the shoes, so study sizes carefully.

The velcro is so strong that you do not have to worry about the shoe opening by mistake. Many women have said this is the most comfortable pair of spinning shoes they had, so consider the New Balance when looking for cycling or spinning shoes.


  • Strong velcro
  • Interesting colors
  • Great material


  • Can be a problem for people with wide feet


7. Shimano SH-RP1 Cycling Shoe – Men’s Shoes

Shimano SH-RP1 Cycling Shoe - Men’s ShoesShimano is such a good brand that we decided to include it twice in our list of best road cycling shoes. While Shimano is well known for mountain bike shoes, this high-end model designed for beginner road races does not disappoint. It is feature-packed, modern and will give you an edge in competitions or exercise.

Going up and down hills can be hard on races, the carbon made soles are incredibly stiff and transfer peak power through their clipping connection. The shoe is broad with a smart mechanical closure, so it is adaptable for all kinds of users – from wide to narrow feet. The open mesh keeps you ventilated and dry in all situations.

The insoles are dual-density, which means they are made from two layers of quality material that absorb shock much better than a regular insole. The soles are on the scale of 6 from 12 on the Shimano’s rigidity and transfer power effectively. Users are notably happy with the fit and comfort of these shoes, although size runs a bit small. It is advisable to buy a size up from your regular size.

The top part is made with a mix of synthetic leather and polyurethane – a light combination that gives these shoes an extra edge. The carbon sole absorbs not only shock but also vibrations from the bike, so when you wear them, you experience a smooth ride. They have a double hook closing feature that secures them in place and adds comfort. If you are looking for quality shoes that won’t break the bank, the Shimanos are a safe choice.


8. Gavin Road Bike Mesh Cycling Shoes

Gavin Road Bike Mesh Cycling ShoesGavin’s unisex model is comfortable and durable, with a very airy mesh top. Gavin delivers a range of different cycling shoes all at a budget price. That means you can choose based on your exact needs, or even get more than one pair, and still save money.

Users are happy with the comfort the shoes provide and have reported using them for months with no sign of damage. They are not the most stylish footwear, but with cycling shoes, that is not the first thing to worry about. The shoes are made with fake leather as many others and are light and perfect for riding during the day or at night.

One important feature that many brands overlook is reflective material. A large number of people ride their bikes alongside cars on the roads, and that can lead to an accident. Cyclists need to be completely visible and even flashy so that the drivers can be extra careful around them. These shoes have a reflective material in their composition that shines when car lights beam on them.

The one thing customers complained about repeatedly is the size charts, which runs small for some people but works for others. That can cause a little confusion when you are trying to get the best shoes for cycling that fit you well. Other than that, the cleats connect easily, and they have excellent heel support – a plus for spinning classes, since you probably want to mount and dismount the bike a few times over.

The soles are made from hard plastic and are stiff enough to cycle with a high power transfer. Beginners especially enjoyed the quality for the price, and many people got more than one pair. If you need cycling shoes for road cycling or indoor biking and you are not a professional racer, consider giving these a try.


  • Great budget price
  • Consistent quality
  • Comfortable
  • Reflective material


  • Confusing size chart
  • Not the most elegant model


9. Gavin Velo Road Bike Cycling Shoe

Gavin Velo Road Bike Cycling ShoeThis is such a reliable brand that it has come up many times in our guide. Gavin knows how to make comfortable shoes that are safe to ride and cheap to buy. It is a brand to look for if you are getting into the world of cycling.

People with wide feet can have a lot of trouble when buying shoes. Some even end up with numb toes for an extended time – that is not what you want when you go for a big ride. This specific model of Gavin shoes seem to please people with broad feet, and many have said that they have the right size toe box and a comfortable fit. Feet tend to swell up after exercise, cycling or a lot of walking, so you want to give your foot a little extra room.

They do not come with cleats so you may need to order separately, but they are easy to set up, and they match with most bikes and cleats. The soles are perforated for extra ventilation, and the closing system is composed of three velcro bands that are very strong and satisfyingly envelop the feet.

Performance is high on people’s minds when it comes to sports. With the right cycling shoes, you can get even 2.5 extra miles on an average spin class, and a pair of Gavin’s are the right shoes. Get them if you want a reliable pair for a fair price.


  • Good value for money
  • Great for wide feet
  • Comfortable


  • Do not come with cleats


10. Tommaso Pista – Women’s Shoe

Tommaso Pista - Women’s ShoeTommaso is a brand committed to customer service and complete warranty. This pair of shoes is one of the best-sellers in terms of cycling shoes for women, and that is not for no reason. These fashionable and reliable cycling shoes are one of the best you can get for under $80.

