Best Hitch Bike Racks 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Allen Deluxe2. Allen 4 Bike3. Swagman XC

If you travel enough or if you are making one big trip and don’t want to leave your bike (or bikes) behind, it is crucial to get the best hitch bike rack to attach it to your car. That means a rack that is user-friendly, secure, and durable. Whether you are an avid road racer or an adventurous mountain biker, you need to have a way to take your bike with you when you travel.

In this guide, we will cover the 20 best hitch bike rack for the money, and also show you the features and aspects you should look for when shopping for this gear. Some small specifications that may not seem relevant to the untrained eye but are crucial to making the right choice. Luckily for you, all you need to know is comprised and organized on this comprehensive guidebook.



What Is A Hitch Bike Rack And How To Use It

We know that if this is your first time buying a rack, this can be an overwhelming process. All the different types and configurations can be very confusing. It is effortless, though; a hitch bike rack is a rack that attaches itself to the hitch of your trailer.

A hitch is the reinforced metal structure attached to the back of your vehicle. You need to attach the rack directly into the receiver of the hitch, and they should fit perfectly. They will generally lock in place with a nut and a bolt, and some extra safety chains.

Because the rack is such a big device that carries very heavy gear, it can get unstable and shaky. That is not ideal, as it can lead to parts detaching and falling on the road or too much shaking. Many racks come with an anti-wobble mechanism on the hitch connector part.

The nut and bolt can be tightened so much that they leave no leeway for vibrations and make the rack much more stable. When setting up, always try not to leave anything loose.

Apart from nuts and bolts, hitch racks also have saddles to rest the bike’s frames or arms or platforms to hold bikes. As you don’t want the wheels of your bikes to spin around while you are driving, extra velcro straps are usually added to secure them.

Another great feature that some racks carry is the tilt-away button that makes it easy for you to angle the rack away from the car, thus allowing you to have access to your trunk without the need to dismount the bikes.

These are the most common components of this type of rack, and it should give you an idea of why they are so good. You may have seen other types of racks available, though, and are wondering if they are the right choice for you. In the next section, we will cover the other kinds of bicycle racks and what are their features.

Why Use A Hitch Bike Rack?

There are many ways to attach one or more bikes to your car. You can use roof type mount racks – they attach to the roof of the car and are very secure, but more expensive and add fuel consumption to the vehicle. Boot racks – they are effortless to fit and very versatile, but also the least secure method, and it can damage your car.

Finally, hitch racks – they attach to the hitch on the back of your car and are very safe, don’t get in the way of your driving and are reasonably priced. There are many things to consider when buying a rack for your bicycle, so let us look closely into why hitch racks are the right choice for you.

It allows for multiple bikes to be carried.

It is hard to find a roof rack that fits four bikes, as it would be very dangerous to do so. The best way to carry multiple bikes is by using a hitch bike rack. They are safe and reliable, and the locking and strapping mechanisms do hold four bikes together, even in very long and bumpy rides.

Keep vehicle height the same.

While it may seem like it is not a big deal and we would always remember that we are carrying bikes on the top of the car, that is not always true. While driving, we often rely on automatic responses to carry on tasks such as braking, turning, or maneuvering. That can lead to accidents if you are not used to driving with bikes atop the car and go through a low bridge, for example. With roof racks, air resistance is also an issue, and that could even make your car use more fuel to make up for it.

No need to take bikes apart

Many different rack styles today require you to detach one or even two wheels before mounting your bikes on. That is highly inconvenient, as you have to take the extra time and effort to do it. Roof racks especially need that to work well, and with them being so high up, that can be an annoyance. Besides, you then have to find a storage place for those loose wheels somewhere in our car. That defeats the purpose of having a rack that keeps your bike outside the car in the first place.

Easy to install

The hitch racks have the easiest installation of all different racks. Most take only twenty minutes or less to set up, and that does not influence the stability of them.

Easy to load and unload bikes

Just imagine having to lift a whole bike to the roof of your car every time you need to take your bike somewhere. If you are a daily rider or if you need to carry two bikes, that can be difficult or even impossible for some people. Hitch racks are low down and very convenient to use. Lift the bike to the clamps or platform, rest it there and proceed to finish tying up and strapping it to secure the bicycle.

How To Get The Best Hitch Bike Rack – Top 6 Factors To Look For

When shopping for a bike rack, the stakes are pretty high. To help you make the right choice and get a product that is worth your money, we compiled the main features to look for on a hitch rack.


Bikes can be very heavy instruments, and they are also hard to carry due to their awkward shape. If you are loading the bike to the mount rack, you’ll have to lift it and hold it up while clamping or tying the bike to the rack.

You want this process to be as easy as possible, as it can get very frustrating and even dangerous if it is not. It is crucial to understand how the device works and read through this guide while deciding on the best hitch bike rack for you.


