Best Mountain Bikes Under $500 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

1.Mongoose Impasse2.Schwinn Protocol 1.0

3.Roadmaster 26″

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual-suspension Mountain Bike With Aluminum Frame, 26-inch Wheels, RedRoadmaster 26

Mountain biking is a hot trend now. This sport has made a comeback recently, especially among millennials. Its resurgence is a result of a lot of things, but one of the reasons is the desire of individuals to lead healthier lives while having fun.

To cater to this passion, big bike brands have started creating models that meet the needs of their consumers, while keeping in mind their budget. In this article, we all give you the lowdown on how to find these great bikes without breaking the bank. We will also give you a list of the top 15 best mountain bikes under 500.


Best Mountain Bikes under 500: What to Look for?

Finding a bike can be tough or relatively simple. It will all depend on how well you do your research. We have listed below the things you need to consider, and hopefully, these steps will help you narrow down your choices.

1. Figure Out What Type Of Mountain Bike You Want

Figuring out what mountain bike you will use will depend on what type of riding you will do. Will you be joining races, or are you the type to do this with friends? Figure out what your purpose is for riding a mountain bike, and choose the one that will meet this.

  • Trail Bike

The trail bike is probably one of the, if not the most common type. It is more of a leisurely bike that you can use to ride with friends. It is made for a mixture of decent climbs and descents, and not extreme sports. Trail bikes are likely to emphasize “fun, efficiency, and sensible overall weight.”

  • Cross Country Bike

This bike is meant for fast and long rides. Its emphasis is on climb mastery more than anything else. These are very efficient and light bikes that are intended to take you to as far as 25 miles, sometimes even more! It is a fast bike made for competitions.

  • Fat Bikes

A characteristic of fat bikes is its oversized tires, which give these bikes strong grips, regardless of the surface. It is perfect for beginners because the tires are more comfortable to manipulate, giving a rider more time to adjust even through rough terrains.

  • All-Mountain Bikes

Some have described mountain riding as “trail riding on steroids.” It requires more significant climbs, nerve-wracking descents, and technical features – both in terms of the rider’s technique and features of the bike. Mountain Bikes are designed to perform at the most dangerous terrains, like steep climbs and descents and sharp narrow turns. These bikes have to be light and nimble to be able to navigate through these.

2. Pick The Features You Want To Prioritize

There are several features to consider when buying a bike, like the suspension, wheel size, frame materials, and the brakes. These are all essential to consider as these will help you meet your purpose for mountain biking.


The suspension of a bike refers to the system that suspends the rider and the bike. Its primary purpose is to cushion them from the impact the ride makes with the terrain. It can provide better control, grip, and comfort for the rider, even if he is going through rough roads.

  • Rigid Suspension

A rigid suspension is probably the most uncommon type on a mountain bike, because it hardly offers any suspension. It is relatively easier to maintain and is very cheap. The trade-off, though, is the comfort level of the rider. This type is common in fat bikes because broader tires are used to absorb the impact, thus eliminating the need for the suspension.

  • Hardtail Suspension

Hardtail suspension is also known as front suspension. This type requires a suspension fork at the front, which softens the impact on the wheel. The back, however, has no suspension – thus the name hardtail, or hard impact at the tail-end of the bike. This type of suspension is more expensive than rigid, and is cheaper than a full-suspension. It requires just the right amount of maintenance. Cross-country bikes usually make use of this kind of suspension.

  • Full-Suspension

A full-suspension bike has a front fork and a rear shock that will cushion the impact of the trail. It can absorb a lot of bumps, resulting in minimal impact on the rider, greater traction, and makes for a more pleasant ride. A disadvantage of it, however, is that it can “lose some of the energy transfer” when doing an uphill climb. To resolve this, most manufacturers have created a rig that will give bikers the option to “lock-out” the rear suspension, which will result in “better power transfer.”

Wheel Size

Determining the wheel size of your bike is important. It determines the resistance you will get on the road, and it impacts your position and the overall feel you will have while riding.

  • 26-inch Wheel

In the past, mountain bikes have 26-inch wheels. It is the lightest, and is, therefore, more agile. It offers the best acceleration, making it great for steep climbs or quick short turns. According to experts, this type of wheel gives the rider much freedom, but it can be hard to maneuver on rougher trails.

