Best Mountain Bikes 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Mongoose2. Stowabike3. Mongoose Impasse

Mountain biking is an adventurous sport liked by youth across the world. This sport involves riding bicycles on rough terrains. Mountain biking has different categories like trail riding, downhill, freeride, cross country, and dirt jumping.

Riding a mountain bike can be a thrilling sport. Mountain bikes with excellent performance and durability are required to ride on rough and hard terrain. People across the world keep on searching for the best mountain bikes to fulfill their adventure dreams.

The sportsperson needs to be strong enough as this activity requires endurance, balance, self-reliance, excellent handling skills, and a good mountain bike.



These bikes are similar to other bicycles but with unique features like large knobby tires, powerful brakes, durable wheels, front/full suspension and low gear to climb the steep grades. The bikes should be the best full suspension mountain bike for smooth cycling.

In the following write-up, know in detail the essential features of the different top bicycles in the year 2020. Get a chance to explore the top models and understand the requirements that you are expecting from the mountain bike.

It is a one-time investment which you can make after getting complete knowledge about the product. It is hard to choose the best out of many options. But, here, you will get solutions to your problems.

After reading the complete article, all your doubts will clear. Analyze every functionality in the provided list of mountain cycles and make the desired choice. It is time to go on a mountain biking adventure and experience all the hurdles and obstacles on the rough land.

Mountain bikers can ride these bicycles on terrain with rocks, loose dirt, roots, and steep grades. Some additional features of trails include long piles, skinnies, rock gardens, wall rides, and gap jumps.

Now, there is a variety of mountain bikes that are available in the market. If you are a beginner and interested in Mountain biking, then, you must know the types of motorcycles and the factors to buy the specific bicycle.

Categories Of Mountain Bikes

For different types of mountain biking, you need different types of bicycles. Here, we will discuss a suitable bike for the specific riders.

Trail Bikes

This type is one of the most common and popular mountain bikes. These bikes are not for racing purposes. If a rider is riding on a local trailhead with few climbs and descents, this is the perfect option for them. You can enjoy the ride without much hurdles. It has 120-140 mm of suspension travel, which means total movement by the front and rear suspension of the bike. On the other hand, the 67-69° headtube angle indicates the capability of a motorcycle of its ability to ride fast and climb better.

Fat Bikes

These bikes are suitable for beginners because it has wide tires that help in picking a line through the rough terrain region. The size of the tires is estimated to be from 3.7 inches to 5 inches. The tire wideness is a unique feature in these bikes as it gives excellent traction. You can ride well on areas like sand or snow. It is a rigid bike with a suspension travel of 120 to 140 mm and the headtube angle between 69.5-72.5°.

All-Mountain Bikes

All-mountain riding includes big climbs, long as well as scary descents, trail riding on steroids, etc. You can go on adventures and risky journey with these bikes. Professionals like sportspersons should purchase such bikes. These bicycles give high performance on steep descents, and at the same time, it should be enough light and nimble that it can smoothly pedal uphill. It has a suspension travel of 140 to 170 mm and a headtube angle of 65 to 68°.

Cross-Country Bikes

These are the fast riding bikes with great climbing features. It is a lightweight, efficient bicycle that can cover a significant distance in a short period. These bikes are also racing bicycles. It has a suspension travel of 80–100 mm with a 70–71° headtube angle. It is suitable to ride these bikes on local trails. It can ride within a group.

Downhill/Park Bikes

The size of these unique bikes is big and tough. You can ride these bikes for mountain biking on risky terrains. Riders need to wear good quality full-face helmets as well as body protectors to prevent themselves from injuries. They can ride on high jumps, berms, wooden ladders, and rock gardens. It has a suspension travel of 170–200 mm and a headtube angle of 63–65°.

Benefits Of Mountain Biking

There are many health advantages to mountain biking.

1. Complete Body Workout

When you ride a bicycle in the mountains, a rider needs to put a lot of effort. There is a full-body workout at the time of the bike ride. All the muscles of the legs, back, and arms are used. The inner organs are also involved in bodily exercise.

Regular exercise can be tedious for some people, but riding a bike can be an exciting sport for many. You can exercise as well as enjoy traveling through a bicycle in the mountains. With extreme body movement, you can lose your weight and tone your muscles.