Ideally, all racks should be light and convenient to use, but because this is such a sturdy tool by essence, that is not always the case. Most racks come with a “tilt away” mechanism – a system that lets you angle the rack backward without taking the bikes off to allow you access to your trunk.

If the combined weight of the rack and the bikes is too heavy, you will not be able to use the tilt button safely, at least not by yourself. If you need to carry many bikes and don’t generally have other people around to help, it is worth checking for the specifications of all the racks, as some are heavier than others.

How Many Bikes It Can Hold

That is a crucial aspect to look for since if you end up buying a rack that only holds two bikes, it will be impossible to take three or four with you. Whether you need to carry only your bike or if you are looking for the best four bike hitch rack for your family, you need to carefully double-check the number of bikes the rack can carry and also the total weight allowed on it.

Most racks carry up to 35lbs per bike, but if you have a heavier fat tire bike or mountain bike, you need to transport, there are also mounters for that.


The consequences of a poorly built rack with inferior materials can be disastrous. If the bolts unscrew easily or the arms are made of a bendy substance, this can cause you to lose all your bikes or even cause an accident. Strong metal or steel is what you are looking for, and the only choices when it comes to rack materials.

Hitch Size

Different cars will have different hitch sizes. Since the connection between the rack and the hitch is what keeps the structure together and keeps the bikes from swaying, you need to make sure you have the right fit. Some cars have a 1.25 inches hitch, while others have a 2 inches hitch. Many racks come with adaptors and the possibility to fit both sizes, but many can only be used with one size, so keep that in mind.

Type Of Rack

There are two kinds of hitch racks you can get- hanging hitch hacks and platform hacks (or mast style racks).

Hanging racks attach to the bike with clamps or straps, and do it so through the frame of the bike. They are usually more lightweight than platform ones and fold up better when they are not in use, and don’t protrude so much outside the vehicle. They are less versatile than platform racks, though, and may not fit bikes with irregular frames or thick tires. You also have to lift the bikes higher when attaching them.

With platform hacks, the tires of the bike rest on beds and hold them up. They are easier to use since you don’t have to hold the bikes that high up, they are a little more secure because they hold the bikes both on the frame and wheels, and allow for a wider range of bikes to be fitted – like heavy bikes or fat-tire bikes. They are very heavy, though, and extend farther out from the car than hanging racks.

The type of rack you should get will depend on the type of bike you have, the number of bikes you need to carry, and many other specific needs you need to analyze. We have made a comprehensive guide with twenty of the best hitch bike racks available in 2020, with a wide array of choices for everyone. From casual bikers to everyday riders, from those looking for high quality to people who want to keep it on a budget – you will find the perfect rack for you here.

The 20 Best Hitch Bike Racks 2021

1. Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Mountain Bike

Allen Sports Deluxe Best Hitch Bike RackThe Allen Sports rack promises a versatile product that will keep your bike safe throughout the journey. The attachment system fits SUVs, sedans, minivans, and hatchbacks, and you can attach the bike in a matter of seconds.

When you hook up your bike to the rack, you will see that the tie-down system is unique and secure. It is a very exclusive, patented mechanism that was invented by Allen Sports, and while it is fixed in position so that the bikes don’t shake around, it also rotates on the end to allow for several models and sizes of bikes.

The bikes stay away from your car with the paddle middle rack configuration – it would be quite an annoyance if your car got scratched by the bike while moving. Two side straps give the whole arrangement extra balance and stability. The instructions that come with the product are precise and clear; it is advisable to read through them thoroughly to set it up properly.

Many users had problems that could have been avoided with a more precise approach to the assembly process – such as scratching or looseness.

Allen Sports is a company that was founded in 1967 by Dick Allen in his garage. Nowadays, however, it is a worldwide company that ships to several countries and has over three dozen patterns. It is one of the most traditional companies for bike-related products and very reliable. This specific rack is well-loved by many bike enthusiasts and amateurs.

Many users attest to have driven at over 70 mph with two bikes attached to this rack and felt secure and tight. The first assembly of the rack is the most frustrating part; as we said, careful analysis of the manual is required, along with double-checking of the parts and a little knowledge about bikes. So, if you are a complete novice, you may need to ask for help from a friend or a bike shop.

While purchasing, you can choose between two, three, or even four bikes – the price will change depending on how many bicycles you want to carry. This is not the most budget bike rack on this list, but certainly the security it gives you is worth the price.


  • Reliable brand
  • Great structure with stability
  • Choice of two, three or four bikes
  • Versatile – fits most car types


  • The price is not budget
  • The first assembly is not simple


2. Allen Sports 4 Bike Hitch Rack

Allen Sports 4 Bike Hitch RackThis premium model from Allen Sports has a lot of fancy features you can enjoy. It is sleek and discreet, just one long mast rack, and you can take up to four bikes on the back of your car. Two snap arms fold away when you are not using them for practicality. The spine of the rack is padded to protect the bikes and car while in motion.