  • 27.5-inch Wheel

The 27.5-inch wheel is also known as the 650b. It is the compromise of the 26 and 29-inch wheels and was created to address the concerns raised regarding the two other types. Most bikers describe this wheel as “the best of both worlds”, because it has a smoother ride compared to the 26-inch, and a faster one compared to the 29-inch. Cross-country or all-mountain bikers commonly use this type of wheel.

  • 29-inch Wheel

The 29-inch wheel offers the slowest acceleration but provides the smoothest ride. Once you reach the speed you want, you can have a pleasant ride on rougher trails because of how the wheels seamlessly go over bumps and climbs. This type offers greater traction, too, making it very efficient on long rides. This feature makes it perfect for cross-country bikes.

Frame Materials

The materials used in the bike’s frame is another feature to consider because it affects the weight, build quality, and the price of the bike. Below are some of the most common materials used in mountain bikes.

  • Aluminum Frame

Aluminum alloy is the second most commonly used material for mountain bike frames. It is lightweight and can be an alternative to steel. It is roughly 1/3 lighter than steel, but also the tubes created are 1/3 wider. The difference is to make up for the higher rigidity and strength that steel has to offer.

  • Titanium Frame

Titanium is a light material, but is just as tough as steel. Bikes that use it are typically more expensive due to the difficulty experienced by manufacturers in sourcing the raw material and welding it.

  • Steel Frame

The steel frame is the most commonly used material in bike frames. It is strong, durable, and the least expensive metal. It is the material present on most affordable bikes in the market.

  • Carbon Fiber

This type of material is also lightweight. Out of all the frames, this is the only non-metallic type. Instead, it is composed of carbon fibers that are glued together. It’s very malleable and offers low impact resistance, which makes it prone to damage in the event of a crash. It is also quite expensive and used in high-end cross country bikes.


Brakes give you better control, especially on turns, and helps you stop in case of dangerous terrains you need to avoid.

  • Disc Brakes

Entry-level mountain bikes usually use disc brakes. It is designed to have a pad that will take hold of the brake rotor located at the wheel hub. It is believed to be more reliable in braking, regardless of conditions, which is why manufacturers equip beginner bikes with it. It is cheaper and provides excellent performance on steep and wet surfaces.

  • Rim Brakes

Entry-level mountain bikes may also use rim brakes. It comes with pads that grip on the wheel rims instead of the hub. This type of brake is very affordable and easier to replace. Unfortunately, it could cause advanced wear and tear on your wheel rim, which will require a wheel change more often. It is also not as strong as disc brakes, especially in wet conditions.

3. Check The Fit

A bike should be adjusted well to fit your height and flexibility. A properly fitted bike could help you learn and improve faster, and could lessen accidents.

The size you need to get will primarily depend on how tall you are. It would be best to go into a store and get the right fit or go for a test ride. You can also consult the store personnel for the recommended size for you, but nothing beats sitting on one and getting the real feel of the bike.

Finding the best mountain bike under $500 would have been unheard of many years ago. It was only recently that brands have started to make budget bikes to meet the growing market interested in mountain biking, However, with the number of options you have, it can be overwhelming to narrow down choices, which is why we came up with a list featuring the best mountain bikes under $500.

Several bikers have reviewed each one, and we have summarized these into a pros and cons list. Hopefully, it will help you have a better idea of the kind of bike that best fits your needs.

Top 15 Best Mountain Bikes Under $500 2021 

1. Mongoose Impasse Full Dual-suspension Mountain Bike, Featuring 18-inch/Medium Aluminum Frame And 29-inch Wheels With Disc Brakes, Silver

Mongoose Impasse best mountain bike under 500

Our number one pick, or what we call “The Best Mountain Bike Under $500” is the Mongoose Impasse. This bike is built with incredible features and can take you on cross-country rides, or even through rough mountain terrains. It is guaranteed to exceed your expectations and give you the most value for your money.

The bike’s basic frame and suspension frames are exceptionally made with aluminum alloy, which makes the bike lightweight and easy to handle. It has a dual full suspension system, which gives you ample cushion when traversing the trail. The suspensions are also spring-loaded, which means that it is easily adjustable according to what you prefer.

The bike also has a wide range of gears that you can choose from. It has an excellent 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur and SRAM twist shifters that make shifting flawless and quick. It also has quality front and rear disc brakes that make it a safe ride.