2. Increases The Power Of Brain

Bicycle riding can boost brainpower. It is scientifically proven. While riding, the oxygen levels increase, and the brain was working more fastly. Traveling can help you to clear problems in your mind and helps you feel delighted. You can make decisions quickly.

3. Better Sleep

If you are facing sleep issues, then this is the best solution. Riding mountain bike reduces your stress level and helps you in better and natural sleep. Stress is the main reason that reduces sleep quality. After a good ride, your mind will feel get relaxed.

4. Feel Free

Life is a bunch of responsibilities that is occupied with many hectic things like jobs, bills, loans, and many stressful situations. A long ride can make a person free from such tension and make him feel happy.

5. Nature Enjoyment

People live in cities with a lot of noise and pollution. In such sound, people are not connected with the earth and nature, which includes dirt smell, greenery, and fresh air. Mountain biking helps people to experience and connect with the environment. It helps in removing stress and make you healthy.

6. Improve Stamina

Mountain biking is the best way to improve stamina. People are so much lazy these days that they get tired walking for one or two miles. If you ride regularly, you can increase your stamina levels and then ride more on a longer distance.

Consider Factors While Buying The Mountain Bike

Before buying a suitable mountain bike, you need to consider some attributes. Based on these factors, you can make the right bicycle choice.

1. Suspension Types Of Mountain Bikes

There are three further categories in suspension types:


There is no suspension in rigid bikes. It is not an ordinary bicycle for mountain biking. It is easy to maintain, and it is less expensive. However, riders need suspension for comfortable rides. Generally, fat bikes are rigid because of the vast size of the tires and low pressure to absorb all the trail bumps.


On the front of the bike, there is a suspension fork that helps in absorbing the pressure front wheel. On the other hand, there is no suspension in the rear side of the bike. Hardtails are comparatively less expensive than full-suspension bicycles. Less maintenance is required.

If you want features of the rigid motorcycle, then you can lock the front fork. You can use these bikes for cross-country rides because of direct power transfer between the pedal stroke and the rear tire. It can be used on all-mountain trails but not at all suitable for lift-serviced downhill trails.

Full Suspension

There is a variety of full-suspension bikes. It has a front fork as well as a rear shock to absorb all the trail impacts. It increases the traction to provide an enjoyable ride. This bike is very good at absorbing the bumps, and it bobs a little. It can lose some energy transfer at the time of uphill climbing. There is a feature to lock the rear suspension to get enough power transfer for efficient climbing.

2. Wheel Size Of Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes tires come in various sizes that have different purposes on different terrains.

  • 24 Inches: This is an average size of the mountain bike tires is for kids. The short legs of the kids can easily access the pedal. It comes in a less expensive category as it has simple components. Kids age 10 to 13 can comfortably ride this bicycle.
  • 26 Inches: Every mountain bike designed for adults comes with a wheel size of 26 inches. The customers generally ask this bike size at the time of shopping mountain bikes.
  • 27.5 Inches: It is also a common and standard wheel size. It can easily roll over the terrain as compared to 26 inches of wheel size. On the other hand, it is more maneuverable than 29 inches of wheel size. This wheel size is available on both full suspensions as well as hardtail rigs.
  • 29 Inches: It is best to choose this wheel size when you are going for long rides as it helps in keeping up the momentum and higher attack angle to roll over the obstacles of the terrain. This tire size is available in a rigid, full suspension and hardtail rigs.

3. Frame Materials Of Mountain Bikes

The durability of the mountain bike is dependent on the type of material used to manufacture the bicycle. If we talk about the frame, then it includes weight, longevity, quality, strength, and the price of the bike. The most commonly used material for mountain bikes is Aluminium alloy.

There are other frame materials like titanium, steel, and carbon fiber. If we talk about steel material, then it is most of the hardened metals which are inexpensive. You can ride smoothly, but it may be a little heavy for mountain biking.

On the other hand, carbon fiber is lightweight and durable enough that can be used to manufacture cross-country, high-end trail, all-mountain, and fat bikes. This material is comparatively expensive.

4. Gears Of Mountain Bikes

The front gear in a bike depends on the chainrings. Mountain bikes are available with a single-speed of 30 speeds or more than that. If you want to ride harsh mountains and steep hills, you must have more gears.

Similarly, a mountain bike with low gears is suitable to ride on the flat terrain. The original mountain bicycle includes 2 or 3 chainrings with simple speeds. Most of the high and standard bikes include single chainrings and 9,10 or 11 cogs full cassette.