They are compatible with many different pedals, so you do not need an adaptor. They are incredibly versatile and designed for spinning, road biking, commuting and short walks. You can use them with a two cleats system or a three cleats system with no problems. Mesh, synthetic leather and fibreglass soles complete the overall composition of these shoes and guarantee comfort and effectiveness.

The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty that brings peace of mind for the purchase. They come in many sizes too, unlike some other models, and are suited for small, big, narrow or wide feet. The colours are pretty and discrete, with a pink, green or blue line that adds flair. Users with foot pain reported that the Tommaso helped with riding and offered comfort no other shoe for this price range did.

In some shoes, the cleats recede into the sole, making for a very comfortable and seamless walk. That is not the case with the Tommaso, the clip connects straight to the sole, and it can be a bit awkward to walk longer distances, but that does not change how well they cycle. Get them if you want cute shoes that are versatile and give you power when cycling.


  • Good design
  • Comfortable for all types of feet
  • Two-year warranty
  • Versatile


  • Cleats do not recede into the sole


11. Giro Rumble Vr MTB Shoes – Men’s

Giro Rumble Vr MTB Shoes - Men’sGiro offers a refreshing look for those looking for a more casual cycling shoe. One of the joys of trail or mountain cycling is getting off the bike and doing some trekking, and that is not possible with most cycling shoes. The cleats make it challenging to walk for an extended period, the stiff sole adds an extra challenge, and the overall design is not fitted for it.

That is not the case with the Giro Rumble. The balance between performance and looks is tough to achieve, and many cycling shoes give up trying entirely and settle for an unattractive design to achieve effectiveness. Giro Rumble, on the other hand, looks fantastic; the shape is sleek and elegant, the material is leather, and the mesh is strategically placed around in patches for better functionality and appearance.

The closing system is not velcro, like many other cycling shoes, but laces. They are not your regular laces though, they are more like straps, and they can be adjusted with just one pull, in or out of the bike. For safety, the strings don’t just hang on the sides but rest conveniently inside lace pockets the shoe offers.

The soles are made of rubber and are both stiff for cycling and flexible for walking. You can use them for road cycling, triathlons and trail cycling, but they are not the best choice for intense mountain cycling. They have amazing grip and traction and have a padded heel for extra comfort. Because it’s top is made of leather, it is advisable to clean it after use to keep the appearance fresh and clean.

Users have said that the cleats don’t protrude, the size chart works great, and they are as versatile as promised. Get them if you are looking for a mix between walkability, performance features, comfort and style.


  • Versatile
  • Beautiful design
  • True to advertising


  • Not cut out for mountain cycling
  • Needs cleaning after use


12. Giro Techne Cycling Shoes – Women’s

Giro Techne Cycling Shoes - Women’sGiro’s women’s model is also a fashion statement combined with cycling shoes. It has come back to the velcro system for easy use but kept design and style in mind. Because Giro also makes expensive, high tech shoes for world-renowned professional racers, you can be sure that that technology will eventually reach their more budget options. That makes this brand one of the most consistent ones making the best road cycling shoes in 2016, 2017 or present day.

The results of the size chart are spot on, so you can trust the company and know you will get a great fit. They are more comfortable than other budget models, and they clip right in on spinning bikes or road bikes. Soles are nylon-reinforced plastic and are stiff enough, and are also a mix between sturdiness for cycling and flexibility for comfort.

Colors vary between the classic black and the elegant silver, and the three velcro straps securely hug the feet. Some users had problems with the tongue being too long and a little uncomfortable, but if you wear good socks, that should not be a problem. They are easy to clean, easy to put on and take off and easy to attach cleats, and an overall crowd-pleaser.

Get them if you want budget shoes that are still made from a reputable company using cutting edge technology. Even though they are a little pricier than other options, they are still a great under $100 pair.


  • Reliable maker
  • Elegant design
  • Comfort as number one priority


  • On the high end of the budget choices
  • The tongue is a little long for some


13. DiamondBack Men’s Shoes

DiamondBack Men’s ShoesDiamondback brings a different approach to cycling shoes. The body and upper part are made of suede and mesh for comfort and ventilation. The bottom section has a double sole technology, with the outer one being made of rubber for an excellent grip and the mid-one with a fibreglass nylon material for stiffness.

The toe box and heel part are reinforced with leather to make them last longer and look better, and the mesh is sewn in instead of glued – these are definitely shoes made with quality in mind. The fact they are so sturdy and well-made makes them the perfect pair for mountain biking.