  • 29-inch wheels make the ride very smooth.
  • The hubs and rims are also made of alloy, which makes it easy to control and very lightweight.
  • Brakes work precisely regardless of the terrain or weather.
  • The rear shock can be adjusted.
  • It has a very sturdy frame that is guaranteed to last for many years.
  • You get the most value for your money with this model.
  • Gears are responsive and very easy to use.
  • The suspension also works excellently.


  • The seat is not comfortable and will need a replacement.
  • There is no place to store a water bottle.

What Makes It Different:

The best thing about this bike is the quality you are getting for it. For the budget price you are paying, you get a mid-end bike – something that is way above what you should be getting. It’s a beautiful piece of equipment, wonderfully crafted, and guarantees you an extraordinary time on the trail. With all the benefits you are getting, this bike is really the best mountain bike under $500.


2. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual-suspension Mountain Bike With Aluminum Frame, 26-inch Wheels, Red

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual-suspension Mountain Bike With Aluminum Frame, 26-inch Wheels, Red

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 is a fantastic ride. You can take on rough terrains more regularly, as its quality is sure to be sturdy and long-lasting. We call this the “Second Best Mountain Bike Under $500” because it’s number 2 on the list! Aside from that, this bike will give you value for your money, and maybe even exceed the expectations you have!

The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 has an aluminum full suspension frame that is also reinforced by a steel triangle at the rear. It is a rust-resistant frame that is sturdy enough to carry up to 220 pounds. The material used is guaranteed to last you for the years to come.

The bike also has a 24-speed Shimano EZ-fire trigger shifters and a Shimano rear derailleur that gives you flexibility in choosing gears, and ease in shifting. It makes the ride more comfortable and enjoyable. It also comes with two different brake mechanisms – a disc brake at the front, and a V-brake at the rear. The combination of the two will guarantee your safety on the trail.


  • The tires offer excellent grip, regardless of the surface and weather.
  • The shifting is flawless. It’s very smooth and easy to maneuver.
  • It is effortless to handle, yet it is very responsive to the driver and has a powerful acceleration.
  • It is also lightweight, making it easier to use in rough terrains.


  • Some of the parts need to be adjusted and tuned before use, and it might be best to be consistent in maintenance, too.
  • The seat is hard. It is not comfortable and will need a replacement.
  • It does not have a provision for a water bottle.

What Makes It Different:

This particular model is known for its exceptional tires and rims. It gives superb traction, whatever the condition of the terrain , or the weather you are experiencing. The tires are knobby, which provides excellent grip, and it has double-walled alloy rims. This feature ensures that the bike is easy to control, light, and is able to keep up even during fast accelerations.


3. Roadmaster 26″ Men’s Granite Peak Men’s Bike (Gray)

Roadmaster 26

The Roadmaster Men’s Granite Peak Bike is another epic model. Like its sister (the one for women), this “RoadMaster Marvel” is an all-around mountain bike. It traverses rough terrain well, and it is also convenient to use on the road. Definitely a master of the road, regardless of the surface it is on.

The “Road Master Marvel” has a steel mountain frame, which is robust and long-lasting. Its geometric angle also gives you a more natural and comfortable ride. Its front suspension fork creates a smooth ride, and the traction of the tires are reliable that seemingly grips the road or the dirt.

The bike also comes with 18-speed shifters and an SRAM drive twist shifters, which allow you to change gears efficiently. It also has 26-inch wheels which provide you with faster acceleration, and linear-pull brakes that have adequate stopping power. It ensures you of a safe ride, whether on the trail or the road.


  • The bike comes equipped with alloy rims that are light and sturdy. It also gives you better control of the bike.
  • The gears, with minimal adjustment, work well.
  • It is reasonably priced. You are sure to get great value for your money.
  • The steel frame is very sturdy; it is assured to perform well, even with a lot of pressure.


  • Wheel positioning may be problematic as it tends to hit your feet when turning.
  • The bike is a bit heavy.
  • The seat is uncomfortable, especially during long rides.
  • The brakes will have to be adjusted regularly.
  • Not suitable for harsh surfaces.

What Makes It Different:

We love that this bike is very flexible. It’s perfect for the city, for leisurely rides, or maybe even your commute to work. At the same time, you can also use this for beginner’s trails. You can use it for easy climbs and gradual descents, just enough to introduce you to the uneven terrains you will encounter on the mountain.