5. Brakes Of Mountain Bikes

The brakes in a bicycle play a significant role in mountain biking. If you do not have any good brakes in your bicycle, then it is hazardous to ride on rough terrains. The following bike brakes are:

  • Disc Brakes: These brake pads grip the brake motor to mount the wheel hub. Two types of disc brakes, i.e., Hydraulic brakes which are strong enough that it requires minimal finger effort, and Mechanical or Cable-activated cables that need manual adjustment. These brakes are expensive, more consistent, and perform well in steep and wet terrains with less finger stress. On the other hand, it is hard to check and replace the pads.
  • Rim Brakes: The basic bicycles have this type of brakes. The brake pads grip onto the rims of the wheel. These brakes are cheap and economical as compared to the disc brakes. It is easy to break and replace the pad wear. The pad wear can quickly wear out of the wheel rim and hence, you need to replace the complete wheel. This bicycle is not suitable for wet or muddy conditions, and it requires more effort to handle the levers of the bike.

6. Perfect Fit Mountain Bikes

There are a few things that a rider needs to consider before buying the right bicycle. The mountain bikes come in standard sizes, i.e., Small, medium, and Large. It depends on your height to choose the size of the bike.

Various brands sell the best mountain bikes for the money they quoted across the world. You need to check the brand as well as a model that fits better according to your needs. You can take a test ride to check the two or three selected bicycles of your choice.

7. Maintenance Of Mountain Bikes

It is essential to check the period of warranty given by the brand. You need to ensure that the company should provide repairs and maintenance essentials like patch kit, pump, chain lube, spare tube, and other tools.

Top 15 Best Mountain Bikes 2021

1. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose Dolomite Best Mountain BikeOnly men can ride Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain bike on sand and snow with a tire size of 26 inches. The casing does not sink or slip in the sand and snow easily.


  • Excellent Functionality of Chain: The chain in the Dolomite bike is to position and provide effortless pedaling and precise gearing. The chain guides the front sprocket so that it does not fall off due to in-between jerks.
  • Cruiser-Design Frame: The Cruiser frame of the bicycle is attractive and appealing. The frame is sturdy enough that you can ride on challenging trails and terrains without any problem. There is no suspension system, but it provides comfortable rides on all types of terrains.
  • Right Quality Tires: The wheels of the bicycle are good enough that it can jump over any obstacles quickly. Due to its large size, there is less chance of sinking in dirt, sand, and snow. The thick tires make it easier and comfortable for the rider to ride the bike on challenging trails.
  • Effective Mechanical Breaks: Mongoose Dolomite bicycle has sturdy and highly-responsive brakes. It works well when you want to stop the bike at high speed on slopes. Even if you are riding on wet or muddy terrains, these mechanical disc braking system works well.


  • The pedals of the bicycle are made up of alloy material.
  • There is a three-piece crank while riding uphill.
  • The tires of the mountain bike are knobby 4 inches fat tires that you can ride over any obstacles.
  • There is a free kickstand with a safe and secure spring motion.
  • The wheel and rims are made up of aluminum metal with 4 inches wide size.
  • The weight of the bike is a bit heavy, which makes it suitable for the workout.
  • Both the disc brakes: Front & Rear have high stopping power.


  • If you are planning for riding a long journey, then this bicycle is not a suitable option for you.
  • The saddle is not very comfortable. You may feel a little discomfort after some time during the ride.
  • Due to the heavy steel frame and fat tires, the bike is a bit heavy.


2. Stowabike MTB Folding Mountain Bike

Stowabike MTB Folding Mountain BikeStowabike is a good bicycle for exercising. The best part of this bicycle is that it is a folding as well as a mountain bike. The leading company, Shimano, manufacture the material and pieces of this bike. It is a lightweight and good-storage bike.


  • Easy to Fold: If you have less storage space in your home, then you can buy this fantastic bicycle that can easily fold. It is an exceptional feature that makes it different from other mountain bikes. To wrap the cycle, first, you need to unlock the safety handle, i.e., in the rear seat. After that, lift the pin-up and bend the bike frame in half. It takes around 10-20 seconds to fold the bicycle.
  • Steel Frame: The body of the bicycle is durable due to its high-quality steel frame. It is thick and resists from the scratches and corrosion.
  • Suitable Gears and Shifters: This thing is impressive that the gears in the bike are of speed 18, which count as good. You can also shift the equipment and control your bike easily.
  • Comfortable and Safe: The saddle of the bicycle is comfortable. There is a proper grip on handles while cycling. If the road is non-uniform, still you can rely on the comfort and stability of the bike.
  • Dual Suspension: You need not scare from falling. The dual suspension forks are used to ensure proper balance. It resists the jerks and bumps on the rough lands.
  • Attractive design: You will love to see the fantastic design of the bicycle. It is a simple model with excellent looks and features. Shimano used rugged components to develop an attractive appearance.


