Best Road Bikes 2021 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

1. Schwinn Phocus2. Vilano Shadow3. Tommaso Imola

Buying a bicycle is a significant investment. There are so many factors to consider, like type or budget; that you do not want to make the wrong choice and end up with a bike you can’t use.

If you made the first step and decided you want to ride on the road, as opposed to on tracks or mountains, we can help you pick between the best road bikes available on the market today.

Because of several materials, brands, and types of bikes – there is a broad range of bikes to choose from. This list will guide you and help you understand what to expect from each price point and what to look for based on your needs. Do you prefer comfort or speed? A lightweight bike or a very resistant one? Whatever you are looking for, we can lead you in the right direction.


Even though bikes are divided into big categories like mountain bikes and road bikes, there are still differences within these categories. Some road bikes come with several gears while others are single geared. Wheel sizes, frame sizes, and seat comfort also play a role in your choices. Let’s start by taking a look into the factors you should know before buying a road bike that meets your standards and needs.

Best Road Bikes – Top 6 Factors To Look For

1) Material

Different types of bikes require different materials. While mountain bikes are the best they can be when they are sturdy and heavy, road bikes need to be light and agile. That demands a light material that is still durable and reliable. For the effects of this article, two materials can achieve these effects – aluminum and carbon fiber.

Most road bicycles are made of aluminum; this is because it is an inexpensive material that is still quite light but very strong. If you are not a professional racer, you cannot go wrong with an aluminum bike. This is a material that will not bend, will not rust and will not add hundreds of dollars to the bike value.

It is better than steel and cheaper than carbon, so it is a top choice for most brands. One of the downsides is that, if you are a serious cyclist, you can feel the difference between aluminum and carbon – the aluminum (also known as an alloy) is is a bit stiffer and even starts to break down after five or six years of constant use.

Carbon fiber is what many professional bikes are made of. It is an excellent, relatively new material made from tightly assembled carbon fibers that are restrained together by a durable resin.

Because it is fiber, you can arrange them to be super stiff in some parts and bendy in others – an invaluable feature for a bike. That requires quite a bit of technology and craftsmanship, and that is why it is so expensive.

Some other, not so used materials are steel and titanium. Steel bikes were the norm until the 1980s, but they fell in popularity when aluminum came to the scene. They are heavier than aluminum and can still be found on touring bikes that don’t require a lot of lightness and speed.

Titanium is an excellent material for bikes all around. It is light, it is rust-resistant, and it is strong. The problem is that it is so hard to work with that it ends up being very expensive. Therefore it is not common on road bikes.

2) Gears

There is such a wide variety in gear numbers among road bikes that you can get confused about how many you need. The bottom line is that a bicycle with many gears is more comfortable to control and to maintain a riding speed. On roads, you need to accelerate and brake constantly, so if you are a novice rider or if you want the easiest possible commute – the more gears, the better.

On the other hand, fewer gears mean a lighter bike, so if you are not going uphill or if you are an experienced cyclist, opting for fewer gears is not a bad idea either. It all comes down to the type of rider you are and what are your specific needs.

3) User Type

Why do you need a bike? Are you commuting to your job five miles away through flat terrain and low traffic? Or are you exercising on the road full of hills and potholes? Are you going to use your bike once a week to buy groceries or to get to the gym daily? These are all the questions you need to ask yourself before concluding, which is the best road bike for you.

Do not be tempted to get the same bike your neighbor did, based solely on their recommendation. Their bike may be great – but they may use their bike differently than you do.

4) Wheel Size

After all that we talked about, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are also many types and sizes of wheels you can get with your bike. Children’s bicycles, for example, come with wheels that are sized 650c or lower. For a good road bike of adult size, you want at least 700c. 700c is the standard size when it comes to road bikes, it fits most bikes, and it works well on flat surfaces.

5) Fit

You can get one of the best road bikes available on the market and still end up with an uncomfortable, challenging ride if you do not pick the right size for your body. There are some components to take into consideration when analyzing sizes, and they are:

  • Handlebar height
  • Seat
  • Frame size

The first thing to do is to measure your inseam, i.e. the length from the top of your tights to the floor. You can get another person’s help for that or use a pair of pants that fit you well to achieve an accurate measurement. You want that number to help you choose a bike that gives your legs full stretch when you are sitting on the bike, and a frame too big or too small will get on your way.

The seat in many bicycles can be adjusted, so you can put it up or down to fit your height. It can also be changed to a leaning position or parallel to the ground position – and many say this is the best one for a comfortable and effective ride.