The assembly is so easy that you don’t need any extra tools to attach it to the car. There are only three bolts that work with a clamping, shake-free system. High quality and internal technological mechanism keeps the rack in place and wholly balanced while still offering an easy way to putting the bikes on and taking them off – with only one hand if needed. The resistant rubber straps give versatility to this rack; many bike models and sizes can be fitted.

This rack is exceptionally well-reviewed by those who enjoy simple and effective products. It does not have side arms for extra stability, so if you like this feature, you may miss it. This hitch rack is stable enough, but if you want to keep your bikes from swinging, you can use bungee cords to strap the bikes to the rack. This is a very durable product, and cyclists have reported using it for more than three years with little or no wear and tear.

Another great advantage of this rack is that it folds flat for storage, so if you are not using it and need to take it off your car – you can put it away with no problems. It is also lighter than other similar models, which makes installation and handling much easier. This is especially recommended for a family since it fits up to four bikes, and it is so easy to use.

This premium hitch rack is budget-friendly, and if you consider that it holds several bikes, you’ll see it’s well worth it. It’s very user-friendly, too, and we know that it’s a big plus when considering the purchase of something you’ll use so much. Do not worry about durability – this is a product that will last for years.


  • Very light
  • Simple and effective design
  • Very durable
  • Quality brand


  • Needs bungee ropes, so the bikes are entirely still


3. Swagman XC

Swagman XCThis steel rack carries one or two bikes at the same time and comes with an anti-wobble device that keeps them both straight while moving them. The grip arms are padded and soft and protect the bike’s finish and car’s painting. Each bike has a maximum weight of 32lbs – more than enough for the most standard models. When not in use, it folds entirely to a compact position.

The center arm of this rack also folds down so you can access the boot of your vehicle without worrying about taking the whole thing down. They adjust and change to fit different bike sizes and models, with frames that measure up to 59 cm. Each bike is secured at the frame and rear and front wheels – the three-point connection system guarantees security and peace of mind. You can fit kids bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers and road bikes, and bikes with different frame shapes.

Users are happy with the accuracy of this model – what you see is what you get. The pictures are true to size, and specifications are accurate. It is a lightweight bike holder that lasts for years and gives a real sense of secureness – especially once the top clamp is pulled down to the top of the bikes. People of all ages – even seniors – have no issues with putting bikes up on the holder.

Get this holder if you want a solidly built product that is very easy to use. One downside could be that we have seen other racks on the same price range that carry up to four bikes. If you only need to carry two bikes maximum, however, there is no reason to buy a bigger and bulkier one.


  • Solidly built
  • Keeps the bikes from wobbling
  • Lightweight


  • Same price range as carriers that take more bikes


4. Allen Sports 2 – Bike Hitch Rack

Allen Sports 2 - Bike Hitch RackIf you loved how the premium Allen Sports for four bikes sounded like, but only needs to carry one or two bikes, don’t worry. Allen Sports is a giant when it comes to bike accessories, and they have gears and tools for everyone’s needs. This is one of the best bike rack hitches for this price, and you can’t go wrong with this company.

This is a hanging style rack. The solitary mast attaches to the back of your car with a padded clamp that is easy to use. The whole rack leans back to allow for easy access to your back trunk. A tying system secures each bike individually, not the two together, which adds extra security. As with all Allen Sports holders, it accommodates a wide variety of bike models, types, and sizes. It also holds a lot of weight – up to 70lbs.

There is an issue with this rack that we advise users to keep an eye on. Several users had problems with the bikes swaying too much while driving, and claim that there is a gap between the rack and the hitch that makes the whole holder wobble. It is also possible that these users did not tighten the bolts enough. Allen Sports has such responsive customer service, though, that whatever happens, you can be sure you will be supported and your problem fixed.


  • Allen Sports quality
  • Padded clamp for protection
  • Holds each bike individually


  • It can sway too much


5. Allen Sports Deluxe 2 Bike

Allen Sports Deluxe 2 BikeIf you think there are too many Allen Sports racks on this guide, you didn’t get how excellent, and ample this brand is. They construct racks for all tastes, all needs, and all budgets. This particular one is a platform rack for one or two bikes that is much more budget-friendly than the previous one. So if you want the quality of the Allen Sports but can’t afford the premium versions, do not fret! You have many choices in front of you.

The Deluxe 2 Bike fits most hatchbacks, minivans. SUVs and sedans, and also a variety of bikes. Unlike many other racks, you can choose between two colors – black and silver – so you can match it with your car. The tie-down system is unique and was created and patented by the company – it ties each bike for better security. If you are looking for the best hitch bike rack for the money, this is a strong contestant.

Some users had problems with the bikes wobbling, but we have noticed that this is not uncommon with trunk-mount racks models.