  • This mountain bike is a folding bike that can quickly turn and fold in a maximum of 20 seconds.
  • This bicycle can be ridden by both men and women.
  • The steel frame of the cycle makes it durable.
  • It is suitable for exercising as well as mountain biking.
  • It requires less space in your residence because it becomes half of its size after folding.
  • There are sound shock absorbers and brakes that make you comfortable in jerks and jumps.


  • There is no assembling guide attached to the product.
  • The cycle is quite substantial.


3. Mongoose Impasse HD Hardtail Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Mongoose Impasse HD Hardtail Dual-Suspension Mountain BikeIt is one of the best mountain bikes for beginners to ride on trails and mountain adventure by Mongoose. This bicycle is one of the affordable bikes which are comparatively less expensive than other mountain bikes. There are several efficient and functional features of this bicycle.


  • Big Wheel Size: The diameter of the wheel is 29 inches. It helps in crossing the significant obstacles without much effort. It is easy to accelerate the speed of such bikes on the smooth surface.
  • Dual-Suspensions: The considerable part of this bicycle is the highly reliable suspension forks. There are front as well as rear suspension forks which absorb the shocks during the rough terrain ride. You can feel comfort at the time of riding.
  • Adjustable Saddle: You can easily adjust the saddle of the bicycle according to your height. You can comfortably sit on the seat.
  • Dual Disc Brakes: There is a powerful braking system that includes dual disc brakes on the front and rear wheels. It helps you to stop the cycle safely even if you are coming to the downhill at high speed.


  • The large size of the tire can easily roll over rough land.
  • The body of the bicycle is durable due to its aluminum frame.
  • There is a 21-speed gear with the SRAM twist shifter to move the lever easily.
  • You can get rid of shocks and bumpy paths by dual-suspension forks.


  • There is no space to keep the water bottle.
  • The brakes are not according to the latest technology.


4. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Aluminium Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Aluminium Dual Suspension Mountain BikeThis bike is stylish, comfortable, attractive, and pocket-friendly. It has the best quality of gears to control the speed of the cycle. There are a variety of features that you will love about it.


  • Durable Frame and Suspension Fork: This bike is made up of good quality of Aluminium that makes it corrosion-resistant as well as lightweight. It can carry up to 220 lbs of weight on it. The front suspension fork can absorb the shock from jerks and bumps.
  • Superb Braking System: There is a good quality of brakes in which rear brakes can be pulled linearly to stop the cycle in control. On the other hand, front brakes are better than rim brakes. It is easy to adjust the cables in no time.
  • Suitable Gears and Shifters: You can change the gears while riding this bicycle because of its trigger shifters. It is simple to control the speed of the mountain bike.
  • Lightweight and Attractive Design: This bicycle has attractive looks. Due to the Aluminium frame, the cycle is light in weight.


  • The bicycle is light in weight.
  • It has a good grip on handles and a comfortable saddle.
  • You can smoothly ride on any terrain.
  • The look and feel of the cycle are great.


  • There is no space to carry the water bottle.
  • The rear brakes are not good enough.


5. Northwoods Pomona Dual Suspension Comfort Mountain Bike for Women

Northwoods Pomona Dual Suspension Comfort Mountain Bike for WomenYou can buy this best mountain bicycle for the money at an affordable range. The appearance of this cycle is more like a sports bicycle. You can go on long rides without any bumps and obstacles.


  • Appearance: The body of the bicycle is made up of Aluminium material which is not only lightweight and durable but also seems reasonable. It has an attractive design and available in different colors.
  • Wheel size: The size of the wheel is large, which can rollover any obstacles smoothly. You won’t feel any jerks and bumps while riding.
  • Comfortable Saddle: The seat of the bicycle is very convenient. It has an anti-shock feature with high-quality leather and foam to make it easy to ride.
  • Full Suspension: It has two suspension forks on both sides: front and back.