4. Kent Kz2600 Dual-suspension Mountain Bike, 26-inch

Kent Kz2600 Dual-suspension Mountain Bike, 26-inch

We call this the “Aluminum Marvel.” It is a top-notch mountain bike in its class. It is made of aluminum alloy and is known to withstand the abuse of rough terrain as well as intense weather conditions. Due to the quality of this bike, it is one of the best mountain bikes under $500.

The KZ2600 has a sturdy and light aluminum alloy frame, which makes it easy to use on the trail or as an everyday bike. It also has a full suspension, which makes it a comfortable ride even during long distances. It is also furnished with 21-speed levels and has Shimano shifters to ensure a more seamless shift between gears.

This bike also has two different braking systems, ensuring excellent stopping ability. The 26-inch wheels also offer great traction perfect for all kinds of terrain. It is guaranteed to be of excellent material that will not be subject to wear and tear anytime soon. The rims are of alloy, which is incredibly durable and lightweight.


  • The bike sports a very stylish design. It looks expensive, even if it is not.
  • The bike’s frame is of hand-welded aluminum.
  • It is a relatively light mountain bike.
  • The alloy wheel rims are durable.
  • Shifting is excellent, provides you with a smooth ride.
  • The front disc brakes provide excellent stopping ability.
  • The tires provide fast acceleration.


  • With the bike’s full suspension, climbing uphill might be trickier. It will merit more pedaling from you.
  • The two brake mechanisms may be uncomfortable at the beginning and will take some getting used to.
  • The seat is uncomfortable.

What Makes It Different:

The most apparent characteristic is its brake mechanism. The front is equipped with a disc brake, while the rear has a rim brake. The former provides excellent stopping ability, which ensures your safety;while the latter serves as a complement or support to the disc brake.


5. 2018 Gravity Fsx 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike With Disc Brakes, Shimano Shifting, Aluminum Frame

2018 Gravity Fsx 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike With Disc Brakes, Shimano Shifting, Aluminum Frame

The 2018 Gravity FSX 1.0 is one of the best mountain bikes under $500. We call this “The Gravity Bike” for two reasons. First, its name is Gravity. Second, its features are sure to keep you grounded – you won’t fly into the air because of faulty equipment. Its quality is outstanding.

“The Gravity Bike” is made of a strong and durable aluminum alloy frame. It is light and fast, which is why new and veteran mountain bikers love it. It also has a full suspension that is adjustable, so it makes for a very comfortable ride.The bike comes with Shimano shifters, 24 gears to be exact, which gives you a wide range of speeds. It has reliable disc brakes found at the front and rear wheel hubs.

Lastly, it has durable yet light rims that are guaranteed to last long and also features a quick-release function for both wheels. It allows for easier maintenance in cases of flats or tread problems.


  • It is a quiet and smooth ride. No trouble with gear shifting.
  • Brakes are great. Works well even when the terrain is wet.
  • Perfect for the trail. It performs well on minor climbs and descents.
  • The suspension is excellent. Absorbs the impact very well.
  • Excellent bike for beginners.


  • The paint seemed to have chipped off easily after a few rides, but nothing major.
  • The seat is not comfortable.
  • Tires can use more traction, but it can easily be replaced, if ever.
  • The handlebars are not of the best quality, so it might be best to use gloves to make sure you stay comfortable during the ride.

What Makes It Different:

This bike has the features of high-end, expensive models. The only notable difference is that it is significantly heavier because its frame does not make use of carbon fiber or titanium. We can conclude that this is one model that can fit the title best mountain bike under $500.


6. Diamondback Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike, Black

Diamondback Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike, Black

This bike is of excellent quality. We call this “The 29 OverDrive Bike” because it is the bigger version of the other Overdrive bike we reviewed, and because of how the quality of this bike overwhelms you – in a good way. This bike is worth every penny that you will pay.

“The 29 OverDrive Bike” has a hand-built aluminum alloy 29er frame, which means it also has 29-inch wheels. It also has a hardtail suspension that makes it great for descents and cross-country rides. Its tubings are customized and are often described as having a great balance of lightness and sturdiness.

The SR Suntour suspension fork adds control on the trail, and it has a Shimano 24-speed drivetrain, which is known for its durability and reliability. Its Tektro mechanical discs also offer great stopping power, regardless of the surface. Despite the larger size, it comes in; this bike is still proven to be nimble and easy to operate.