Lastly, check that the handlebar is at the same height as your seat. If you have more than one person riding the bike, you may want to get a bicycle with an adjustable handlebar. Otherwise, measure your inseam and get the right seat height for you – always checking with the handlebar height too.

6) Components

Bike makers buy groups of parts from different manufacturers to construct your bike. There are many different manufacturers, but the most common and better ones today are Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo. For the price range that we are reviewing today, Shimano parts are the best ones.

We covered aspects of road cycling and what to spot on a bike if you are looking to buy one. Now, let’s take a look into some specific bicycles and the best road bike brands around in 2020.

Top 15 Best Road Bikes 2021

1. Schwinn Phocus

Schwinn Phocus Best road bikeThe Schwinn Phocus bike combines an aluminum frame with a carbon fiber front fork. This means it has the best of both worlds – the lightness of aluminum and strength of carbon fiber – a fantastic accomplishment for a bike under $500.

Schwinn is a classic brand well known among cyclists. It was founded over a hundred years ago in Chicago, and it has been keeping up with the new trends in technology and developments in materials in the cycling world. This specific bike is an excellent choice for commuters or beginner cyclists.

It features 14-speed gears for a range of accelerations and the techy integrated brake lever shifting. This is a system that connects the braking and gear shifting into the same mechanism – making it much easier and smoother to brake and change speed. The saddle can be adjusted for all heights; it comes out easily with a quick release. The whole bike weighs only 26 pounds, giving the rider a lot of control over the bicycle.

With the proper maintenance, this bicycle will last years and ride fast. Users have reported riding over 3000 miles with it with no problems or huge damages. This is not a professional bike, but the materials used to make it feel like one for sure. If you are looking for that balance between a budget option and quality – search no more.

Some users have reported it was a bit hard to assemble, and very tall people had trouble with the fit of this bike. If you are not a professional racer though, you can trust Schwinn Phocus to provide a fast and safe bike for you.


  • Great material
  • Good for the price
  • Aluminum carbon fiber
  • Reliable brand


  • Not for professional racers
  • Some tall users did not like the fit
  • Not so simple to assemble


2. Vilano Shadow

Vilano ShadowVilano is another trustworthy brand that can be an excellent choice for the best road bike for you. The Shadow model has a tire size of 700C and an integrated brake and gears system for a smooth ride. This bike comes with free pedals, and it is made entirely of aluminum, which gives it that extra lightweight aspect good for speed.

The fourteen gears guarantee this bike will go uphill and on flat surfaces with ease. It is suitable for different needs, from exercising to commuting – it has good tires and a sturdy frame. The highly controllable braking system and the integrated, gear and braking shifter mechanism give the rider extra command on the bike.

Many users have reported that the Vilano customer service is excellent, they were answered quickly and their concerns were addressed. The seat is not as comfortable as other models, so that should be kept in mind. The setup required a bit of patience and time; the brakes especially need to be tuned in before using. Since this is sold as a beginner’s bike, it would be better if it came with a clear and comprehensive manual, but that is not the case. Many people prefer to have the bike assembled at a local bike shop.

Even though this is not an easy bike to put together, it is effortless to ride and use. If you are starting, it is unlikely you want to spend almost $1000 on a professional bicycle, so the Vilano Shadow is a great budget choice that still offers quality.


  • Free pedals
  • Great customer service
  • Integrated braking and gear mechanism


  • Difficult to assemble
  • The seat is not that comfortable


3. Tommaso Imola Endurance Road Bike

Tommaso Imola Endurance Road BikeTommaso Imola is a step up from the previous two models – great if you do not consider yourself a beginner rider. It is sold as an affordable performance bicycle as opposed to the amateur one. Even though it is slightly more expensive than learner’s bikes, it is still a budget option at less than $800.

It comes with fully integrated gears and brake system, light aluminum frame, and lifetime warranty. The customer service is U.S. based so you can be sure to receive the best assistance possible.

This bike has an elegant aspect that attracts the eyes, the cables are all routed under the bar for a clean look, and the black and white colors are classic and beautiful. The high handlebars offer a comfortable ride, and the frame is very compact – which adds to the usability of this bike.

The materials are of high quality, and all parts are Shimano made. The frames are all measured and laser-cut, as well as the handlebar width and stem length, assuring you get the best fit possible. The frame also comes with several holes and spaces so you can add mountain racks, water holders, or any accessories.