Mountain biking is different from road cycling, it is more intense, there are more hills and arduous terrains, and it takes a lot of bike control. The Diamondback allows the rider to feel completely secure while cycling, and to use the legs and body to move the bicycle in specific ways in different trails. The cleats come right out by themselves in case of an accident, just like they should to prevent further injuries.

Even though they are so suitable for riding, you can still walk on them with no problems. Because they are so strong, they can be a little too heavy for some users, so do think about that. They don’t come with cleats, so make sure to purchase good ones alongside the shoes; they should be compatible with all different kinds.


  • Strong
  • Good for mountain cycling
  • Made with safety in mind


  • Heavy
  • Don’t come with cleats


14. Gavin MTB Mountain Bike – Men’s and Women’s Shoes

Gavin MTB Mountain Bike - Men’s and Women’s ShoesThis lightweight model looks different than the other Gavin shoes, which proves the company can deliver in many different ways. They have a two-bolt cleats system compatible with SPD pedals, carbon fibre hooks and mesh panels. The perforated soles and insoles add breathability and allow for a quick dry, and a special notch around the tongue area makes for a much better ankle movement.

They have excellent customer service and answer promptly. Since many people have trouble with sizing with even the best cycling shoes, this is an additional advantage. They say they are a great indoor cycling gear, but are actually quite sturdy and robust and can be used outside too. Users have reported they are just as good as other models that cost two times more.

As with other cycling shoes, it is advisable to order one size more than your regular shoes. This is important for three reasons; one is that most shoe companies use the European size system, which is different from the American charts, so we need to allow some room for error. The other is that it is a good idea to wear good quality thick socks for extra comfort, so your feet will feel bigger than they are. And finally, as we mentioned before, all feet swell up after exercising.


  • Reliable shoes
  • Breathable


  • Sizes are small


15. Giro Carbide R Bike Shoes – Men’s

Giro Carbide R Bike Shoes - Men’sGiro delivers another quality cycling shoes with this model. The classic three straps velcro is very strong, the outsole is both flexible and sturdy, and the mesh is very airy. The cleats recede perfectly into the soles, and you cannot feel them while walking, even on pavement.

They deliver a $200 feel with under $100 price, and you really can’t ask for better in this price range. In terms of performance, changing into clipless pedals and shoes is the best decision you can make about your cycling. The Giro Carbide’s more significant advantage point is that it has two extra toe spikes that you can connect to the pedals and get that additional support you sometimes need, especially when going uphill.

The material is treated with anti-bacterial products which are great to prevent athletes foot and other infections. The arch-support is also a strong point and a favorite among users. Get this shoe if you want feature-packed footwear with modern technologies, all for an exceptional price. People with narrow feet found them to be particularly comfortable.


  • Anti-bacterial fabric
  • Modern footwear
  • Toe spikes for extra support


  • Too narrow for some


16. Louis Garneau Jade – Women’s

Louis Garneau Jade - Women’sThis sleek-looking leather made cycling shoe is excellently crafted. It is clipless and breathable, with support and comfort for all riding types. Whether your style is indoor training, casual weekend rides or intense spin classes, this shoe will do a solid job.

The fit is standard, which allows for an all-day riding if you so wish. This is coupled with hook and loop fasteners that means almost instantaneous adjustments can be made on the fly. This shoe weighs a meagre 9.6 0z (226 grams) (size 38), and you will hardly be able to feel it.

This elegant design is made to be extra breathable, allowing your feet to stay fresh throughout the ride. They possess a patented ventilated outsole for extra comfort and breathability. Don’t let the lightness of this shoe fool you though; they are constructed with super tough nylon and fibreglass outsoles. As a result, the heel is very well protected and supported throughout the ride.

The Louis Garneau Jade shoe is highly compatible and fits all major roads and SPD pedals. The style of this shoe stands out amongst the pack. The velcro system makes them accessible and ideal for beginners if you are starting.

One downside we have found is that arch support for arched feet isn’t perfect and could be improved. This issue can be easily solved with inserts. Also, it would be useful to be able to clip the shes together to make transporting them easier, but alas, it’s not to be.


  • Fashionable and sleek
  • Very breathable
  • Good ankle support


  • Average arch support
  • Can’t clip together for easier carrying


17. Tommaso Montagna 100 – Men’s Shoes

Tommaso Montagna 100 - Men’s ShoesThe Tommaso Montagna 100 Men’s shoe is special insomuch that it offers a factory-direct service. This means that the company can offer a higher value shoe for a very competitive price.