  • Highly recommended as an entry-level bike by new and veteran bikers.
  • Acceleration is exceptional, and it is fun to ride.
  • Gears work smoothly, and the brakes are great after a few minor adjustments.
  • Very reasonably priced, and the quality you are getting is excellent.
  • The wheels are big and sturdy. It has fantastic traction and traverses rough terrain well.


  • The seat is not comfortable, and you will want to have this replaced.
  • The grips are also not of the best quality. Your hands will start to feel uncomfortable after a few hours.
  • This bike is on the heavier side because of its size.

What Makes It Different:

This Diamondback is built exclusively for 29-inch wheels. It is designed to make mountain biking easier as it can readily go through big rocks and holes without much hassle to the rider. Despite its bigger size, this bike is still effortless to maneuver and is guaranteed to be fast and smooth.


7. Schwinn S29 Dual-suspension Mountain Bike, Featuring 20-inch/Large Aluminum Frame, 29-inch Wheels With Mechanical Disc Brakes, 21-speed Shimano Drivetrain, Matte Black

Schwinn S29 Dual-suspension Mountain Bike, Featuring 20-inch/Large Aluminum Frame, 29-inch Wheels With Mechanical Disc Brakes, 21-speed Shimano Drivetrain, Matte Black

The Schwinn S29 is “The Tall Man’s Bike.” We named it as such because its large frame can only cater to a person who is at least 5’9″ in height.

Anyone smaller than this will have a difficult time with this model. Despite this seemingly restrictive characteristic, the bike has a lot of great features.

The Schwinn S29 is a massive 20-inch frame made of aluminum alloy. It also comes equipped with the trademark features of Schwinn. It comes with a Schwinn aluminum dual-suspension frame that will make the ride smoother for anyone. It makes mountain biking less uncomfortable and more fun.

This bike also has a 21-gear Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifters accompanied by Shimano derailleurs that make shifting more seamless. Its disc brakes also assure you of a safe ride because of its reliable stopping power. It also comes with wide alloy rims that are guaranteed to be sturdy, which makes it perfect for traversing mountains.


  • The brakes are excellent even when its wet.
  • It is a basic bike that serves its purpose. It is meant for beginners, and not bikers who have been riding for a long time.
  • This bike is also very affordable.
  • The full suspension does a great job absorbing the shock from the ground.


  • The pedals are not of the best quality and will need a replacement right away. It might be best to upgrade.
  • Wheels are a bit wobbly for some, so make sure to test it first before purchase.
  • The derailleurs seem to pose a problem now and then.
  • It is a heavy bike.

What Makes It Different:

This bike garnered mixed reviews. The main concern is that several of the original parts need to be replaced right away because of how the manufacturer produced it. If ordered online, it would pose a problem. However, if you purchase this in a bike shop, it can immediately be addressed. Once okay, this bike is incredible. It will serve its purpose without breaking the bank.


8. 24″ Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike, Silver/Red


The Mongoose Ledge is a young boy’s bike. We call it “The Adventurer” because it’s perfect for boys who are always on the lookout for new adventures, or possibly getting into mischief. It is a very sturdy bike designed to go through all kinds of crazy journeys that young men want to experience.

The Mongoose Ledge has a steel body, which makes it durable and robust. It is perfect for those always on the lookout for something crazy or new. It has a full suspension fork that will soften the blows that you may encounter on rough trails.

It also comes equipped with 21-speed twist shifters and a Shimano rear derailleur. It gives you a wide range of gears and accurate changes. It also has state of the art alloy linear pull brakes that keeps you safe from any misadventures. The alloy rims of the wheels are sturdy enough to go through bumps on the road, yet they are also lightweight, making it easy to maneuver.


  • Lightweight, perfect for boys and young men.
  • Very affordable bike.
  • Brakes work well, but may need some minor adjusting before use.
  • The reflector is removable, which means that the seat is easily adjusted. It makes it great for boys who are a bit on the shorter side.
  • Great for beginners who are just learning how to bike.
  • Perfect for minor trails, and even city riding.


  • It will need some minor adjustments, especially for the derailleurs.
  • Handlebars may come loose after a few rides, so it is advisable to tighten it before using it.
  • Shifting is not very smooth. Gears are a bit hard to change.

What Makes It Different:

It is a bike designed especially for younger men who are just starting their biking journey. What we love about this is that it was built with its target market in mind. It will keep you company while you start on easy trails, and learn the ropes of mountain biking. When you become more advanced, then you can also pass this on to another young kid before upgrading your bike.


9. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive 27.5 Hardtail Mountain Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive 27.5 Hardtail Mountain Bike

This bike is exceptional. We call this “The OverDrive Bike” for two reasons. First, because it is named Overdrive; and second, because of how it goes over and beyond your expectations. The craftsmanship on the bike is truly remarkable. Its features are exceptional, and the bang that you get for your buck is excellent.

“The OverDrive Bike” has a hand-built aluminum alloy frame and front suspension, that makes it a timeless mountain bike. Its tubings are customized and described as lightweight and sturdy.

It has 27.5-inch wheels that give you fast acceleration and a smooth ride. It also comes with three gears at the front and eight at the back, which provides you with about 24 speeds. This particular model is very agile, which is perfect for daredevils who want to go fast at the trail. But you shouldn’t worry about the speed too much, since it also comes equipped with disc brakes to ensure a safe ride for anyone.


  • Brakes and gears were perfect out of the box. Needed minimal to no adjustment.
  • The handlebars are also in excellent condition, as are the pedals.
  • The suspension is perfect for basic trail riding and mountain biking.
  • The tires have excellent traction, and it’s easy to traverse even through rough terrain.
  • Very affordable bike.
  • The frame is thick and durable.
  • The shifting works well.


  • Grips are okay, but it can get pretty tough on the hands after a few hours.
  • The seat was not comfortable and will have to be changed, especially for those who want to bike for hours.

What Makes It Different:

This bike is on overdrive. It has incredible mechanisms, hardly any adjustments are needed, you will have a phenomenal ride, and it is reasonably priced. The value you get is over and beyond what you pay. This bike is one of the best mountain bikes under $500.


10. Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-suspension Mountain Bike, Featuring 18-inch/Medium Aluminum Frame And 29-inch Wheels With Mechanical Disc Brakes, 24-speed Shimano Drivetrain, Matte Grey/Neon Green

Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-suspension Mountain Bike, Featuring 18-inch/Medium Aluminum Frame And 29-inch Wheels With Mechanical Disc Brakes, 24-speed Shimano Drivetrain, Matte Grey/Neon Green

The Schwinn Traxion is another excellent mountain bike under $500. We have dubbed this “The Trademark Schwinn” because it comes with several trademark features, even those that are usually just seen in the more expensive models. What we love most about this is that the manufacturers gave the riders the best possible quality materials without charging them an arm and a leg.

The Schwinn Traxion is made of aluminum alloy and is a relatively light bike. It has a dual-suspension frame and the Schwinn suspension fork cushions the blow of bumps on rough terrains. The alloy cranks are also a trademarked Schwinn innovation, which helps you lessen the need for constant maintenance.

The bike has a wide gear range featuring the 24-speed Shimano EZ-fire trigger shifters. It also has the Shimano derailleurs, which make changing gears so smooth. It is also equipped with mechanical disc brakes, both at the front and rear, guaranteeing a safer ride for its users. On top of that, it also has double alloy rims that add durability and strength to the wheels.


  • Quality will exceed your expectations.
  • The cost of the bike will not break the bank.
  • It is a reliable bike that can smoothly go through bumps on the trail.
  • This bike is great for city riding, too.
  • Shifting gears is effortless.
  • Brakes are exceptional.


  • The seat is uncomfortable; it would be best to change it.
  • It’s a bit heavy. May not be suitable for more challenging trails or steeper climbs.
  • There are some reports of faulty parts, but these seem to be isolated cases. Just make sure to inspect all parts of the bike before using it to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

What Makes It Different:

What we love most about this bike is how it comes with the trademark Schwinn mechanisms. At the price you are paying, any other manufacturer could scrimp on the quality they are giving you, but not this brand! The bike you are getting is higher than the value you are paying.


11. Merax 26″ Mountain Bicycle With Suspension Fork 24-speed Mountain Bike With Disc Brake, Lightweight Aluminum Frame

Merax 26" Mountain Bicycle With Suspension Fork 24-speed Mountain Bike With Disc Brake, Lightweight Aluminum Frame

We call the Merax Mountain Bike “The Natural Fit” because of how its handlebars, seat, and pedals were made. The rider’s comfort was a priority for the manufacturer, which makes riding it feel so natural. Merat boasts of “high performance and maximum efficiency,” and we agree! It is another excellent mountain bike under $500.