6. Allen Sports Ultra-Compact

Allen Sports Ultra-CompactThis super-compact hitch bike rack is another budget-friendly option that Allen Sports carries. The first thing we notice about it is that it is minimal and tight. It is not flimsy or weak, though, since it is made of steel – a very strong material. It is designed for one bike only – it is perfect for the solo cyclist and commuter that needs to travel light. When not in use, it can be folded small and even be fitted inside a bag or backpack. This folding system is yet another patented structure by Allen Sport.

Three legs are propped against the car, and they are all padded for protection and tied down for security. It can fit most vehicles so you can put it in different cars with no problem. The product comes with the usual lifetime warranty and excellent customer service you already expect from Allen. This is one of the easiest racks to set up, but it can be a little tricky to put the bike on and take it off. The ties to attach the bike are not clips, but long straps that you have to loop and secure around the bicycle.

Even though this is a small rack, we still recommend it for long journeys and/pr bumpy roads. Several users have reported going on lengthy trips and not having any trouble with the product. It is advisable to double-check every attachment, knot, and loop to make sure the rack is assembled correctly before set up, though. One point to note is that this rack is not completely secured on your vehicle, so if you live in a high theft area, it may be better to store inside the car while you go biking. As we said, it is so easy to put it back on the hitch that this is not a problem.

This is indeed a great rack for the price point, but it is much more suited for lighter bikes with simple frames. Users have suggested that it can be awkward to attach heavier bikes to it, and it does feel a little shaky. A vast majority of people are still satisfied with their purchase, though, and happy to purchase it again if they ever needed.


  • Budget price
  • Reliable brand
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Compact and it folds to a small size


  • It can be awkward to attach bigger bikes to it
  • Straps are tricky to tie


7. Allen Sports 5 Bike

Allen Sports 5 BikeIf you are a family of cyclists, you need a rack that will carry everybody’s bikes. This hitch bike rack has a 28-inch long arm that secures all five bikes with an individual tying system exclusively used by Allen Sports. When you are not using it, the arm folds down easily. The whole set up should not take longer than five minutes (you only need three bolts to do it), and the material used in steel – one of the sturdiest materials you can find.

This Deluxe rack fits all vehicles with a two-inch hitch and all kinds of different bikes. You can use it for your thin big road bikes and your kids’ small and heavy mountain bikes with no issues. The mounts rotate so you can use it in different angles for different bikes, and the locking mechanism that holds everything in place when the bikes are mounted is safe and steady. If you need access to the trunk of your car when you are using it, you can tilt it back, and it will give it to you. The quick-release feature allows you to take all bikes out at once or one by one in any order you wish.

Being able to carry five bikes at once is a big deal for many users since you usually need to make the most out of the trunk space when you travel, so this is one of the best trailer hitch bike racks a big family can get. Some people have found the rack to make some rattling noise when traveling, but nothing fell or got damaged. The bikes do feel a bit cramped together since the arm is not extra long, but they still don’t bump into each other, and that adds convenience to this product since it’s quite compact for a five bike carrier.


  • The tilt mechanism that lets you have access to your trunk
  • The mount rotates for a better fit
  • The locking mechanism is secure
  • It can fit up to five bikes


  • The bikes stay to close to one another for some people


8. Allen Sports 3 Bike Hitch Rack

Allen Sports 3 Bike Hitch RackThis rack is composed of a padded spine that is attached to the car hitch by only three bolts and arms that fold down and clamp in place when not used. This is a very user-friendly rack that is not complicated to install and use. After you connect the rack to the hitch, you tighten down as much as you can for a steady feel and then lock it down for security. It is secure and reliable.

The bikes are fixed in place by rubber straps that can be adjusted for many different bike sizes. They are also UV resistant, as they are constantly exposed to the sun, and that prevents them from cracking and breaking. The mast has a “tilt-away” button that bends back and allows you to quickly grab something from your truck while still keeping your bikes in place.

We noticed that this is an excellent fit for vehicles with a 1.25-inch hitch, while users with a 2-inch connector felt that, while you could still attach it, it wobbled and swayed too much on bumpy roads. Customers who had problems with the fit were helped satisfactorily by customer service. Overall this is a great choice of mounter to get if you have a 1.25-inch hitch and do not want to spend more than $100 on a rack.


  • Reliable brand
  • Easy assembly
  • Tilt away button
  • Good price


  • It does not fit well on 2-inch hitches


9. Premier Trunk Allen Sports Bike Rack

Premier Trunk Allen Sports Bike RackThis is one of the easiest Allen Sports racks to set up. It comes fully assembled out of the box, and it clamps effortlessly to the car. This model carries up to two bikes and holds 70 lbs of weight, more than enough for most bike types. This is not a mast type of rack, and you have more connection points between the rack and the car, making it for a more secure and steady model, albeit less sleek and clean looking.