Most users received their order in less than five days in perfect state, so if you need the best road bicycle you can get in short notice, take a look at the Tommaso Imola.

The seat is a little on the small side, and some users had to replace it for bigger, more comfortable ones. Some riders also had to tune the wheels and get it set up at a bike shop, but that will vary from person to person. This is an excellent bike to get if you care about customer service and material excellency.


  • Good material
  • Stylish
  • Great quality for the price


  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Can be tricky to set up


4. Vilano R2 Commuter

Vilano R2 CommuterAs the name says, this Vilano model is an exceptional bike for going to work, running errands and going around town. It has twenty-one gears, aluminum frame, and 700c tires. It is pretty standard on features but a remarkable deal for the price. Unlike other models, the Vilano comes pre-assembled, and it is easy to finish set up. The instructions are clear; all you need to do is attach the seat and connect all the other pieces.

The color scheme is also a positive point, the black and green paint job is well done and, since it is so visible, helps with safety. Aluminum bikes are very light, and this one is no exception. Because of that, it is not difficult to carry it up a flight of stairs or put it in the elevator – making it the perfect bike to commute to work. Even though it is light, it is still sturdy and reliable, holding up a lot of weight.

Even though this is a quality bike, it is not suited for longer rides or races. The seat is not that comfortable, and the inner tubes can get deflated quicker than the ones from other road bikes. It also offers little space for accessories and mountain brackets.

That said, this bicycle offers a smooth ride on pavement and handles hills well – a significant positive for bicycles on that price range. Get this bike if you need an affordable, light, commuting bike for everyday use.


  • Price
  • Very lightweight
  • Smooth ride
  • Good for commuting


  • The seat is not so good
  • Inner tubes deflate on long rides
  • Not enough space for accessories


5. Giordano Rapido

Giordano RapidoGiordano Rapido has a mix of materials on its composition. It has a steel fork, handcrafted aluminum frame, alloy rims, and alloy pedals. The pedals have toe clips, so this is a more advanced bike suited for severe exercise and intense city riding. The wheels are larger than usual, and that helps with city obstacles like potholes and sidewalks.

This is a single gear bike, which means it only does one speed. Bicycles with multiple gears help with speed changes and power sourcing, while single gear bikes only have you as power supply – making them a perfect exercise option.

With a single-speed bike, you need to be more efficient and thoughtful about your movements, since there is no room for energy waste and many people like that.

Even though this bike is made of aluminum, it still has steel on the parts that matter the most – like the seat post and the kickstand. It is a brilliant design because it saves money while reinforcing the parts of the bike that matter.

It also makes for a very durable model, with users reporting it being still in min condition after four years of use, a great indication that this is one of the best road bikes with a single gear.

Some people prefer to change the pedals because they can be too fidgety for city use with the toe clippers, but it is advisable to try it first and see how you like the ride.

Giordano advises you to take it to a bike shop to be professionally assembled, but it is possible to do it yourself if you have the time and patience. Get this bike if you are looking for a durable bike for under $200.


  • Large wheels
  • Aluminum and steel
  • Very durable
  • Great price


  • Best if assembled by a professional
  • Only one gear


6. Eurobike Bikes

Eurobike BikesThe Eurobike Road Bike’s frame and fork are made of steel, the handlebar of iron and the seat is ergonomically designed for comfort. These are just some of the features this bike carries, as most of the Eurobikes are known for being budget options for feature-packed bicycles.

The twenty-one gear system helps you with switching speed along with the traffic and going uphill and downhill. The handlebars are positioned to bring the rider into a leaning position that increases speed and agility.

The brakes are a dual disc system, giving extra security when you need to brake or turn suddenly. The parts are all Shimano makes, so you can rest assured they will be of quality.

As we talked about, this bike is made of steel and iron, so it is not as lightweight as the aluminum ones. This can be a positive or a negative, depending on what you are looking for in a bike.

If you want an agile commuting bike that you will carry up and downstairs, this will not be so useful to you. If you want to exercise and do not mind the extra weight, this bike can be great for you since it will help with muscle strength.

Some users had problems with the pedals; they felt unstable and had to replace them. The assembly is not hard, but it does require some time and handiness. Overall, if you are on a tight budget, this is a good purchase for a road bike.


  • Great budget price
  • Goog positioning of the handlebars
  • Iron and steel frame


  • Heavy
  • Unstable pedals
  • Requires assembly


7. Vilano Forza 4.0

Vilano Forza 4.0Forza means “power” in Italian, and, since this bike has twenty-fours gears, we can understand why it has this name. The aluminum frame is durable and light; it comes with free pedals and the integrated brake lever shifters that give the best bike roads that extra easiness to ride.