  • The bicycle is light in weight.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • You can adjust the saddle of the bicycle according to your height.


  • There is no space to keep the water bottle.


6. Kent KZ2600 Mountain Bike

Kent KZ2600 Mountain BikeThe Thruster KZ2600 by Kent is the best mountain bike that comes in a budget of an average man. All riders, whether he is a beginner or an experienced, can ride this bicycle. There are exciting features for this product.


  • Frame Material: Aluminium alloy material is used to create the body of the bike, which makes it lightweight and more durable. There is less chance of corrosion as it is rust-free.
  • Full Suspension: The bicycle supports full-suspension coil fork that is suitable for the rough terrains. It distributes the entire weight on the bike equally.
  • Right Braking System: It is easy to control the bike. Whenever you are riding downhill, it is easy to stop the bicycle without any jerk.
  • Wheels Size: The size of this mountain bike is 26 inches that are good enough to cross any obstacle. The speed of the cycle can also increase with these giant tires.


  • This bicycle comes at an affordable price.
  • The cycle is made up of Aluminium alloy frame, and therefore, is corrosion-resistant.
  • You can ride this bike on any terrain smoothly.


  • A rider needs to push a lot on the steep terrain.
  • Due to disc and linear brakes, the distance for stopping is a bit large, which is comparatively more than complete disc bikes.


7. Northwoods Full Suspension Aluminum Mountain Bike

Northwoods Full Suspension Aluminum Mountain BikeNorth Woods manufactures decent models in mountain bikes. There are different colors and designs available in this bicycle. Many highlighted features would mesmerize you.


  • Frame: Aluminium is used to manufacture the bike. It is lighter than steel. The weight of the cycle is around 42 lbs. The frame size is 26 inches which is perfect for boys as well as girls. The bicycle is durable, and it works well on rough and rocky terrains.
  • Suspension: it has a great dual or full suspension on both front as well as the rear side. There is a 50 mm travel steel crown fork. The steel helps in protecting the cycle from the harsh environment. The rear suspension acts as a shock absorber and provides a smooth ride.
  • Shifters: There are 21 levels of speed. You can change the gear of the shifter anytime to control the speed of the bicycle. The movement of gears is an easy task.
  • Brakes: This bicycle includes dual linear pull brakes on both sides, i.e., front and rear. But, these brakes may not work in muddy and slippery areas.
  • Tires: The size of the tire is 24 inch, which is quite broad. There are more stability and grip due to its large size. The rim of the wheel is made up of aluminum to reduce the wear and tear by the linear-pull brake. It can handle various obstacles like crashes, bumps, etc.


  • Anyone can ride this mountain bike.
  • There are different color choices.
  • The bicycle is durable and robust due to its aluminum frame.


  • This bicycle is not suitable to ride on slippery surfaces.
  • There is no space to keep the water bottle and other miscellaneous things.


8. Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bike

Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain BikeThis mountain bicycle by Mongoose for men is made up of Aluminium frame and active suspensions on both front and rear sides. The company comes with a product warranty of 5 years. There are other unique features on the bike.


  • Frame: Aluminium metal is used to develop the body of the mountain bike. This metal is lightweight. This durable bike can be a ride on any terrain. You can buy this mountain bike with a frame size of 18 inches at an affordable rate.
  • Suspension: This bike is one of the full suspension types in both the front and rear sides. The front fork of the cycle is to smooth the bumps, and the rear fork prevents the jerks. But, a rider can feel strain while climbing a steep hill.
  • Shifters: There are 21-speed levels. Rear twist shifters can control the speed. A rider can change the gear quickly.
  • Brakes: The brake type in this bicycle is a linear or direct pull. This type of brake is suitable for downhill rides as you can stop your bike without any jerk.
  • Tires: The size of the wheel is 26 inches with 2.125 inches diameter. Many riders prefer this one because these bikes are easy to roll over any obstacles, especially in dirt and mud. The rim of the wheel is made up of an alloy which makes it durable.


  • The bicycle body is made up of lightweight aluminum metal.
  • There is a full suspension in the cycle to provide maximum comfort.
  • There are 21 levels of speed.
  • The alloy wheel rim is durable.


  • The bicycle is a bit heavy.
  • The saddle is a little hard and uncomfortable.


9. Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-Suspension Mountain BikeSchwinn Traxion is a mountain bike that works on Full Dual-Suspension. It has exciting features and components that are a must to make the list.