Several users were happy with this purchase, especially with the patented tying system that proved to stay in place even after two hundred miles of driving. The low price may have you doubting the quality of the materials used, but that is not the case. Allen Sports is known for making the best hitch mount bike racks, and this one is no exception. It is sturdy and built to last. The rubber straps withstand the elements and hold up well against the sun and rain.

One of the disadvantages that we found is that this mounter obstructs the license plate a bit in some vehicles. There is a chance this can be a problem with the police, but you could do a temporary copy of your plate and attach it somewhere visible if you are going for a long trip. The stabilizing clips are made of metal and have no padded cover, so they have scratched quite a few cars. If you are aware of that beforehand, you can cover them with a cloth or other material to avoid this issue.

This is a fantastic rack to get if you do not like the thin mast type of rack and want something that makes you feel more secure, while still spending less than $100. The benefit of this being a budget option from a high-end brand is that you always get quality features.


  • Good for the price
  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Extra touchpoints to the car


  • Can obstruct the license plate
  • Clips can scratch the car


10. Swagman XTC2

Swagman XTC2This is a premium model and considered by many to be the best hitch bike rack they’ve ever owned. It does look better than many others on the same price point – the paint job is well done, the packaging is impressive, and the materials are first class. A great feature is that it has an adjustable connection that fits hitches that range from 1 to 2 inches, and holds up to two bikes of 35 lbs each.

The holding mechanism is not a tying one, but a gripping one. The arms have a soft clamp that grasps the bikes in place and makes sure they do not touch one another. The arms fold down when not in use so you can access the car’s rear without taking it out. It is also light and easy to carry so you can store it compactly or carry it somewhere with ease. This is a very easy-to-use rack, and senior users are particularly happy with how painless they can mount and unmount their bikes.

This bike holder has many features that you can only find is more expensive racks with other brands— for example, the anti-wobble pin and vertical arms. Apart from the grip system that holds the bike, it also has straps that hold the wheels in place – an extra security measure much appreciated by cyclists. People did complain about scratching that can happen on the car caused by the two connection points between the rack and the car. So, it is always best to use some tape or foam to prevent that.

Overall this is a fantastic purchase for the price and one of the safest racks we’ve seen so far. Most hitch racks, no matter how safe, will still have some wobble to them, but the Swagman brings that down to the minimal.


  • Extra safe and steady
  • Grip system and wheel straps give added balance
  • User-friendly
  • Fits hitches from 1 to 2 inches


  • Can scratch the paint of the car in some points
  • Price


11. MaxxHaul 4 Bike Deluxe Rack

MaxxHaul 4 Bike Deluxe RackThe MaxxHaul Deluxe rack works as a mast rack with one long arm that holds up to four bikes. When not necessary, the arm can be folded down, and the rack is very discreet and elegant looking. The bike cradle is padded and protects the bicycle’s paint job and details, it is adjustable and filled with loop straps and hooks to be used by many bike models, including velcro ones that hold the wheels in place.

The product comes in two pieces that need to be set up. The instructions are clear, and the process is not complicated. However, it is lengthy – you need Allen wrenches, Phillips screwdrivers, and a socket set. Even though the price is low, it does not feel cheap and flimsy but is sturdy and robust – a crucial necessity when it comes to a product that holds bikes to the back of a car. It is quite heavy, so if you need to take it out and put it on the car regularly, you may find it uncomfortable. That does mean it is quite secure, though, made of steel and with minimal wobbling and swaying. It folds up pretty small, so it is easy to store it away.

This is a budget option, and it will be hard to find another mount rack that fits four bikes for less than $70. It is very budget-friendly, but some details make us think that this is not the best four bike hitch rack out there, for example, it does not fit bikes with curved bars – like women’s bikes – it fits only 2 inches hitches and cannot be used on RVs. If you don’t need any of these features, however, this is a great choice that will save you a lot of money.


  • Very budget-friendly
  • Quality material
  • Very sturdy and secure


  • Does not fit bikes with curved bars
  • Cannot be used in RVs
  • Only fits 2 inches hitches


12. Tyger Auto 4 Bike Carrier

Tyger Auto 4 Bike CarrierThe Tyger 4 Bike Rack is one of the lightest racks available, only weighing twenty-eight pounds. It fits hitches that are 1.25 or 2 inches in size, and it can be quickly assembled in a few minutes. Because it is so light, it is easy to mount and dismount if you need it. It is a mast-type rack, and the arms fold down when they are not in use. The coating is rust-resistant and holds up well to the outside elements. The arms hold the bikes individually with a sturdy clamp mechanism.

One benefit this rack has is that it comes with a bike cable lock and security straps included. While even the best hitch bike racks are not designed to stop theft, but to carry your bikes from one place to the other, it would be good if you could leave the car and bikes unattended with peace of mind. Well, if you use the free cable lock provided, you can do just that. The security straps that can be used to tie the bikes to the rack add extra balance and minimize wobbling.