Like with any other bike, sizing is critical, so check the chart that comes in the website. Heavier users reported having trouble with wheels bending a little after use, so keep that in mind. Assembly is easier than most models and can be done in less than an hour. More experienced riders had to tune the bike after purchasing, replacing tires and adjusting the brakes – but you should not need that if you are a beginner.

The tires on this bike are Kenda 700c. They are soft to allow for long rides and durable to endure sprints and high-speed rides. This is one of those bikes that look polished and elegant like a professional bike but are affordable and budget-friendly. This bike is an incredible choice for the price, but if you need to compete on professional levels, it is not for you. The seat can get quite uncomfortable after a short time.

The Vilano endures well all kinds of weather, transitions great between flats and hills and looks like a much more expensive model. If that is what you are looking for, this can be one of the best road bicycle for you.


  • Twenty-four gears
  • Stylish and elegant look
  • Great price


  • Not for professional use
  • Uncomfortable seat


8. Schwinn Volare 1300

Schwinn Volare 1300This bike is another great under $500 option if you are looking to jump-start your cycling hobby. The complete aluminum frame and rigid fork supply give you a fast and reliable response, a must if you are a beginner and need a bike that answers to your commands quickly.

It has fourteen gears, a good, average number for casual riders, and they are Shimano – which gives you a precise and fast change of speeds for all road needs. 700c tires and Caliper brakes complete the picture of a great road bicycle.

Schwinn produces such a wide variety of bikes that they are well known for having just the one you need. All of their models are built solidly and last a long time, so they are good candidates for the best road bike on this list.

The Volare 1300 can handle different road terrains, such as sidewalks, asphalt, wet roads, or holes. The look on this bike is impressive; the color does not fade with time and the combination of white body and sleek, black tires give this model an extra wow factor.

This is one of the budget options Schiwinn carries, and one of the downsides have to be the tires, according to several users. Tubes got deflated a little too quickly, and some people got holes on their tires. For the price though, you can still get this bike and a pair of new, quality tires and still come up winning.

If you use this bike for commuting or if you live in an apartment building, you will have no problem taking it upstairs or through hallways – it is that light.

Get this bike if you are looking for one of the best road bike brands but does not want to break the bank.


  • Shimano gears
  • Reliable brand
  • Good price
  • Performs well on roads


  • Tires can deflate easily


9. Vilano Shadow 2.0

Vilano Shadow 2.0Vilano is always updating and fine-tuning its models so that you will get a lot of 2.0 or even 3.0 versions of the same bike. That shows that the brand is not stopped on time, and it is following the latest trends in technology and improvements on materials and parts. The Vilano Shadow 2.0, especially, is the go-to model for many looking for the most cost-effective road bike out there.

Fit is one of the most important things to check before buying a road bike. The Shadow 2.0 comes in three sizes, catering for those between five feet and six and a half feet tall. The aluminum frame is not that different from the previous model; it is still durable and light. The steel fork is high tensile and distributes the weight efficiently to allow for a better ride.

The gears and brakes are integrated with the traditional Shimano integrated brake lever. This model, though, uses the A070 shifter found in many more expensive bikes than the Vilano. It is one of the high points of this bike because well-integrated braking and gear system mean you have a lot of control while riding – especially crucial on the road and all its unpredictable aspects such as other riders, cars, holes and traffic jams.

The seat post is highly adjustable for different sizes, but the same cannot be said about the handlebars, and some users had problems with that. The cables are routed internally, which gives both a neat look and an aerodynamic form.

Some more experienced riders also had trouble with the pedals and preferred to change them for more advanced ones. Get this bike if you want a versatile, quality bicycle to exercise and commute and if you are not a professional racer.


  • Modern bike
  • Quality gear and braking system
  • Great on roads


  • Handlebars are not adjustable


10. Schwinn Volare 1400

Schwinn Volare 1400Another Schwinn model, the Volare 1400 differentiates itself from other brands that only offer black or white bicycles. You can choose between the matte red or the flashy purple when purchasing this model, and they both look great. The light bike is made of aluminum, and the fork is rigid and supports heavier weights. Handlebars are high and give you great comfort when riding.