This shoe places emphasis on power by harnessing high tech reinforced fibreglass soles. These soles give extreme support to the foot and ankle, and as a result, the energy transfer from leg to pedal is very high. This is fresh out the lab technology and means riders can go for longer and faster, with a smaller effort outlay.

The shoe is engineered from synthetic leather, so the animal conscious amongst you can rest easy. This highly comfortable material grips the foot, to allow for all-day rides. Of course, like most cycling shoes, it as a breathable mesh to keep the foot cool and prevent overheating.

The Tommaso Montagna 100’s distinctive trick though, is its versatility. It combines comfort with action, resulting in a highly versatile and high-performance shoe, perfect for outdoor and indoor rides of all intensities. It has a super low profile hook and velcro lock straps, which give a streamlined fit. This means safety and comfort all year round.

This shoe comes with a 100% Fit Guarantee, fit return and a 2-year manufacturers warranty. So if you are unsure as to your size, you can return it if needed. A slight niggle with this shoe is that when riding, the tongue slips down the front. This happens, no matter how the velcro straps are fastened. It can also add pressure to the foot above the toes and is a little frustrating on long rides.


  • Strong and sturdy shoes with excellent weight transfer from foot to pedal.
  • Great manufacturer size with returns


  • A common issue with the tongue moving from the desired position when riding created unwanted pressure on the foot.


18. Pearl Izumi – Women’s Shoes

Pearl Izumi - Women’s ShoesThe Pearl Izumi Women’s shoe is priced at the higher end of our selections. But you do get a lot of technology and expertise for your money. First off, they have a seamless composite upper layer providing ultimate breathability and fit. This prevents hotspots by individually adjusting to the contours of your foot.

On top of this is a one to one anatomic triple strap structure which almost totally forgoes any pressure on your instep. The Pearl Izumi shoe has what is known as a composite power plate (CPP). This results in excellent strength and ruggedness in the face of constant use.

If you need a shoe that is comfortable as well as strong, this might be the shoe for you. It has an EVA rubber and foam heel. Now what this means is that you can as adequately walk in this shoe as a ride with it. Perfect for any occurrence. And unlike some other shoes at a lower price point, this one comes with excellent arch support, both longitudinal and transverse by way of a specially engineered insole.

Now, as a word of caution, the faux leather material is not for everyone and does not do the shoe justice when conveying the advanced technology within. The bright blue colour is also not for all tastes, so choose your colour wisely. Maybe opt for the classy white or black alternatives.


  • Advanced technology that comes from many years of knowledge and expertise from Izumi
  • Great arch support


  • Faux leather material is not for everyone, and the blue option is a little loud


19. Tommaso Milano – Men’s Shoes

Tommaso Milano - Men’s ShoesThe Tommaso Milano Men’s commuter spin shoe comes in at a very competitive price point. As with all Tommaso cycling shoes, it comes straight from the factory. This means that you will get a high level of quality for a great value price. Added to this is Tommaso’s 100% fit and return guarantee. Not to be missed.

The styling of this shoe is more like a general trainer. This means that this shoe is amazingly comfortable with a relaxed look and feel. It is targeted at the everyday commuter and casual cyclist who needs a shoe to do a little bit of everything.

It comes with a comfortable a highly cushioned sole that allows you to jump off your bike and walk just as easily as a regular trainer. This extreme is one of this shoe’s top-selling points and is hard to match with other shoes of this sort. Now don’t go thinking that because this shoe is versatile that it lacks power and strength because that is not the case. It has a hidden inner shank plate, allowing for maximum power transition from foot to pedal.

It also has a traditional style lacing system, which makes it feel like a tennis shoe, while still having all the benefits of a cycling shoe. This system lends itself well to a tight lace-up, with a steady course around the foot.

The shoe comes with a recessed cleat that allows for excellent walking capabilities in urban environments. It has reinforced nylon that gives exceptional durability and performance as well as an active outsole for unrivaled power transfer.


  • Extremely versatile for commutes and long-form rides
  • Strong lace-up and grip around the foot


  • Not compatible with the Shimano Click’R PD-T421 Platform SPD Pedals as the platform material on the clip inside is not high enough
  • meaning the bindings will not connect properly


20. Giro Civila – Women’s Shoes

Giro Civila - Women’s ShoesThe giro Civilian Women’s cycling shoe is made from a luxurious natural, high-quality leather. As a result, they don’t look particularly like cycling shoes, which is a plus for many. They are particularly well made and have a gorgeous suede material on the heel.