This is a sturdy holder made of quality metal, and it feels well made and lasting. There is a “tilt-away” mechanism that lets you angle the mount for trunk access, but unfortunately, because of the lack of a quick-release button to detach the bikes, it is not that convenient to use. You end up having to unbolt the rack to angle it enough.

Some bikes are harder to attach to this rack than others – like women’s bikes with slanted bars. Even though the instructions don’t show you how to do it, it is possible to figure it out with a bit of trial and error. This is a solid bike mounter great for the price, especially considering the extra tools included and the fact that it carries four bikes.


  • Good for the price
  • It is very sturdy
  • Cable lock and security straps included


  • It doesn’t have a quick-release button
  • It is hard to mount some bikes with different frames


13. BV Bike Hitch Mount

BV Bike Hitch MountThis is a tray-style hitch bike rack. That means that it holds the bikes from under them, like a bed for each bike with padded clamps that secure them in place. The BV Mount works for bikes that are up to 35 lbs in weight and have tires with a maximum of 3 inches width. That means no fat tire bikes can be fitted on this rack.

The arms fold up when not in use and come up to a very compact design. A great thing we highly appreciate about this model is that it comes with safety reflectors – essential when you are driving at night, and other drivers need to be aware that you have bikes mounted to your car. There is a tilt-away button great for giving you access to your trunk without having to dismount all the bikes from the rack. This is a feature advertised by many companies, but sometimes leaves a lot to be desired for actual usability. This is not the case with this model.

BV has a special patented two-way anti-wobble system that promises to keep bikes from swaying too much. The hitch connector can be tightened a lot to make it secure and steady, and the rack comes with velcro straps to loop around the wheels and keep them from moving. The rack is a bit heavy, so you may need help to assemble it or to take it down. We are unsure of how durable this rack is, as some users have reported some wear and tear with constant use. The price is great, though, so if you are a casual cyclist rather than an everyday one, this may be a great option.


  • The tilt-away system is better than most
  • It comes with two anti wobbly mechanisms and velcro straps
  • Great price


  • Not very durable
  • Not for fat-tire bikes


14. Tyger Auto TG 3 Bike Mount

Tyger Auto TG 3 Bike MountTyger Auto has another model that caters to those who do not want to spend over $100 on a rack. It comes completely assembled, so you take it out of the box and attach it to your car, and you’re ready to go. Fits most SUVs, Sedans, and Minivans, and it takes up to three bikes. The company advises not to use this on any vehicles longer than 18 feet long, as it is not made for them.

When carrying bikes with a rear mount, scratches, and damages to the car can be a big worry for many. Even though you can use tape, foam, or scraps of fabric to protect your car’s paint job, that is not ideal and certainly not desired when you already paid for the rack. This Tyger Mount has padded lower frames that ensure the bikes do not touch your vehicle, thus protecting both cars and bikes.

We cannot find any major issues with this rack, and that is saying a lot considering how cheap it is. It is easily assembled, light, and does not bounce extremely. This rack holds the bikes with clamps through their bodies and includes heavy-duty straps to connect the bikes and tie the wheels firmly. One issue that could bother some users is that the nuts that connect the arms are not galvanized, so if you live in an extremely humid city, you may find that they rust quicker than others.

Users are pleased with this rack even after a year’s use, so we can say it is quite durable. The Tyger Auto thought about the details of this bike rack, for example, you can move and angle the cradles in a way that makes it easier for you to mount the bike to it. Another great detail is that it comes with side hooks in addition to the top hooks that hold the bikes, adding a lot of stability to it. The extra hooks, combined with the six heavy-duty, carefully placed, straps make this one of the best trailer hitch bicycle racks for the price.


  • Great price
  • Extra hooks and straps give it a lot of balance
  • Versatile


  • Can get rusted quicker than usual


15. Overdrive Sport 2 Bike Mount

Overdrive Sport 2 Bike MountThis is also a platform-style rack, but it fits more bike styles and sizes – including fat-tire bikes and electric bikes. Overdrive offers a limited lifetime warranty that covers a wide range of defects and accidents that can happen with your rack, so it is worth looking into the specifications. The clamps that hold the bikes together are padded, and there are heavy-duty wheel holders that are adjustable for size and shape.

Wobbling often occurs when there is some leeway between the hitch and the rack. The patented anti-wobble mechanism works by eliminating that leeway and making the whole system tight and secure. This is an extra-strong bike rack, as it can hold bikes that weigh up to 60 lbs each – almost double of the usual 35 lbs most mounters hold. Overdrive thinks about your safety, so it included a rear-end reflector for night visibility and assurance.