The Merax Mountain bike is of heat-treated aluminum alloy. It also has front and rear suspensions that result in a less bouncy ride, especially when riding on uneven or rocky terrain. Its tires also offer exceptional traction, which makes it perfect to use even on slippery ground.
This bike also comes with Shimano 21-Speed Derailleurs and shifters that allow you to aggressively overcome hills, smoothly go down steep descents, and even coast through flat surfaces.

Other great features of the bike include the handlebars and seats, which are folded to complement the contours of the body. It makes riding more comfortable and natural.


  • It’s a great ride. It is comfortable and easy to manoeuver.
  • The suspension is excellent. The bumps on the road are absorbed well.
  • Shifting gears is smooth and very precise.
  • It’s a great looking bike.
  • It is a high-quality bike that is very affordable.
  • Tires are exceptional, has a fantastic grip on any surface.
  • It will be perfect for beginners, especially those who are just getting a few miles in.
  • This bike is easy to pedal; it doesn’t require much effort.


  • Might not hold up in cross-country biking. Better for shorter distances.
  • It is a pretty heavy bike, even if it is of aluminum alloy.

What Makes It Different:

We love the pedals and tires on this bike. It is a heavy-duty nylon that already has grips. The tires are also anti-skid, so it’s perfect for whatever surface you will bike on. These things are already of high quality, so you don’t have to replace it right away. This purchase will give you great value for the money you will spend.


12. 26 Schwinn Sidewinder Women’s Mountain Bike, Matte Black/Pink

26 Schwinn Sidewinder Women's Mountain Bike, Matte Black/Pink

The Schwinn Sidewinder is probably one of the best mountain bikes under $500. We call this the “The Women’s Bike” for two reasons. First, it is a mountain bike made exclusively for women. Second, it is just absolutely perfect. It is the (emphasis needed) bike you should own if you are a woman.

“The Women’s Bike” has a durable steel frame and aluminum alloy suspension that effectively absorbs the impact the bike makes on the terrain. Its Suntour suspension fork also gives the rider better control or handling of the bike, despite it being a bit on the heavier side.

The Schwinn Sidewinder has 21 gears that are very easy to manipulate. It also has 26-inch wheels, which make it ideal for different kinds of trails, even those that are pretty rough. The bike also has alloy linear pull brakes, which is a kind of rim brake, that is efficient and has excellent stopping power.


  • It has top quality gears and brakes. The Shimano rear derailleur allows you to be accurate in shifting.
  • It has a wide gear range.
  • The pedals are easy to use and very smooth.
  • The front and rear brakes are of exceptional quality.
  • This bike is guaranteed to be of high quality at an affordable price.
  • The suspension fork is useful in absorbing impact during bumps.


  • There are some reports of faulty parts, but these seem to be isolated cases. Just make sure to inspect all parts of the bike before using it to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

What Makes It Different:

The quality of this bike is excellent. We browsed several reviews, and 95% of what we saw were raving about it. The few negative reviews were isolated cases of a part being faulty, but these could quickly be replaced. Otherwise, this bike will exceed your expectations – and the price will blow you away!


13. Outroad Mountain Bike 21 Speed 26-inch Wheels Dual Suspension Non-slip Folding Bike For Adults

Outroad Mountain Bike 21 Speed 26-inch Wheels Dual Suspension Non-slip Folding Bike For Adults

The Outroad Mountain Bike is another non-slip folding bike designed for adults. We have dubbed it the “Best Folding Bike” because of its superior quality and reasonable price. Despite being under $500, this is guaranteed to exceed anyone’s expectations because of its use of high-quality materials that are usually associated with more expensive models.

This folding bike is made of high carbon steel, which makes it extremely strong and wear-resistant. It will likely last for years before it even shows signs of repair.

The bike comes equipped with a dual-suspension frame, so it cushions the impact both at the front wheel and the rear. It has 21-speed gears, which makes it capable of tackling climbs and descents on the trail.

The bike accelerates fast because of its 26-inch wheels, but it also provides you with quick brake releases at the front and rear wheels.


  • It’s a high carbon steel folding bike. It’s sturdy, yet easily handled.
  • The seat is comfortable, but its dimensions might be problematic if you want to pursue mountain biking.
  • The disc brakes are excellent.
  • The gears are fantastic, and shifting is effortless.


  • The seat is a bit too wide if you want to do mountain biking actively. It might be better suited for smoother trails.
  • The tires are a bit too heavy, adding more weight to the already heavy high carbon steel frame.
  • The folding lock mechanism is very tough, which makes it pretty hard to lock and unlock.