They weigh in at 275g (size 39) which is about standard for this type of shoes. What does make them stand out though is the Aegis antimicrobial treatment, which is a fabric enhancement that provides the shoe with added protection against germs and bacteria. This is great for combating those pesky odors after a long ride.

They have a more traditional tennis shoe style lace-up system, which provides great grip around the shape of your foot while riding. They also have a strap to secure the laces if you are worried about them getting caught while riding.

This shoe is perfect for long rides and is supremely comfortable. They give support without placing too much pressure on the toes, which can cause numbness from some shoe designs. The shoe provides fantastic arch support and excels as a shoe for recreational riding and spin classes as well as the more professional level races and rides.

A downside of this particular model shoe is that, because of the walking surface design, it is only compatible with certain pedals. The SPD cleat is recessed that much that it will not fit some pedal models so please check this before purchase.


  • Cute, stylish looking design with laces that make them look like regular tennis/ fashion sneakers.
  • Exceptional arch support.
  • Aegis antimicrobial treatment


  • Can run a little narrow, so check sizes properly
  • Do not work with some SPD pedals


Different Types Of Cycling Shoes

Even though there is an overwhelming amount of cycling shoes that you can choose from, picking the right one does not need to be an arduous task. We are here to guide you through the process, and the first step is to identify the different kinds of shoes available and which one is the right fit for your needs. These are the most common types:

Mountain Bikes Shoes

If you are going mountain cycling, chances are a lot of hiking is involved too. Mountain bike shoes are designed with that in mind and are quite versatile. Nobody wants to keep changing shoes every time you are getting on and off the bike.

They can look a bit like hiking shoes, but their soles have a clipping feature that attaches the shoes to the pedals as necessary. Those clips are usually placed inside the sole as to not impede walking. Their soles are rigid enough to increase efficiency while still being walkable.

Road Bikes Shoes

Road bike shoes are not as versatile, and their rigid soles can be hard to stroll on. If you have a road bike though, chances are you are racing on pavement and want to go as fast as possible. If that is the case, regular shoes disperse so much energy that they can affect your performance.

Their soles are made of either carbon or plastic and are incredibly stiff. Stiff soles do not lose power between your legs and the pedals, and riding with them requires much less effort. They also come with a three-bolt clipping system that provides extra stability that racers need.

City Bikes Shoes

City bikes shoes can also be used in different settings and situations. The soles are commonly made of rubber, and the inside of the shoe is very comfortable. The cleats (clips) withdraw inside the shoe for walking purposes, and most commuter bikes shoes are a mix of road shoes and everyday shoes.

7 Reasons To Invest In Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes can make your experience better in many ways. With them, your riding is safer, more enjoyable and much faster. We compiled a list of seven reasons that should convince you that they are worth the money:

1. They make you more comfortable. They connect to the bike pedals, making it easier to ride and ensure your feet feel supported and in place.

2. They allow you to perform better. When you cycle, the energy goes from your body to the bike through your feet. That means that the more energy you save on this transfer, the faster you will ride. Trainers have thick soles that disperse most of that energy. Other types of shoes are bendy and lose a lot of power moving and curving.

3. They fit you (and your bike) perfectly. The best shoes for cycling will be a perfect size and shape for your feet. Each type of bike also requires a different kind of shoe, so if you are a road cyclist, you can get the best road cycling shoes explicitly made for this purpose.

4. Breathable material. Apart from the stiff soles, they also have a mesh material on top that allows for maximum air circulation.

5. They clip to the pedals. Experienced riders will not only push the pedals down but also pull the pedals up to get the most power in each stroke. If your shoe is connected to the pedals, that makes it much more comfortable, and you can get twice more energy than you would get with regular shoes. It also means you can pull the pedals up for a quick stop.

6. It is safer to ride with cycling shoes. When you are sprinting or riding uphill, it can be dangerous if your feet come out of the shoes or disconnect from the pedals. The snug fit and clipping feature of the cycling shoe assure that does not happen. They also come with reflective parts to make the cyclist visible on roads.

7. They are lighter than regular sneakers. Lighter shoes mean you carry less weight in general and is subsequently faster.

Best Cycling Shoes: Choose a Comfortable Shoe!

The technology used for the best cycling shoes is very specific and modern. When trying to buy the best possible option, consider this comprehensive guide and rest assured, you will be thinking about all the different factors. Exercising should be a big part of everyone’s life, and getting the proper gear can make a difference between sticking to a sport or giving up. If you buy the perfect shoes, cycling will continue to be an exciting, comfortable and challenging experience.