  • Frame: This mountain bike with Aluminium frame can last for a long time. The material of the bicycle is corrosion-resistant.
  • Fire Shifter: 24-speed levels make it versatile. You can ride this cycle comfortably downhill as well as on smooth surfaces.
  • Brakes: The stopping power is excellent on this mountain bike. There are front as well as rear mechanical disc brakes that help to stop the bicycle without any jerks.


  • You can ride this bicycle on all types of terrains.
  • The vast size of the wheel helps in providing a comfortable ride.
  • The wheels move smoothly on rough surfaces and can handle all the obstructions.
  • You can easily assemble the parts of the bicycle by yourself.


  • You may find this bicycle a bit heavy.
  • There is no space to keep the water bottle.


10. Schwinn Traxion Front Suspension Mountain Bike

Schwinn Traxion Front Suspension Mountain BikeBonafide is another one of the best mountain bikes of Schwinn which is also well known and famous across the world. Check out all the features of this bicycle.


  • Frame: This bicycle is also made up of Aluminium metal which is the standard material for the bikes. It is lightweight as well as durable.
  • Brakes: The bike has an excellent stopping efficiency because of both front and rear disc brakes.
  • Trigger Shifter: As there are 24 levels of speed, you can change the gear of the bicycle using the fire trigger shifter.
  • Wheel Size: The measurement of the wheel is 29 inches which are good enough to ride on rough terrains. It can easily cross over the bumps and rocks without much jerks and discomfort.


  • Due to the Aluminium alloy frame, the bicycle is durable and lightweight.
  • The excellent suspension provides more power to climb on slopes.
  • You can simply enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride with 29 inches wide wheels.
  • The disc brakes can stop the bicycle with no jerks.


  • There is no lock-out on the front suspension.
  • There is a need for 3 x 8 gearing for fine-tuning.


11. Diamondback Hook 27.5 Hardtail Mountain Bike

Diamondback Hook 27.5 Hardtail Mountain BikeDiamondBack is also one of the better brands of mountain bikes. It is suitable for hilly and steep terrains. It is a hardtail bicycle that can easily maneuver through the rough surface. Go through more information about this bicycle to explore all features.


  • Sturdy Frame: The frame design of the bicycle is very stable and durable because of the 6061-T6 weapons-grade aluminum frame along with double-butted top-tube, down-tube, tapered headtube, and seat stay. This cycle comes with replaceable hanger during spec dropouts.
  • Exceptional Quality of Tires: The size of the tire is 27.5 , which is wide enough to tackle the downhills and twisting mountain trails comfortably.
  • Comfortable Saddle: You can adjust the saddle according to your height. The cycle has DB race M-series saddle which is exceptionally suitable for the rider.
  • Wide handlebar: This mountain bike has a DB35 alloy with dimensions 760x15x35 mm bar bore handlebars. The grip on the handlebar, i.e., DB4L Lock-on 135 mm Kraton type is excellent in quality.
  • Great Braking system: The cycle comes with SRAM level T Hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm front as well as rear centreline rotors.


  • The stopping power is good because of hydraulic brakes.
  • It can absorb the shocks and jerks on the rough terrain.
  • There is a wide handlebar for big and wide-body riders.
  • The body of the cycle is durable and lightweight.


  • There is no color choice in this bike model.
  • There is no space to keep the water bottle.


12. Diamondback Tess 24 Youth Girls Mountain Bike

Diamondback Tess 24 Youth Girls Mountain BikeThis Bicycle by Diamondback is for young girls. Do not worry about the frame as it is durable and robust. The XC Suspension fork can absorb all the shocks, bumps, etc. on rugged paths. Check more information about this cycle.


  • Sturdy Frame: The frame of the bicycle is made up of steel which is strong and durable. A beginner can ride this bicycle as the professionals expect aluminum.
  • Wheels size: The size of the wheel is 24 inches which give good rollover speed. It can jump over all the bumps and obstacles smoothly.
  • Speed: There are 21 levels of gear speed. You can effortlessly control the speed of your bike.
  • Robust Braking System: You can enjoy new trails and trigger adventures by the reliable brakes of this bicycle. There are linear-pull brakes which are quite suitable for beginners.
  • Suspension Fork: The cycle comes with HL Zoom 24” suspension fork with 40 mm of travel. You can travel on light bumps and obstacles on any terrain.