As with many Schwinn models, the gears are Shimano so you can trust they will deliver high precision and quality. There are fourteen speeds, and you can seamlessly change between them. Another common, yet significant aspect of Schwinn bikes is that they come with a lifetime warranty – and the Volare 1400 is no exception.

If you are short or have short legs, this may not be the bike for you – some users said it was difficult to reach the floor when standing on the seat being 5 foot 7. Otherwise, this is a great bike for taller people and all cyclists all weights. The Volare comes half-assembled, and the rest is quite easy to set up. Brakes may need professional tuning, so make sure you test them before going for a big ride.

Overall this is a highly recommended bicycle and one of the best road bikes Schwinn makes nowadays, so don’t be afraid to make the wrong choice by getting it. If you ride on arduous terrain or a particularly bad roads, it may be advised to buy new, stronger tires. Some users have reported the tires on this bike being soft and getting punctured easily.


  • Comes with Shimano gears
  • Gives lifetime warranty
  • Cool color options
  • Easy to assemble
  • Price


  • Not good for short users
  • Soft tires
  • Brakes may need tuning


11. Savadeck Carbon Road Bike

Savadeck Carbon Road BikeThe Savadeck bike is different from the other ones on this list. It is high tech, professional model with outstanding quality. First of all, it is not made of aluminum but extra durable and light carbon fiber.

This material makes this bike weight an impressively low number of 20 pounds, way lower than any other model we reviewed today. This gives this bike a speed capacity aluminum bicycles do not have.

All the parts are made with the best materials available, like the Michelin tires, Shimano gears, and Toray frame. The cables are routed completely internally through the frame and handlebars and give an uncomparable clean airflow to this bicycle.

That, combined with the carbon frame and quality parts make for the best racing bicycle for this price range.

You can see the difference in quality from the moment you receive your bike. Firstly, the shipping is swift; you can receive a brand new bike in less than seven days. Secondly, the package itself is so well done and well thought that you are impressed even before you open it.

Many bikes are in pristine condition when they leave the factory but arrive in your house scratched or bent from shipping. That is not the case with the Savadeck, as the items are packaged and wrapped separately and carefully, to get to you in the best way possible.

The gear shifting is smooth, and the bike looks great. One thing to consider is that it seems very expensive and flashy, so it would be wise to invest in a sturdy bike lock to avoid being robbed.

The customer service is great though, so if you have any problems, they will answer quickly and try to help as much as possible. Get this model if you are looking for the best racing bicycle built with carbon for less than $1000.


  • Completely built with carbon
  • All parts are of high quality
  • Outstanding packaging and easy assemble
  • Only weighs 20 pounds – great for racing


  • Not a budget, beginner option
  • Looks very flashy and expensive – requires a lock


12. Vilano Tuono 2.0

Vilano Tuono 2.0Another Vilano model, the Tuono 2.0, offers the durability you are looking for when choosing a bike to your commute. Some purchases are made to be replaced periodically, but that is not – or should not – be the case with a bicycle. You want to guarantee some good years of use before seeing your bicycle starting to show signs of heavy use. With the Vilano Tuono 2.0, you have that peace of mind.

An affordable entry-level bike, the Tuono impresses with the weight of a mere 24lbs, lighter than many models with the same aluminum frame. With road cycling, you need to be fast on your feet – or on your wheels – and react to traffic lights, traffic jams, potholes, car drivers, pedestrians, and much more.

That is why many believe that the more gears, the better, since changing quickly to different speeds allow you to respond better to outside stimuli. With twenty-one gears, the Vilano Tuono caters to that need.

With three colors to choose from – black, grey, and white, this bike pleases different tastes and needs. The seat is comfortable and adjustable, the pedals are replaceable, and the braking system is excellent. There are various sizes to choose from, so always measure yourself before picking. Unlike other bicycles, the handlebars are also adaptable and can be changed to meet your particular taste.

The tires are a common problem with budget road bikes. Many models invest in a quality frame and excellent braking and gears but overlook the conditions of the tubes. This is also the case for this one, and if you are planning to ride on rough terrain for a long time, it may be best to invest in new tires.


  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Good quality for the price
  • Three colors to choose from
  • It is a durable bicycle


  • The tires are not the same quality as the rest of the bike


13. Hiland Hybrid Road Bike

Hiland Hybrid Road BikeThe Hiland is a hybrid bike, which means they are designed to perform well on the road and the mountains. That gives an extra edge if you are an active person who likes to go on treks and trails but still wants to use your bike to commute or run errands on the city.