If you are not carrying any bikes, you can fold the rack away neatly. For such a sturdy rack, this is a big accomplishment. It comes with a key lock for the pin that connects the rack to the car, so it will stop an opportunist thief to quick releasing the frame and taking the bikes away. The straps that loop through the wheels also come with a lock and key, so you are extra safe with this product.

It can be tough to find a rack that carries heavy weighted bikes, fat-tire bikes, and oddly shaped e-bikes for less than 300 dollars, so this is truly a good find. One drawback we found is that, because this is such a well-built, heavy-duty rack that is securely attached to the car, it can be quite difficult to get it out of it if you someday need it. It is not attached forever, though; it just may require more effort than usual. Customer service is also lacking in quality as many questions go unanswered by customers, so that is a point for improvement.


  • Fits fat tire and electric bikes
  • Comes with a key for the pin lock and the wheel’s straps
  • Very sturdy and secure


  • Customer service is not responsive
  • It can be hard to take it out of the car


16. Ikuram Bicycle Rack

Ikuram Bicycle RackIkuram offers a great deal when you buy this product: lifetime warranty and professional consulting. That means that any problems you may have are sorted quickly, and you have the support of professionals to count on. This is a mast style rack and you can choose from the two, three or four bikes model. They are all made of durable steel, and the arms fold down when you don’t need to use them.

The arms have a dual-mounting system that allows for more space when accommodating several bikes. That is good because often when a bike rack carries more than one bike, they end up running together, and that can cause scratching and damage. That is not the case with the Ikuram rack. Beware that it only fits 2 inches hitches, so if your car has a 1.25-inch hitch, it will not work. The cradles on the arms have straps and hooks that individually secure each bike, and they are also all padded for protection.

The Ikuram has a durable coat finishing that assures the rack still looks good as new after many months of use. Cyclists used this rack for hours under rain and rough terrain, and the bikes were still tightly secured to the car- so, you can trust its safety. Several users are delighted with the anti-wobble button that connects the rack to the hitch – it does make a difference and diminishes oscillation. There is a tilt-away button that lets you open your trunk, but the rack is so sturdy and heavy when loaded that you need two people to put it down and put it back up safely.

For this price point, many argue that this is the best hitch bike rack in the market today. Even though it is heavy, we cannot argue that this is a great choice if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on the top brands. If you need to carry more than one bike and do not want to break the bank – this one will do just fine.


  • Lifetime warranty and professional consulting
  • Safe and reliable
  • Dual-mounting system that keeps bikes from touching one another


  • It is heavier than most


17. Capstone 2 Bike Carrier

Capstone 2 Bike CarrierThis is only the second rack on our list that fits fat-tire bikes, so if you have one of those, this may be another choice for you. It carries up to two bikes of any type (fits tires from 23 mm to 5 inches of width,) and it is powder-coated for durability. It has the usual swing-away mechanism for trunk access and fold-in arms for when they are not in use. It holds two bikes, each weighing 35 lbs, or one bike weighing 70 lbs. As you know, fat tire bikes are quite heavy, so this is a good option for them.

The bike arrives only needing a few minutes to set up, and the package is satisfyingly well done. The manual is clear and straightforward, as is the rack. The simple but effective design that makes this a very user-friendly rack is one of our favorite features. This is not a very slim product, and it does stick out quite a lot, so be aware of that if taking your car on narrow roads or while turning.

A few people have had problems with the tilt away mechanism. The lock was not good enough, and it unlocks while driving, which is very dangerous and could drop the bikes on the road. This is not a consistent problem, though, and the company addressed this issue with the new model. The new model is especially useful for its lock away buttons and tilting mechanisms, so it is safe to say that it is a secure purchase.

Although we do not recommend it, users have carried bikes that surpassed the weight advised by the company and had no problems. You should buy this product if you want a well built, simple, and very sturdy rack for less than $200.


  • It holds up to 70 lbs
  • It fits heavy bikes and fat-tire bikes
  • It is reliable


  • It sticks out too much
  • Previous models had problems with the locking mechanism


18. Bell Rightup Platform Hitch Rack

Bell Rightup Platform Hitch RackWith highly adjustable wheel trays that slide to accommodate different sizes, this rack carries bikes with tires of up to 3 inches. The connector latches to hitches that are 1.25 or 2 inches and bikes with frames from 12” to 29” can be fitted. All in all, this is a very versatile bike rack. It requires more assembly than other brands, and, while it does come with instructions, they must be studied carefully to achieve good results. Many people took issue with them because it is a picture only manual, which allows for way more misinterpretation.

The straps that loop around the wheels and rack are made of rubber to avoid scratching. Although they are very secure when you tighten them, they are not connected to the rack – so they may come loose when they are not in use. Several users have lost them, but as long as you remember to tie them, that should not be a problem.