  • The parts of the bicycle are easy to assemble.
  • It includes a suspension fork that can comfortably ride on rough terrains.
  • The cycle is selling at an affordable price.


  • The body of this mountain bike is more massive than the aluminum body.
  • There is no kickstand in the cycle.


13. Merax Finiss Mountain Bike

Merax Finiss Mountain BikeThis bike is one of the most affordable, versatile, and best mountain bikes. It is sleek in design which is perfect for mountain trails. There are great features that you must go through.


  • Sound Design: The aluminum frame of 26 inches makes it suitable to ride on even muddy surfaces. The wheels are in a spiral design.
  • Comfortable ride: The seat of the bicycle is made up of excellent pads on which you can comfortably sit and ride the cycle.
  • Simple Parts Assembly: It is easy to assemble the parts of the bicycle with the help of the instruction manual.
  • Brakes: There are standard disc brakes manufactured by Shimano. You can rely on these durable brakes.
  • Gears & Shifters: There are 21-speed levels that you can handle with the Shimano shifters.


  • You can ride the bike comfortably with the help of front suspension.
  • You can adjust the cycle according to your height and size.
  • The look and feel of the bicycle are very stylish.
  • This type of quality comes at an affordable price range.


  • Only one size is available in this model.


14. Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain Bike

Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain BikeThis mountain bike has unique features like high-quality parts, brakes, suspensions, frames, etc. it is an excellent choice for simple cycling as well as for mountain biking.


  • Frame and suspension: The frame size is 18 inches with a hardtail suspension system on the front fork. A rider can ride comfortably on harsh terrains. It can absorb all the shocks and bumps easily.
  • High Gears: the gear shifters in this bicycle can handle 18-speed levels. It is easy to climb the steep terrains and ride downhill smoothly.
  • Shifters and Brakes: The braking system of the bicycle is fantastic as it is easy to stop the bike even on slippery surfaces. There are tire tread grips that have the best braking capability.
  • Wheels: The high-quality alloy rims provide better traction. There is less chance of slipping the bicycle on the fewer friction surfaces.


  • The shock absorbers are of high quality in this bicycle.
  • The seat is well padded to provide comfort to the riders.
  • The handlebar is durable because it is made up of steel.


  • Only men can ride this mountain bicycle.
  • It is slightly heavier than aluminum frame bicycles.


15. Eurobike Eurx1 Mountain Bike

Eurobike Eurx1 Mountain BikeEurobike manufactures excellent mountain bikes. This bike is not only the best budget mountain bike but also, there are many features from a fantastic frame to a powerful braking system.


  • Shimano Shifter: This mountain bike is one of the high-end models with shifters that make the cycle durable. You can change the bike gears with the help of shifters to improve the speed levels.
  • Wheels: The size of the wheels of this bicycle is 27.5 inches. This size is wide enough to reduce the vibrations that a rider can feel while riding.
  • Dual-Disc Brake: There is a braking system on both front as well as rear sides. It has a stopping power even on paved or rough roads.
  • Frame: It has a designer and lightweight shell which is made up of Aluminium.


  • It is easy to assemble the parts of the cycle.
  • There is a good quality of brakes on this mountain bike.
  • You can buy this bicycle at an affordable price range.


  • The seat is not comfortable. You can feel fatigued after a long ride.
  • A unique tuning is needed to maximize the stopping power of the bike.


The Bottom Line

Youth wants to experience every adventure in their life for at least one time. Mountain biking is one of those passions that people want to try. You must have the best mountain bike to fulfill your dreams of mountain biking. As it is a risky sport, you need to have a sturdy bicycle that can keep you safe and comfortable.

There are different types of mountain bikes for riding on different surfaces. As you know that several brands are selling mountain bicycles across the world. Here, you got to know about the latest and durable bikes of different brands.

You have gone through the complete guide and list of the best bikes that you can ride on mountains, slippery, rocky, and snowy surfaces. Now, it becomes easy to decide the suitable mountain bike based on your requirements. All the models of mountain bikes are considered good of different brands. Choose the desired bike according to your needs and your passion.

It is a time to live your dream and go on an adventurous ride on mountains and rough terrains for mountain biking. Your wait is over. Stop dreaming. Tap on the desired product, check the price if it is in the budget, and buy one of the best mountain bikes at an affordable price before it gets too late.