What Makes It Different:

Its quick-release brakes are something worth raving. This type of mechanism is usually attached to the lever or the brake itself and allows you to open the brake and take the wheel out in case it is damaged and needs repair. This innovation helps you adjust the wheel easily to make sure that it is correctly seated in the dropouts.


14. Roadmaster R4047wmj 26″ Roadmaster Granite Peak Women’s Bike

Roadmaster R4047wmj 26

We call this bike the “Road Master” for two reasons. First, its manufacturer is Roadmaster. Second, is because of its functionality on the road. It is an all-around mountain bike, perfect for any terrain. Whether you want to go on the trail and experiment on some climbs or to use this for city biking, it will work well.

The “Road Master” comes equipped with a steel frame, which already makes this a very reasonably priced bike. Despite its low cost, it is still guaranteed to be sturdy and durable.

The bike also comes with 18-speed shifters, including a Shimano rear Derailleur, which allows you to shift effortlessly between gears. It also has a front suspension fork that absorbs any impact you may have on the trail.

It also has a linear-pull brake at the front and the rear. This particular feature is also known as Shimano’s trademark V-brake, which is a revolutionary innovation in rim brakes. It is known to be a very efficient stopping mechanism.


  • The rims are made of alloy, which makes them durable and not easily prone to wear and tear.
  • The seat is adjustable based on the person’s height.
  • It’s reasonably priced.
  • It’s an excellent bike for city riding or the trails.
  • The traction of the tires is exceptional.


  • The wheelbase is too short and is known to hit the feet, especially during sharp turns.
  • The handlebars tend to lose their grip after some time, which makes it move unnecessarily.
  • The seat is uncomfortable. It would be best to change it.
  • The gears tend to get stuck and will need constant maintenance.

What Makes It Different:

We love the idea that this was made exclusively for women! Its design is more feminine; its seat is adjustable, making it perfect for petite and tall women, and it’s easy to assemble. Although it might need some regular maintenance, it serves its purpose, whether on the road or the trail.


15. Max4out Mountain Bike 21 Speed 26-inch Shining Sys Double Disc Brake Suspension Fork Rear Suspension Anti-slip Bikes

Max4out Mountain Bike 21 Speed 26-inch Shining Sys Double Disc Brake Suspension Fork Rear Suspension Anti-slip Bikes

The Max4out Mountain Bike, or “The Foldable Bike,” as we call it, is going to give you an insanely mad time on the trail. This mountain bike folds in half. It can fit inside the trunk of a sedan, which makes it perfect for bringing up to mountains or dirt roads.

“The Foldable Bike” has an aluminum alloy frame, which makes it a lightweight, yet durable a great cruising bike. The material is also rust-free, so it’s bound to last for years.

It is also foldable and has a “quick-release clamp” that makes it easy to fold and release. It can fit at the back of your car, or a small space in your garage.

The bike comes with 21 speeds, which makes it perfect for trail biking. It has 26-inch wheels that offer excellent acceleration and has a hightail suspension, making it ideal for steep ascents and flat surfaces. The bike comes equipped with front and rear disc brakes, which increases safety and bike controllability, especially for beginners.


  • Fat tires with a lot of treads, which makes traction great, regardless of the surface.
  • Foldable, which makes it easy to transport and stow.
  • Some users find it convenient to use on the road, as well as on the trail
  • Great value for money.
  • It comes equipped with anti-slip pedals.
  • The bike is heavy to carry, but very light to ride.
  • Comes with an adjustable 3-gear chain
  • Unisex bike


  • The stem connected to the front suspension needs to be adjusted a bit.
  • There may be color discrepancies between the one seen in pictures and the actual product.
  • The seat is not as comfortable.

What Makes It Different:

We particularly love the foldable characteristic of this mountain bike. You no longer need additional accessories to attach it to your car. Just fold and stow in the trunk! Very easy to bring along anywhere, and occupies little space when it needs to be stored in the apartment or the garage.



Mountain biking is one of the hottest trends right now, and we are waiting for you to join us! Whatever your reason is for riding, find a bike that will best cater to your needs. If you want one for city driving, find a sturdy frame with a great set of wheels, flawless gears, and excellent brakes. If you prefer to do something more adventurous, then make sure to get the suspension that you need. Whatever it is you want to prioritize, we are sure you will find something from our list that will speak to you. Happy trails!