Platforms racks are the best solution to accommodate bikes of odd frame shapes and thick tires. The Bell Rightup does not disappoint in this aspect. They fit incredibly well, and even when you mount three bikes on it, they will not rub together or sway too much. The tilt away mechanism works just fine if you have only one bike on, but if you fully load the rack, it gets too heavy, and you should only use it with the help of a second person for security.

A constant concern of cyclists is that few racks come with a lock to prevent bike theft, and the Bell Rightup is not an exception. While we do agree that is would be best to have it all in one device, this is a very easy problem to bypass since most cyclists already own a bike lock that could be used for this purpose. The Bell Rightup is a fantastic rack for the price, and people that own several different bike types (road bikes, fat-tire bikes, mountain bikes, kids bikes) tend to believe this is the best bike rack hitch they could get.


  • A very versatile model that fits all types of bikes
  • Fits up to three bikes with no scratching
  • It has excellent quality for the price


  • The manual can be confusing
  • The straps are not glued to the arms
  • The tilt away mechanism suffers when the rack is loaded


19. Hollywood Rack

Hollywood RackThe Hollywood rack has some exciting features that make it stand out from others. It is a platform rack that fits up to two bikes, and it holds bikes that are as massive at 45 lbs each. That is quite a lot and a great advantage of this rack. It also features a lock and a key that attaches the rack to the car and stops theft. This is something highly appreciated by the users. It is also versatile – it can be fitted to hitches that are 1.25 and 2 inches big.

The wheel holders are adjustable, and the frame clamps are padded, so you can be sure your bike will be safe from scratches and marks. To use it, drop the bike on the platforms and lock the frame hook through the frame. Make use of the velcro straps that are included to keep the wheels from moving around. This is a rack that is extremely easy to use, so if you value the user-friendly aspect of racks, go for this one.

Even though it is easy to use when it is already set up, it can be hard to do the first assembly due to its heaviness. It is a quite sturdy and bulky rack, but that also means that it is safe and secure. Wobble is minimal, and bikes and cars don’t get scratched. Some users had problems with the locking mechanisms and complained that the locking feature was not the best, so do be aware of that. Customer service is very responsive, though, and have been able to sort different issues users had.


  • Comes with a key and lock to prevent theft
  • Can carry heavy bikes up to 45lbs each
  • Very sturdy
  • Easy to use


  • Some people had trouble with locking mechanisms
  • Very heavy


20. Hollywood Rack For Electric Bikes

Hollywood Rack For Electric BikesThis is an even sturdier Hollywood Rack designed especially with electric bikes in mind. Because of that, it holds two bikes that can weight up to 80lbs each. When it comes to strength, this Hollywood rack reigns supreme, and it is the best hitch bike rack for electric or extra heavy bikes. E-bikes can be flashy and attract thieves, so this rack comes with a locking mechanism that secures the frame and gives you peace of mind.

It is important to note that it can only be used with 2 inches hitches, and the company does not advise the use of adapters because of the sturdy nature of the rack. You should also remove the batteries of the e-bikes before mounting them. When not in use, you can fold the rack up against the car for a commodity. This rack fits not only heavy e-bikes but also fat-tire bikes with wheels of up to 5 inches in width. It is exceptional in catering to the needs of those with big bikes.

Do not feel discouraged if you find reviews stating that this rack is hard to assemble, Hollywood updated their products, and the new model is easy to assemble – it should only take you twenty minutes. When you are doing it, you will notice that the parts feel very premium, the paint job is top-notch, and all the components are rock solid. You do need a large space if you are going to store this rack away and also should ask for help to lift it for assembly, as it is super heavy. On the other hand, that makes this an amazingly steady rack with almost no wobble – and that is quite impressive considering the weight it is carrying it.

Considering all this, it is no surprise that this is on the high end of the price range. It is well worth the investment, though, especially considering how expensive and precious e-bikes are. If you have electric bikes, there is no other rack to get.


  • Extremely well built
  • Safe and reliable
  • Holds up to 160 lbs
  • Easy to assemble


  • Very heavy
  • The price is not budget



Although it is impossible to use a hitch rack without a trailer hitch, these are usually easily purchased from most authorized dealerships; so, you can use them with most cars in the end. Always pay attention to the weight limit of the racks, as surpassing it can cause accidents and mishaps.

Another great tip is that maybe you should consider always sizing up when it comes to bike racks. A rack that carries three bikes will be very tight at total capacity, and having some wiggle room for a more convenient usage may not be a bad idea. If you want to carry one bike, buy a two-bike rack if you need to carry two bikes, buy a three-bike rack, and so on.

In addition to knowing how much weight the rack can carry, it is also a good idea to check for the payload capacity of your car. Adding a four bike rack, plus the four bikes themselves, may add too much strain on your car – so consult with the manufacturer before making the purchase.

By this point, you should know everything there is to know about bike racks. Any choice made among the products listed should be a good and safe choice, so think about your specific needs and get ready to take that awesome cycling vacation you’ve wanted to!