The aluminum frame gives the lightweight feature needed for road bikes, and the brakes are mechanical – a very safe system suitable for mountain biking.

You can easily attach extra accessories to the body of this bicycle, like water bottles, mountain brackets for locks, and fenders. The tires are quality Fenda tires, and you won’t need to replace them, unlike many other budget road bikes.

Because it is a hybrid, it is not as lightweight as some of the best road bikes we reviewed, but it needs to be a bit bulky for the mountain terrains.

The Hiland comes 85% assembled, and the rest of it is very straightforward – it should only take about twenty minutes to finish it. Pedals and even installation tools are included in the package, and you can count on twenty-four gears for a quick speed change.

Several users had issues with missing parts and some damage on arrival, but the customer service was fast to respond to these points.

This is a great bike to get if you are on a very tight budget and still need something that will endure hard terrains and road situations. The high number of gears and aluminum frame guarantee you will have the best of both worlds without paying a fortune, and the bike works as advertised.


  • Road and mountain bike
  • Twenty-four gears
  • Budget price


  • Heavier than most road bikes
  • Some users had problems with shipping and packaging


14. Eurobike Road Bike 700C

Eurobike Road Bike 700CThe last two bikes on our list are Eurobikes. This is a reliable brand you can trust to provide you with some of the best road bicycles in 2020. This is one of the only models that give you a choice between aluminum wheels and magnesium wheels.

Even though aluminum is more common and preferred by many, magnesium is a classic metal that is very strong – so if you are a traditionalist, this is ideal for you.

This Eurobike has a sturdy feel to it, twenty-one gears and front and rear brakes. This is not a hybrid bike on the name, but these qualities make this a good bike for both road and track.

The customer service is very responsive, and many users found that to be a plus on a budget price like this. The gears shift smoothly and efficiently, but the seat can be quite uncomfortable after a long ride.

The assembly is easy and straightforward, but several users have found damaging while in the processing, so that means the packaging does not have a lot of quality. If you need a cheap bike to get you to work and if you live in an area with a lot of hills and potholes, this is a safe choice for you.

If you are, however, looking for a top quality racing or exercising bike, it is advisable to invest an extra couple hundred dollars and get another bicycle from this guide.


  • Great price
  • Twenty-one gears
  • Gives you a choice between aluminum and magnesium wheels


  • Seat is uncomfortable
  • The packaging is not right, so there are damages on arrival


15. Eurobike Road Bike TSM

Eurobike Road Bike TSMAnother bike for those on a tight budget, this Eurobike model also comes with twenty-one speeds. The difference is that it is lighter and includes Shimano products that are known to last for a long time.

The sleek aluminum frame is well designed in black with red details, and the dual brake system gives extra safety and quicker response on the bike.

The set up is incredibly simple; all you need to install are the pedals, seat, front-wheel, and handlebars, then inflate the tires. This process should take a maximum of ten minutes.

There is a manual included with clear and precise instructions, and the tools you need are incorporated too. For the cost, it is an honest bike that will take you places and last for a long time.

One thing to notice is that several users reported that the brakes squeak a lot during use. If that annoys you, it is better to invest in some oil to lubricate the joints and get a more enjoyable experience.

The riding position is leaning forward, so that is a point to notice if you prefer to be standing upright. Get this bike if you want a reliable budget bicycle for daily use.


  • Twenty-one gears
  • Shimano parts
  • Easy assembly
  • Good price


  • Squeaky brakes
  • The riding position is leaning forward


Best Road Bikes: What’s Your Choice?

As with mountain bikes, choosing the best road bike will depend on various factors. Since there are so many different road bikes nowadays, it is just not possible anymore to get the right one for your needs without proper research and consideration. It may seem like a lot to invest three figures on a bike, but if you consider how much use you get from it and the discomfort a bad bike can bring – it’s worth it.

With cycling becoming more and more popular and technology rapidly changing, that means that what was once impossible to afford for beginners is now readily available on starter bikes. The fact that you can get a carbon fiber bike for less than $1000 and a gear/brake shift system bicycle for less than $500 says it all – with a decent amount of research you can get a professional-looking bike for an amateur looking price.

From budget to gears, to material and fit, this comprehensive guide approached all different options for all different tastes. Cycling with the best road bikes increases cardio fitness, prevents heart disease, decreases stress levels, improves mobility, helps with weight loss, builds muscle, improves lung health, saves you time and much more. To take advantage of all these benefits, follow our tips, and you will not be disappointed, your dream bicycle is at your reach!